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Any Professional Puppets For Sale

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by faze, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. faze

    faze New Member

    I was wondering if anybody is selling any puppets for reasonable price, either it be a monster, alien, cat, dog etc

  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Try ebay. Lots of good quality puppets for sale there. But expect it to be $60 or higher.
  3. rtgentry

    rtgentry Member

    actually you should expect to paymore then 300$ for a "professional puppet"
  4. faze

    faze New Member

    what shuld i search for on ebay - like professional puppets?
  5. hennesprod

    hennesprod New Member

    I think price really depends on the puppet type, size, materials used, ect.....Media rights? So, there are lot's of factors that can influence the price of a puppet. Is it the only one? Or is there more than one. Also, it just depends on you are willing to pay for the product. Vent puppets for instance can vary greatly depending on materials used, mechanism design and over appeal of the design. Also the very last thing is...... your need.

  6. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    the long and short of it is going to be
    "you get what you pay for,"

    if you want a pro -type puppet , you will pay for it, if you want cheap , then u will get what you pay for.and what ever that puppet artist is willing to do for the price you want to pay.try ebay u might get lucky, or buy a mass produced puppet and customize it
  7. puppetise

    puppetise Member

    give me a week or too then my lion will be up i specialize in animals and monsters but you can email me and ask me about monsters and ill get back to you or you can email caroline@control.net.au asking about custom puppets for you please send a design and what materials you want it made out of and a design and well send you a quote
  8. pjspuppets

    pjspuppets New Member

    PJ's Puppets Website

    I invite you to check out our website at www.pjspuppets.com We sell ready-made one-of-a-kind professional puppets and ventriloquist figures, as well as take orders for custom puppets. Our prices are around the $100 mark, as a rule.


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