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Antron Fleece for Sale

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by puppetsnthings, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. puppetsnthings

    puppetsnthings New Member

    Hello, everyone! I'm so glad to finally be a member of this discussion board. Having been a frequent visitor for several years, I finally got the "courage" to join. I look forward to continuing to learn new techniques and ideas for puppet making. This is a WONDERFUL use of the internet!

    I have a bolt of 12 oz. natural (#233 white, undyed, never used) antron fleece that I am willing to cut and sell by the yard. There are about 40-50 yards remaining on it - I just wound up buying more than I'll need any time soon. I'll sell it for $12.50/yard plus shipping - that saves you a couple of dollars, according to the last time I checked. If you are interested, either e-mail me or respond to this post, and I'll look forward to helping you fellow puppeteers out.

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
  2. puppetsnthings

    puppetsnthings New Member

    Old or New Fleece?

    Just a follow-up to the initial post... thanks to many of you for your interest so far. Some are wondering whether this is the "new" fleece or the "old" fleece. It is the "old" fleece, and I am grateful to ravagefrackle for his help in determining that. (Being a junior member, I can't reply yet to private messages - only e-mails. That's the reason I wanted to post this follow-up publicly. Thanks again!)
  3. puppetface

    puppetface New Member

    Antron Fleece

    Dear Puppetsnthings
    I need a couple of yards to finish a project. Do you still have some?
    please let me know.


  4. puppetface

    puppetface New Member

    Antron Fleece

    I need a couple of yards to finish a project. Do you still have some?
    let me know.
  5. puppetface

    puppetface New Member

    Antron Fleece

    To puppetsnthings,
    I need a couple of yards of antron fleece to finish my project. Do you still have some?
    let me know
  6. Nick

    Nick New Member

    I would also be interested in a few yards myself... PLEASE CONTACT ME! While I still have a bit of money left! :)my email is nkirchmar@gmail.com
  7. spcglider

    spcglider Member

    What's the width?

    I might be interested in a few yards as well.


  8. puppetsnthings

    puppetsnthings New Member

    Antron Fleece

    Thanks to so many for your interest. The fleece is all gone now, and off to new homes and new puppets. Best wishes!

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