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Animal collar replica from the Muppet Movie

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by lithiumbrain, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Andibcool

    Andibcool Well-Known Member

    Darren/ lithiumbrain kinda said he would not do more of em again.
    However if u need to decide witch one get a white and golden one, looks better in my opinion.
  2. Quesal

    Quesal Well-Known Member

    sounds good to me
  3. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a spare collar the Lithiumbrain produced that they'd be willing to sell? I missed out on the first batch and subsequent efforts to contact him have been fruitless. If anyone does, please PM me.

  4. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Seriously, nobody??oh well :(
  5. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Stu,
    If I had known you really wanted one I definitely would've saved mine for you. But I sold mine with my Animal when I sold my replicas.... that was a sad sad day by the way.
  6. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Awwww no Joel, you sold your replicas?!?! My heart goes out to you my fine fellow! I'll be honest, the Missus would be sold first before I sold mine ;)* **

    *If you're reading this Nicki I'm Joking!!
    ** ...or am I??!!??
  7. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    If only it were that easy. ;)
    Telly likes this.
  8. JJ

    JJ Member

    Does anyone have one of these they'd be willing to part with? I'd be willing to trade a prop from the movie that came out last year. Please email me.
  9. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    You have a prop from the Muppets?! That's so cool! What is it? I'm sure a lot of fans on here are willing to buy/trade for it! :)
    Muppetboy09 likes this.
  10. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

    Do any of you know if these are available? or if anyone has any they would like to sell?

    i am way late...lol

  11. Face Ache

    Face Ache Member

    Hi Chris,

    I've been thinking that with two sets of these long spikes...


    ... some large upholstery tacks/nails, a bit of PVC plumbing pipe and some metallic paint, you could probably knock up your own Animal collar in about an hour. :halo:

    Another one of those things on my to do list. <sigh>
  12. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

    hahah COOL!!!

    i ended up buying a sweet spiked dog collar... its not fully authentic... but its cool nonetheless


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