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30 Years of Miss Piggy for sale

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Hamfan, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hamfan

    Hamfan New Member

    Hello everyone.....As with many of you, I have enjoyed the antics of the Muppets and Miss Piggy, especially, for over 30 years now. And as alot of you have....I've picked up some collectible treasures over the years, as well.
    A friend who has worked on this collection over the years with me is now, unfortunately, under the weather (bedridden). She has been a collector of many things in her life....figurines, plates, glass candy containers, high-end items and big name lines (Waterford, etc.) And she has been very successful in selling off the collections to investors. Her dream has been to eventually sell off our complete Miss Piggy collection to a museum curator or investor.....I have been sitting on a portion of the collection for over a year, trying to decide what direction to take this...i.e. E-Bay?....Blogging?....
    If you have any suggestions, or want information on my collection.....please, by all means, let me know.

    Thank you....

  2. Hamfan

    Hamfan New Member

    The Miss Piggy Big Wheel is still in the unopened box....for starters.....Listed at $129.
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    I moved this thread to the "Buy, Sell and Trade" section of the forum. More folks will see your listings or eBay links here.
  4. Hamfan

    Hamfan New Member

    Thanks Phillip!
  5. Hamfan

    Hamfan New Member

    I have a list available upon request......

  6. Muppet Loverr

    Muppet Loverr Member

    i would like a list and some pictures. i am a Miss Piggy fanatic myselff.
  7. Hamfan

    Hamfan New Member

    Hello Muppet Loverr.....Here is what I have in a way of a list at this point....and there's much more.....(also for pics....go to www.misspiggyworld.wordpress.com)

    Miss Piggy Inventory

    -Coffee Mugs- Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, and Rowlf
    -Miss Piggy Tea Pot
    -Miss Piggy Napkin Holder
    -Muppet Show Kitchen Condiment Set (3 pieces)
    -Miss Piggy Butter Box (with lid)
    -Miss Piggy Heart-Shaped trinket box (with lid)
    -Miss Piggy Mae West Toothbrush Holder
    -Miss Piggy Mae West Bathroom Tumbler
    -Miss Piggy and Mirror
    -Miss Piggy Egg Shaped Box (with lid)
    -Miss Piggy and Kermit at the Pool
    -Miss Piggy Piggy Bank
    -Miss Piggy Handheld Mirror
    -Miss Piggy Tissue Box Cover
    -Miss Piggy and Kermit Candlestick Holder
    -Miss Piggy Vase (Purple Dress)
    -Treasure Craft (Pfaltzgraft Co.) Miss Piggy Cookie Jar

    -Brown Muppet Show T-Shirt (Lg.)
    -Child’s Night Gown (3T)
    -Chiuld’s Night Gown (Miss Piggy Skiing) (Sm.)
    -Child’s Shirt (Long sleeve) (6x)
    -Cheerleader Night Gown (2T)
    -Hobby Horse Miss Piggy Pant Suit (2T)
    -Child’s Night Gown (Med.)
    -“Block Le Kick” Night Gown (9)
    -Great Muppet Caper Gown (7-8)
    -Ze Touchdown Night Gown (5)
    -Sweat Suit (2 piece) (4T)
    -Dance/Play Tights Leotard (3T)
    -Miss Piggy T-Shirt (Baby Miss Piggy) (18 Months)
    -Baby Miss Piggy Shirt (24 Mos.)
    -Child’s Night Gown…Miss Piggy on bike (Lg.)
    -Baby M.P. (eating ice cream cone) Shirt (18 Mos.)
    -Baby M.P. (on swing) Shirt (12 Months)
    -Sweat Suit M. P. Hot Air Balloon (2-Piece) (4-5) Slight Soil
    -Baby M. P. “Ever So Young” Sweatshirt (3)
    -Lg. Sleeve Shirt (M.P. with Ipod) (M-10-12 )
    -Light Blue Sweatshirt (2T)
    -T-Shirt (Rapture…..) (M-10-12)
    -Olympic Sweat Suit (2-Pieces) (4)
    -“Muppet Games” Olympic t-shirt (6)
    -“Picture Perfect Piggy” Night Gown (6/6X)
    -T-Shirt (a la Brady Bunch) (4-5)
    -Ruth Scharf Sweater (T-2) (Starting at $100)
    -Child’s Sweatshirt (M.P. Ballet) (Med)
    -Child’s t-shirt (“Life Guard”) (5-6 M)

    -Child’s Triacetate Jacket (Large) (Starting at $50)
    -Miss Piggy house shoes
    -Miss Piggy slippers
    -Kermie slippers
    -Keds- Miss Piggy Pink (Tennis) (11s)(children’s sizes)
    -Keds- M.P. Purple&White (Tennis) (5 ½ m)
    -Keds- M.P. White&Pink Trim (Tennis) (8 ½ )
    -Keds- M.P. Pink&White Trim (Tennis) (5 ½ m)
    -Keds- M.P. Purple (Buckle shoe) (6)

    -Keds- M.P. Purple (Sandals) (5m)
    KEDS Promotional Cut-out M.P. and Kermit in Tennis Outfits (approx. 3” height)
    -Timex Watch
    -Watch- pink band (Disney)
    -Watch- pink band (Disney)
    -Picco Miss Piggy Watch (purple stripe band)
    -Picco Miss Piggy (black band)
    -Picco with Hearts (cream band)

    -Lorus Quartz Watch
    -Calgon Miss Piggy Pink Bananas Bubble Bath (7 bottles)
    -Calgon Miss Piggy Hula Bula Banana (1 )
    -Calgon Kermit Krazi Berri Bubbles (2)
    -Calgon Miss Piggy Hula Bula Banana (Treasure Island figure) (1)
    -Calgon Kermit Swashbucklin’Berry (Treas. Island fig.) (1)
    -Kid Care Floating Soap Dish (M.P. in Pink tights w/ Soap (1 in box, 1 outside box)
    -Soaps- Kermit Anchors Aweigh
    Kermit Sailor of Fortune
    Miss Piggy…Siren of the Sea
    S.S. Muppet (3 soaps- Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie)
    Swinetrek (3 soaps in package)
    -Calgon Bubble Bath Ahoy Apple (Fozzie character on bottle)

    (Bath Collection sold as complete set….starting at $199)

    Jim Henson presents Baby Miss Piggy Gymnast
    Muppet Babies Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy (Hand sewn)
    Miss Piggy Babies Pampers
    Miss Piggy, M.D.
    Muppet Babies Miss Piggy Christmas
    Muppet Babies Bedtime Kermie
    Put Some Zing in your Spring Doll
    50’s Miss Piggy in Poodle Skirt
    Put Some Zing in your Spring Kermie (2)
    Kermie Muppet University Doll
    Muppet Babies Kermit
    Muppet Babies Pamper Kermit
    ’88 McDonald’s Miss Piggy Babie Christmas
    Winter Muppet Baby Kermit
    Baby Two Piece Bathing Suit on Miss Piggy
    Hasbro Softie Baby Miss Piggy
    McDonald’s Muppet Baby Miss Piggy (2)
    Hasbro Softie Baby Kermie
    Baby Kermie in Swim Suit
    ’88 McDonald’s Baby Kermit (Christmas)
    Let’s Play Dolls!...Miss Piggy Muppet Babies
    ’87 Henson Associates Baby Miss Piggy
    Jim Henson Presents Muppet Baby Minis (Gonzo)
    Jim Hineson Presents Muppet Baby Minis (Kermie)
    ’88 McDonald’s Baby Fozzie Bear
    Eden Miss Piggy Plush Doll (approx. 20”)
    Muppet Treasure Island Plush Doll Miss Piggy as Benjamin (approx. 15”)

    ’99 MagicTalking Kermit the Frog (Fisher-Price) (approx. 15’)
    Minature Baby Muppet Action Figures....7 Kermits, 3 Miss Piggys, 6 Fozzies, and Bird
    3 Bean Bag Characters (percusor to Beanies!)
    Hallmark Mailing Sealings on a Roll Miss Piggy and Kermit
    Corgi Miss Piggy and Car
    Corgi Kermit and Car
    Corgi Animal and Car
    Corgi Fozzie and Car
    Muppet Rubix Cube
    Miss Piggy Little Big Wheel (Empire Toys)
    Big Wheel Miss Piggy Cycle (Marx Toys)
    Easter Basket w/ Make-up and Beauty Boa (approx. 29")

    (My original idea was to sell as one entire "lot".....but would be willing to talk to interested buyers....)

  8. ElecMayhem

    ElecMayhem Active Member

    Just sent you a private message. Would be interested in seeing some more images, and/or getting more information. Thanks!
  9. muppetguy

    muppetguy Member

    I'm interested in one of your piggy statues....left you a pm.

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