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Backstage Playset Palisades - New in Box - Other Exclusive Figures as well

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by The Muppet Man, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. The Muppet Man New Member

    I have one Muppets Backstage Playset new in box.........box is in great shape. I am in need of money fast so I am offering this up over the next couple days. If you are interested send me a conversation and your offer. I am going to sell it to the best offer by August 1st-3rd, 2012 (unless I get no offers that is).

    I can send you pictures of the set via email..........not sure if I can post them on this thread.

    I also have some other exclusives figures (mint in box if you are interested as well)
    Invisible Beaker
    Half-Invisible Beaker
    Holiday Kermit
    Black Jacket Rizzo (NY)
    Black Jacket Rizzo (CHI)
    Dream Date Gonzo
    Gold Tux Gonzo
    Vanshing Cream Beaker
    Invisible Fozzie
    Tour Animal
    Holiday Rizzo (Red)
    Holiday Rizzo (Green)
    Steppin Out Bunsen/Beaker
    Adventure Kermit
    Ghost of Sam Arrow
    Tux Gonzo
    Cabin Boy
    Super Beaker
    Santa Chef
    Checkered Suit Gonzo

    Limited time offer........talk with you soon!
  2. galagr Well-Known Member

    How much for Super Beaker?
  3. linda New Member

    How much are you asking for the playset?? I am very interested!! I would offer $200 for the playset- please let me know. Also, do you have Carmella or Berniece chickens that come with Gonzo? Looking very forward to your response!!!
    Linda Marshall

    How m
  4. Paul New Member

    If you haven't sold yet, I'd offer $350 for the backstage set.
  5. The Muppet Man New Member

    Appreciate the offer however playset was sold yesterday. Sorry
  6. The Muppet Man New Member

    Figures are still up for sale...........let's talk
  7. The Muppet Man New Member

    $125 plus shipping. Mint in tin/palisades box. Can send pictures if you are interested. Awesome figure! Thanks for your interest.
  8. The Muppet Man New Member

    I have an invisible fozzie I can sell you for $15 plus shipping. He would be the lowest priced figure I have. I am assuming shipping would be around $3.50 in the US but that is just a guess. Let me know if you want me to get a solid price .
  9. The Muppet Man New Member

    No worries. Can do!
  10. Birdon the bird Active Member

    How much for ze Tux Gonzo?
  11. The Muppet Man New Member

  12. Birdon the bird Active Member

    Birdon will go with Dream date Gonzo.
  13. The Muppet Man New Member

    I have dream date gonzo at $45 plus shipping. What is your zip code so I can look up the cost for us?
    Thanks in advance
  14. Birdon the bird Active Member

  15. The Muppet Man New Member

    What price where you looking for?
  16. Birdon the bird Active Member

    U got anything cheaper? Like 1.00$ or something.
  17. Birdon the bird Active Member

    $5.00! $7.00! 10 Bucks!
  18. homerthegreat Member

    You guys are never going to find any figure from this line for these prices. Original retail value wasn't even that low.
  19. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Do you even know how much figures like these are worth? You can't get a crappy made figure for a buck, nevermind a nice Muppet one!

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