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compilation fan fic: "Muppet Memories"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    (The theme song plays as the title, Muppet Memories, appears on-screen. Kermit, Robin, and Scooter enter the attic)

    Kermit: Well, Robin, all of the stuff up here in the attic ought to help you with your school project.
    Robin: oh, it'd better. The teacher told us to write amemory book, and I wanted it to be themed around the muppet show.
    scooter: Well, everything up in this here attic has something to do with the muppet show. For example, these beer bottles are from the bar that Sandy Duncan danced at. I staged the number myself.

    (this leads to the Nice Girl Like Me number)

    Kermit: (looking closer) Uh, Scooter, these aren't from Sandy Duncans number.
    Scooter: They aren't?
    kermit: no, I'm pretty sure they are from the bar that Rita Moreno hangs out at.

    (this leads to Rita Morenos opening number, followed by The swedish chef skit where the swedish chef makes champaign, thenfollowed by the Muppet News skit about an unidentified flying object)

    Scooter: Those were some great memories.
    Kermit: yes, they sure were.
    Robin: I was looking through this paper, which gives a great review of the roaring twenties sketch that James Coburn did.

    (this leads to the roaring twenties sketch, followed by the Veterinarians Hospital sketch with beauregard, then I Never Harmed an Onion)

    Scooter: Hey, Robin, look what I found!
    Robin: What?
    Scooter: I found this album of The Electric Mayhems greatest hits.
    kermit: let's play it.
    (Scooter puts the album in a record player)

    (This leads to the songs New York State of Mind and Sweet Tooth Jam)

    Robin: You know, the band also did a great number with hal Lindon.
    Kermit: That's right. They did, "when the saints come marching in".

    (this leads to When The Saints Come Marching In, followed by Any Old Iron, then My Way)

    Robin: (finding gold) wow! look at all this gold.
    kermit: that's still here? I thought we returned it.
    Robin: returned it?
    Kermit: Yeah, let me explain...

    (this leads to the backstage scene from the Shirley bassey episode where kermit met bruno, followed by the Muppet Labs skit about turning gold into cottage cheese)

    Robin: So that guard was pretty strict, huh?
    Kermit: Pretty doens't even begin to describe how he was....

    (this leads to the Muppet News skit where The newsman reporta about the gold bars)

    Scooter: But it was all worth it, right, kermit?
    Kermit: Right! Shirley bassey used all the gold for the big closing number.

    (this leads to Goldfinger, then the skit where Rowlf played the piano while a chicken clucked along and laid an egg, then Jambouree)

    Robin: Wow! Look at this awesome Pigs In Space poster.
    Kermit: Yep, Pigs In Space helped keep our ratings up.

    (this leads to the Pigs In Space skit where the pigs go to the end of the universe, with the Muppet News skit about the meaning of life in the middle of the skit)

    Kermit: Well, I'm starting to get hungry.
    Scooter: I'll get you some snacks. What do you want?
    Kermit: I'll have some cheese cake.
    Robin: And I'll have some sweet gingerbread men.
    Scooter: right! (scooter leaves)

    (this leads to the songs Cheese Cake and Sweet Gingerbread Man)

    Robin: Of course, not all memories of the muppet show are good.
    Kermit: I know that.

    (this leads to the swedish chef skit where The Swedish Chef prepares frog legs, then never Smile At A Crocodile)

    Robin: I am impressed by all of this japaneese stuff.
    Kermit: Oh, yeah, that's from the tribute to japan that James Coburn did.

    (this leads to the tribute to japan, then to Someone Who'll Watch Over Me)

    Robin: Well, I've found everything that I need.
    Kermit: That's good.
    Robin: Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow.
    Scooter: That reminds me of a song that Petula Clark sang.

    (this leads to the song Tomorrow)

    Kermit: Well, let's go.
    Robin: yeah.
    Scooter: I'm sure you'll get an A.

    (they leave as the credits roll and the theme music plays)
  2. erniebert1234ss

    erniebert1234ss Well-Known Member




    Good fanfic!

    Submit it to MHC and see if they would be open to that idea! Great fanfic!

    BTW, is there a College Degree in your collection?

  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    What do you mean? I'm guessing the answer is no.
  4. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

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