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Bill Diamond?

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Neil565, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Neil565

    Neil565 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know Bill Diamond and what roll he performed on Fraggle Rock? He was at Chiller Theater this weekend, and had two Fraggle posters for sale. one was a group shot, the other was boober and a doozer. He also had a ton of puppets on display, and one kind of looked like the ratted remnants of a Philo/Gung puppet...but even after 30 years, I doubt the original would be in that bad shape by now!
  2. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    I've heard of Bill Diamond and seen his own puppetry work on DVD, etc. He's ok but I don't think his puppets have as much flexibility as the Muppet characters do. I'm not sure who he played on Fraggle Rock, but everytime I see his credits listed, he mentions he worked with the Jim Henson Compay, and the Muppets.

    But as far as the puppet being all beat up, it's very likely that the original puppet would be slowly disintegrating. Latex, and all the materials will do that after a long amount of time, and 30 years is quite a awhile!
  3. HeyButtahfly

    HeyButtahfly Well-Known Member

    Anyway, it sounds like a cool experience that you got to see Bill and his displays! Thanks for enlightening me on another Henson alum.

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