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Continuity in the new Doozers' world

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Maddt Spladdt, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Maddt Spladdt

    Maddt Spladdt New Member

    If this thread is better off in the Fraggle Rock forum, or if a similar discussion already exists, let me know.

    Has anybody else tried to reconcile the Doozers in the new CG cartoon with their original form in Fraggle Rock? My wife and I have theorized a bit about Doozer Creek (and the other towns) being offshoots of the subterranean community at Doozer Dome. I realize the creators of the show are presenting more of a reimagined version than a straight continuation, but I'm fascinated by the notion that Cotterpin and her fellow rebel Doozers might have sparked a schism in Doozer society, or maybe a complete revolution in attitudes and practices. Your thoughts, O community?
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, yes, I've talked about that with RedPiggy (one of our fandom/fic-writing shared universe thinkers) about how the Doozer in charge of the Doozer Creek community could be a grown-up Pin. The fact that one of that leader's children is named Spike is another little in-joke between us. Hope this helps. :busy:
  3. Maddt Spladdt

    Maddt Spladdt New Member

    Just noticed I asked if it might be better off in the Fraggle Rock forum when that's where it is...should have said the Family Worlds forum, where it seems the newer kids' programming is discussed. Regardless, I'm interested in hashing out some of the theories and clues in regard to this subject.

    And while I'm not familiar with the earlier Molly and Spike (who were apparently just in an illustrated book?), I noticed that there's a Flex Doozer in the old show too (under Boober's hat, no less). That makes all of the Pod Squad names except for Daisywheel - is this intentional? Do we interpret the new kids as inheriting names from a previous generation? And is the Chief Doozer actually Cotterpin or what? Somebodies, share your opinions!

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