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"Bad Andy" in need of a home, looking to sell

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by cheri rich, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. cheri rich

    cheri rich New Member

    12" plush "bad andy" created for dominoe pizza corp. I have one in pristine condition,no stains,tears,no smoke or animal smell,never ever handled by kids or anybody for that fact.he sat in my curio cabinet for 11 years. He is extremly rare, i spoke to worthpoint, they said he is very rare,do to the fact only a small amount were made,as the ad bombed he was created by jim henson corp. most people that had one gave it to a child ,so they are long gone.
    the last one sold on ebay was 07, there are so few, my asking price is $700.00 or best offer,and lets be serious folks,he is extremly rare and mine is in pristine condition,all limbs,both eyes,very pink mouth and full tuff of hair
    thank you
  2. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    man if i had the money i may give an offer...

    now i posted that to say this in the most civil friendly way i can with no hostility towards you. but i think your price is a very steep, while i know its cliche to say but these are tough times, as rare as it may be 700 is alot for a stuffed animal/toy no matter the condition. again im not saying this so you lower it and so i have a chance to buy im being honest and trying to help you, and i also understand because of that we have to sell things we regret at times

    my suggestion is Ebay....if you really want 700 set the reserve price to it and let people bid and youll see what people are willing to bid on it

    i wish you luck
  3. cheri rich

    cheri rich New Member

    no, i agree in this economy it is hard to try to get what you want. It was a starting price and i know what i would take at the lowest,and i agree,people are starving and i'm selling a "toy" as i explained to a lady on here,that showed me worthpoint,my husband died last year,i am disabled,i have one daughter getting married and another trying to get her life going,shes 21 works like a dog,and has a heart of gold. i was trying to find ways to help my kids. I would try ebay,but i never sold a thing on there,and i would be terrified of getting scammed.But i know in 07 one sold for $200 and he was not in the condition of mine,he was in gently used,and had been played with.my lil andy is in tissue paper in a lined bag put in a curio cabinet. I think i need to find a point somewhere between $375-$500
    but i take your advice without no ill will. thank you

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