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Bear Characters at Disney's Christmas Parade airs 12/25

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by AAO, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Watch on December 25th on ABC the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade hosted by Regis and Kelly with Ryan Seacrest. A lot of Disney stars and special guests will be there; but this year a very special group of characters will be featured in the parade - Treelo, Tutter, Pip and Pop will appear in the Playhouse Disney car. Sadly, Bear is not even in the car! I know this on account I was there for the filming; surprise the "live" broadcast isn't live. It's filmed 20 odd days before the actually airing. But watch for the Playhouse Disney car which sits "Handy Manny" :( 'yuck'... in Bear's spot. But I didn't let the Bear characters get shunned. Treelo and Tutter, (who were two of my "partners" in the parade along with my co-worker who was "partners" with Pip and Pop) got screen time. We're not sure how long but make sure to watch for them! This will be the last and final year of the Bear characters in the Disney Christmas Parade - so hopefully they made the cut for the television appearance! Also, watch for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy! THere's a very special surprise with the characters this year!
  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the report. It's always good to hear new Bear in the Big Blue House news.
  3. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    gosh i HOPE Kermit or other muppets are there! :smirk:
  4. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    sadly they won't. :(
  5. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    I wonder why not with all the news we've gotten lately?
  6. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    they'll probably not be "in parade"... but they are sometimes making "appearances" from the booth giving commentary!
  7. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    Awesome. At least they ain't retired...yet.
  8. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Wait, are you guys talking about this year's christmas parade or the one from last year? Just curious,
  9. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Considering this was posted 12/7/07, you can assume it's about last year's parade.
  10. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Yeah... it was last years parade... ;)

    but we're not sure about what Playhouse pals will show up this year... due to the change over of parades at the STUDIOS, we don't have Disney Stars and Motorcars anymore.. so the playhouse car is gone! well, it's in Disney Paris... but we do have Pixar's Block Party Bash... So we're assuming they'll take the floats over there for the filming in December... But if there are any "muppet appearances" that I may know about... hint hint.. i'll shed a lil rumor your way...!

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