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Alphabet Album sketches on the show...

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by magusdude, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. magusdude

    magusdude Active Member

    The Alphabet Album is by far my favorite Sesame Street album, and I was disappointed that in my youth I didn't see a lot of the songs from it performed on the show, mainly because at that point they were 20 years old. In recent years I learned an interesting fact about the album - it was originally recorded for audio purposes alone and not from existing songs on the show, and the songs were later lip-synched with puppets rather than being performed live (even our beloved C is for Cookie). With the advent of online videos I have seen a couple more of the ones I missed, but there are still many that I haven't seen. I know some of them were possibly never even filmed, but I know there are some sketches that have been shown only a few times and it's possible that even the die-hard Sesame Street community has missed them. This is what I have compiled so far:

    The following songs/sketches I know were filmed for the show and I have personally seen:
    C is for Cookie
    Dee Dee Dee
    *What's My Letter?
    Two G Sounds
    Stand Up Straight and Tall
    J Friends
    La La La
    Mmm Monster Meal
    Would You Like to Buy an O?
    *My Favorite Letter
    The Question Song
    Sammy the Snake
    *The National Association of W Lovers
    X Marks the Spot
    The Zizzy Zoomers
    (a * means that I never saw the sketch/song on the show in my youth, but only saw recently)

    The following songs, according to Muppet Wiki, were filmed and shown on the show, but I have not seen them and have found no other record of their existance:
    The Sound of the Letter A
    Just Because

    The following sketch I have found some other record of its existance in video form, but have not personally seen it:
    The R Machine

    The rest I have found no record or evidence whatsoever of their existance in video form:
    Oscar's B Sandwich
    Four Furry Friends
    Ha Ha
    Herbert's Silly Poem
    The Noodle Story
    The Tale of Tom Tattertall Tuttletut
    U Lecture
    A Very Very Special Letter

    If anyone has any information on, or even the videos of, the ones I have not seen, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. sesameguy

    sesameguy Well-Known Member

    Hi Magusdude - I do recall seeing "The Sound of the Letter A" on an early episode back in the day. As I recall, it took place on the street, in front of 123 near the lamp post. Big Bird sang the song to the camera. When the ant came on, the camera showed a close-up shot of the pavement. (I don't recall seeing an actual ant).

    I also enjoy the alphabet album since it's a great collection of songs from skits shown during the early to late 1970s. For those who might not know, it's essentially the same as the "Sing the alphabet" CD, which I think is still available to buy. Also, some of the skits were made available on the old VHS releases. ("W lovers" is on "The Best of Ernie and Bert" and I think "Question song" and "Sammy the Snake" are on "The alphabet game")

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