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Eight Ball Rhumba

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    These two chapters were very amusing and helpful in seeing how the tournament progresses.

    The Good:
    Scooter's introspection on his relationships, both with Amanda and to the Muppets.
    Fozzie's reflections on his time in Reno with the Moopets.
    The ribbing back and forth between the Muppet players.
    Rowlf and Audra, cute, cute couple.
    Louis Kazagger being included in a sports-type fic.

    The Bad/Confusing.
    Er, where is Piggy seated? You need to decide, or at least explain, if she's seated with Kermit during the matches or with Rowlf and Janice and Floyd at the bar.
    There are two things I need to point out with the haikus:
    1 If you start each with an opening quotation mark, please remember to cap each poem off with a closing quotation mark as well so we know where each one finishes.
    2 Haikus are defined as poems of three lines where the lines are of five, then seven, then five syllables each. Though the poems themselves came across well in their recital matter, the structure needs working. Though given that it's Gonzo, I'm not sure if the mismatched measure should or could be excused or corrected. I'd recommend you search through Toughpigs.com's articles to find the series of haikus written for each and every single episode of the Muppet Show for future reference.

    Other than that, I enjoyed these updates and await the next installment eagerly. :batty:
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Technically, she was seated at both places, just not at the same time. The idea was that, during the doubles match, Piggy was sitting with Kermit and then when the singles started, she moved to the bar or was picking up drinks.

    That was a case of my fingers not reading what my mind had intended.

    Fix that, I shall.

    Yeah, the idea of the haiku seemed to fit Gonzo and I did go and look for more info on writing haikus. The Pedia of Wikis said that the type of haiku that I did was...wait, wait...

    "Haiku of four lines (sometimes known as haiqua[12]) or longer have been written, some of them "vertical haiku" with only a word or two per line. These poems mimic the vertical printed form of Japanese haiku."

    So I went with that. And this is also why I suck at poetry. But I'm gonna go with the 'it's Gonzo, so it makes sense in hindsight' excuse.

    :concern:Kinda a lousy excuse, if you ask me.

    Well, no one did. And I fully accept that I did not capture the pure essence of the haiku in the way you would do it. I admit that, cause while I may have some Gonzo-dispositional tendencies, I am not nor could I ever be you, Sir Luminary of Lunacy.

    :concern:Aw, that's nice.

    I know it is. Okay, I'm gonna do some actual work and then I will get back to the zaniness that is 8 ball. Next up -

    Uh, you know what, I don't even know, but I'm sure I could include -

    The winners of the second round thus far!
    A Scooter and Amanda moment!
    And of course, The Muppet Show with special guest star some famous person we know!
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, I'd say stick with what's been working for you. Yay at a potential Scooter+Amanda moment. Post when possible, you should. :shifty:
  4. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    I really liked your insight into Fozzie and how he managed to get through those awful days in Reno. (If saying "awful days in Reno" isn't redundant already...) As terrified as he told Kermit he was of the Moopets, it's nice to see him working through his fears with a little...er...pool therapy.

    I can buy Gonzo reciting an obscure haiku form while observing and taking shots. Kind of low-key for him, though, isn't it? And since when has he let a silly thing like a ban on outre' behavior stop him?

    The story (and the tourney) are fun to follow. My only beefs are purely technical: PLEASE use a bigger font for the story post...some of us are nearsighted and this just makes it harder! And take time to edit before posting: I'm still seeing several errors of tense (using a present-tense verb to describe a past situation), articles left out (a, the), and the occasional misused word. Your overall skill tells me you would catch these small bloopers with a careful read-through. We're all guilty of one from time to time...but the fewer the reader has to stumble over, the greater their enjoyment of what really is a delightful read! :) Do continue!
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    OMG! I like, just got a like trophy! Awesomes!!

    Fozzie has always been a favorite (I think there are very few Muppets that I don't like) and the one thing I like to say is that I'm a good character writer (I hope! :o). I really liked how Fozzie tried to pass it off that he was having the time of his life in Reno, when in reality he so wanted to leave. I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't been hoping that Kermit or someone from the Muppets would find him and take him back to the land of the good.

    And Fozzie's shown he has some hidden talents.

    Just between you and me - I really wished there had been more of a showdown between Piggy and Poogy. I mean, I think we all know who would win, but it's like watching kung-fu movies with Bruce Lee. It's not the winning, it's the butt kicking prelude to the winning.

    Technically, I had wanted to do a scene in which Piggy reminded Gonzo that he wasn't to do anything uncouth while at the tournament, but then I decided against it. One reason was because I alluded to it in two different chapters, with both Kermit and Chase stating that they didn't want to run afoul of Gonzo's act.

    But it's Gonzo so you know that it would be weird for him to not do something, hence the haiku.

    :confused: Other than one paragraph within the first chapter and I think chapter 10, the font for me has been relatively normal. Am I'm saying this as someone who is also nearsighted and has a tendency to read without her glasses and had has upped the zoom level on my browser.

    The only thing I can think of is that the forums are taking the font that I'm using in Word, which is smaller than here. Which is weird, cause I did the same thing for MMM and had no issues. Will have to investigate that next chapter.

    I am trying (and do) try to make an overall read through before I post, especially if I've stopped writing in the middle of a chapter. My excuses are a little Muppet, a Mom, and work; and I'm also trying to get as much done as I can before I head back to Denver next week, which is ironic, as I'm sure I'll be churning out chapters and verse while there as I'm needing to corral a three year old.

    I also admit that I've obviously become spoiled from the Java Hut (ReBoot forums, Slackbot can attest to this) because members can go back and edit any issues at any time. Yes, I know, tis the rather lazy way, especially when I'm supposed to be a freelance writer.

    Sadly, I've managed to pick up some major bad habits, both from my last job and this current 'helping hand' one that I didn't use to have and am struggling to break out of.

    Just gotta swimmin' when it comes to getting back to the professional aspect.

    But hey, in case I haven't said it yet, seriously appreciate the comments and the concrits; it's one thing to recognize it in myself and something different when others see it too. Glad you're enjoying it.

    Coming up -
    A little romantic interlude!
    A doubles discussion!
    And a Sunday at the Muppet Show!
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hello childrens! So I've been sitting on the next chap of this for a few days and finally decided to post it for ya. AND if you're good little Muppets, I'll even post what I have for Monday Dinner Date. But for now, here's some 8 ball!

    Chapter XIII

    The second round of the Cool Pool tournament ended much as the first round did, with Gonzo showcasing his talents at pool along with his talent at exasperating all those around him with his very presence and overall performing levels. Even though he hadn’t done anything as wild and crazy as balancing items on top of themselves, on top of him, while singing a movie film script, his addition of doing haikus about pool, playing pool, pool tables, pool equipment, the tournament, and that of his opponent had done its job of completely overwhelming all those that had been there to view it.

    The third and final matches had been decided and set for the next night, with a fun winners match to take place on Sunday afternoon. Scooter knew he wouldn’t be able to see Sunday’s match because of the show, but he would at least be able to announce the tournament’s winners by then, which would hopefully allow them to make a show around it.

    Well, he hoped; he hadn’t actually discussed the idea with the head honcho yet.

    For the go-fer turned assistant, his decision to stay behind to help Amanda and Chase with some of the clean up would hit him tomorrow when he stepped back inside the Muppet Theater. He had already gotten his warning when he had sent back the text that he was staying –

    DIVINE MISS P: You are so going to get it tomorrow. Don’t come home late; you know how we worry ;)

    If the teasing he had gotten so far was bad, it would pale in comparison when the others noticed his absence on the bus. If he knew Floyd Pepper – and he knew Floyd Pepper – the bassist would come at him like he went after a hip blues rift; and if Floyd went after him, he knew that Janice, Rowlf, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and even Kermit wouldn’t be far behind. It spoke to his years around the Muppets and their general affection with each other that he both dreaded and welcomed the onslaught.

    “Everything okay?”

    Amanda arrived at his side, just as he finished checking the various text messages that he seemed to be getting since the carnival of crazy had left. Luckily, the majority were from Kermit – or rather, someone (Piggy, he hoped) assisting Kermit in using the phone that both he and the pig insisted the frog have at any given time – in regards to the show.

    “Yeah,” he replied. “Just Kermit telling me about the show; he’s given Gonzo a ‘last resort’ spot only because he managed to restrain himself tonight with the haiku.”

    “How’s the show looking without everyone who’s normally there?”

    Scooter shrugged. “Not bad,” he said, taking a rag and helping to wipe down the bar counter. “We may run a little under, but we’ll be able to see tomorrow when we do a run through.”

    “Will you still be able to watch some of the third round?”

    “Oh yeah,” Scooter nodded, enthusiastically and turning to look at her. “I wouldn’t miss spending time with you.”

    He hadn’t meant to say that, out loud at least, but from the slight blush that rose on her cheeks, it was a signal that it was a good thing that he had. “I hadn’t meant to say that out loud,” he whispered, moving closer to her. “But I’m glad I did.”

    “I’m glad you did too,” came the sultry response, enhanced by the fingers of her hand running down the front of his shirt.

    In that moment, Scooter knew he had two choices – keep in the moment or skip out on it. When he had been a teenager, he may have skipped out, too shy to hold his own or too afraid of being rebuffed; one of the benefits of working behind the scenes of a theater and being on the stage of one had definitely lowered the orange Muppet’s inhibitions. Confidence, humor, energy, and an all-around sense of being true to oneself were just some of the learning experiences he had taken from those around him.

    Scooter’s brain, which had thankfully returned to his head, saw the moment and decided to go for it. Luckily, the stage manager’s emotions were also on the same page as his logic and everything seemed to be aligning and saying “Go for it!”

    Apparently, Amanda had the same thought, mimicking Scooter’s own movement as she moved to meet him halfway.

    “You kids almost done out there?”

    The sound of Chase coming out of the back office was like a firecracker going off at the fourth of July; the effect did its job by causing the two younger Muppets to jump away from each other, though Scooter made sure that he moved to the other end of the bar, just in case.

    “Yeah, Pop,” the yellow Whatnot groaned. Talk about awkward! “We’re just wiping down the counters, as you can plainly see.”

    Chase could plainly see that; he could also plainly see that his presence had interrupted something, but he had to admit that the Grosse kid had the good sense to show that he wasn’t interested in anything that resembled his daughter. “Thanks for sticking around, Grosse,” the owner responded, nodding in the Muppet’s direction.

    “Not a problem, Mr. Cosgrove,” Scooter all but exclaimed in nervousness, before clearing his throat. “No worries, sir. Least I could do.”

    “You’ve done your share, son,” Chase said. “After all, if it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the type of business we’ve had this weekend. So the least I can do is let you two kids pop off early for the night.”

    “Really, Dad?”

    “Sure,” the owner nodded. “Just don’t go all crazy. And don’t come home late! You know how I worry.”


    With a two hour reprieve, both Amanda and Scooter found that neither wanted to really paint the town, especially not on a Friday night. In the end, they had gone to a popular ice cream shop that Amanda knew that wasn’t very far from Cool Pool and they had spent the walk back, just talking about this or that, while eating flavored ice balls made of cream.

    Because Scooter had decided to stay and help, it meant that – while thankfully spared a twenty minute teasing ride home – he was ultimately left without a ride home. Amanda had volunteered to give him a lift and their previous conversation on entertainment, the latest technology, and the news of the world continued as easily as it had on their walk from the ice cream parlor. As the girl’s car pulled alongside the curb in front of the townhome style apartments that Scooter lived in, their conversation continued as they got out and began the walk to the secured entryway.

    “I didn’t think I’ve ever become such a Google fanboy,” the red-haired Muppet was saying. “But I guess it helps when I’ve seen the behind the scenes workings of the company.”

    “I still can’t believe that you worked for Google straight from college,” Amanda said.

    Scooter shrugged, turning towards her as they reached the door. “It was a lucky break,” he replied. “Very lucky; I mean, not because it’s one of the world most successful search engines and companies period, but…the environment and the atmosphere reminded me of the theater. I spent twelve years of my life with the people who worked there; it was a big blow to realize that I was actually leaving and wouldn’t have that anymore.”

    “Well,” Amanda whispered, moving closer to him. “I certainly think they missed you as much as you missed them.”

    “I like to think so.”

    The distance between them had shortened considerably. “Well,” Scooter whispered.

    “Well well.”

    “Well well well.”

    A giggle.

    A gulp.

    Amanda Cosgrove was a girl who usually went after the things that she wanted, especially if it was something that she really wanted. And she really wanted Scooter Grosse. So, she did what she had wanted to do all night – grabbing the front of his shirt with one hand, she pulled him to her and kissed him.

    It’s amazing what goes on in the mind when someone is being kissed. Electrons and neurons are all firing throughout the brain and the body; random, stray thoughts go shooting from side to the other. Scooter’s brain had already jumped up and down at the realization that this beautiful, gorgeous creature was kissing him. And once that thought had been dissolved, there were the observations, like how soft her lips were, how soft she was, how much he was going to enjoy this if they could do it again.

    All too soon, the kiss was over and it left both youngsters awed and shocked by the thrill of it.

    “I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” Amanda confessed, causing the go-fer to chuckle.

    “I’d ask what took so long,” he started. “But I’m well aware of what took so long.”

    Her smile at his response was rather radiant and this time, Scooter wasn’t sure if that was because she was just naturally lovely or if their kiss had anything to do with it. “Will I see you tomorrow?” she asked.

    “Definitely,” he stated. “In fact, why don’t we meet for a late lunch, early dinner before the tournament gets underway?”


    “Oh and…uh…” here, he cleared his throat several times. “Piggy and Kermit invited us to dinner next week as well.”



    “Okay then.”

    Nodding at the unexpectant invitation, Amanda shyly glanced at her suitor and, unable to resist, gave him another kiss. With a whispered goodnight, she managed to make herself turn away and head back to her car. It was only when she had gotten in, started the engine, and was halfway down the block, did she scream a triumphant “yes! Go me!”


    SCOOTIE G: Thought you’d like to know I got home just fine, Piggy my love.

    DIVINE MISS P: Glad to hear it. Poor Kermie was pacing the floor with worry.

    SCOOTIE G: Oh, I’m sure. ;) Breakfast tomorrow?

    DIVINE MISS P: Just you and the frog, I’m afraid; got a few errands to run.

    SCOOTIE G: Huh. That’s not like you. Half expected a request for a play by play.

    DIVINE MISS P: Oh, you can be sure of that. Watch out for Pepper and the weirdo tomorrow; they are definitely gunning for you.

    SCOOTIE G: Terrif. K

    DIVINE MISS P: Jan, Cami, and Moi would also like to take Miss Manda to lunch sometime. Arrange that?

    SCOOTIE G: Are you kidding?


    SCOOTIE G: C’mon, at least let me get through the month with her. Intact.

    DIVINE MISS P: :mad: We aren’t going to hurt the girl. Honestly, Andrew, sometimes…

    SCOOTIE G: <3 You still love me and if Amanda is no worse for wear, I’ll still luv u 2.

    DIVINE MISS P: Funny way of showing it.

    SCOOTIE G: I promise the coffee fairy will be generous tomorrow.

    DIVINE MISS P: There had better be good tidings from the coffee fairy.

    SCOOTIE G: Only the best for you, babe. G’nite before the frog finds out about our midnight affairs. ;)

    DIVINE MISS P: Please, the frog is well aware that you carry a torch for me.

    SCOOTIE G: I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that. And pretty sure out of the legions of guys who are in love with you, I register pretty low for Kermit.

    DIVINE MISS P: I may have created a monster.

    SCOOTIE G: U <3 me.

    DIVINE MISS P: *le sigh* I do at that. G’night, dearheart. May Amandas sing you to your slumber. ;)

    SCOOTIE G: >:| Very funny.
    newsmanfan and The Count like this.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Awwwww. Now that's the kind of first date we should all be lucky enough to have. It definitely shows that you've be learning at the feet of our fanfic ushgush mistresses/female masters. Thanks for posting such a cute update.
  8. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Heh heh heh...LOVE the text conversation. Very in character, while expanding the bounds of those characters just a wee bit. (I never thought I'd see Scooter tease Piggy...not even distantly. Interesting. But I'll buy it.)

    The kiss: very sweet. Not over-analyzed, but delved into nicely in a way that lets the reader imagine themselves in one (at least) of the places of the lips involved.

    And I can't wait to see what sort of innuendo Floyd and company hurl at a very embarrassed gofer...
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the praise! Just a correction - this is actually their third date, as their first was the Monday after the show and then the next night (Tuesday) was date numero dos.

    I'm very much under the opinion that, despite all of her diva tendencies, Piggy isn't a cold hearted witch, with a cap B. I've seen several authors bring up the fact that Piggy tries very much to put up a front for the media and the like, and even the people around her, but every once in a while the pig has her moments.

    I figured with the amount of scheming the two of them did together, Piggy would allow some teasing from those she's very close to. Don't expect the same kind from Fozzie or Gonzo without some sort of comeback.

    I'm also liking the text convos, so expect to see at least one more before the next show! It'll be a doozy! :busy:

    As a self proclaimed 'ugh' when it comes to overly drawn out romance, sometimes the simple and basic is the way to go. And really, does anyone want their first kiss to feel like someone's trying to devour your face?

    Yeah, me either. LOL Haven't gotten that far, but I'm fairly sure the boy is walking into danger. *thinks about it* Yeah, pretty sure.

    I'm goin' goin' goin back to Denver Denver Denver tomorrow morning, but hopefully I'll get some time to work on the next chapter. Up next -

    A talk between the frog and go-fer!
    A talk between the dog and pig!
    A Muppet Show run through!
    Snarky comments!
    Inappropriate comments!

    Wait. Um ...probably not that last one, but *shrugs* what the ****.

  10. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    *settles down with ice cream and a nice glass of sauv blanc*

    Verily, bring on the debauchery! woo hoo!
  11. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ahoy hoy! I haves arrived in Denver and loving it! Oh how I missed it and how I missed you all in the...few hours I wasn't here. LOL Sorry for the lateness and the length of this bad boy; so many ideas and so very little time apparently. This time, we're checking out the show's rehearsals, Floyd gets Scooter, and Piggy meets with two different people.

    Without giving away details, a character here is being used with permission, so that's all I can say for the moment.

    And without further ado!

    Chapter XIV

    Saturday morning saw Scooter having his usual pre-show breakfast with Kermit, at the little coffee shop that had served the theater and their cast for years. This was a tradition for the two, ever since Scooter began the transition from go-fer to that of stage manager and personal assistant.

    Kermit tried to show, more than admit, that he had come to rely on Scooter just as much as he did the others; the boy had shown early on that he was much smarter than a kid his age should be and that, when not relying on his uncle’s name and theater ownership, he could be his own person.

    That person had shown to be determined, responsible, efficient, funny, and talented. Kermit, as well as everyone else, sometimes couldn’t believe just how talented the kid was; Scooter was not the type of person to actively request being in a number or having his own act or song – not unless his uncle was behind it – but when given the chance, the acts that Scooter did do were great.

    Ultimately, Scooter was also a very helpful person; even with his role as the go-fer, the younger Muppet had shown he was not only good at taking directions, he was often good at giving them. Before Kermit – and even the others - had recognized it, Scooter had essentially taken on the task of right hand man to the frog, putting out fires before they could really start (or rather, before Kermit found out) and directing and coordinating the others while the big boss handled other things, like the leading lady, or the performing artist, or the chickens’ union.

    It was almost unheard of for someone at Scooter’s age to be assisting in the backstage antics of a theater troupe, but by the time Scooter reached sixteen, that was exactly what he was doing. Floyd had once joked that Piggy had all but trained to the boy to be her personal assistant, something that Kermit had resented for some time; he could admit now that in those times where those two had gotten together and schemed against him, he had ended up ignoring both of them – or at least trying to.

    Piggy was not the kind of person to be ignored by any measure, which usually meant Kermit held a much harder grudge against Scooter. That was a definite harsher in hindsight reality, especially when, after he had calmed down some, it hadn’t truly been Scooter’s fault, if not so much Piggy’s for getting the teen involved in her latest scheme.

    Kermit always found it odd and a bit unsettling that Scooter was so easily coerced into doing the diva’s bidding, but then Kermit would recall that he couldn’t ever remember the Muppet ever discussing his family, least of all his parents. Once, Kermit remembered that – after their latest plan to get him married off to Miss Piggy – the sudden thought that Scooter had all but plotted a parent trap came to mind and he found that he couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe that’s what went on in the teen’s mind.

    Now of course, decades later, Kermit had shifted nicely – and admittedly to himself – happily in a role of surrogate parent to a few of the Muppets, but especially Scooter. It was also one of the reasons they had breakfast twice a week; oh, the official reason was to go over ideas or thoughts that had been presented at their Monday meetings and then thoughts on how the show would be the day before.

    It was the perfect excuse to ask about anything that was going on in life, for both of them. They may have been boss and employee and sometimes co-workers, but as with all the Muppets, there was an overall friendliness to everything they did with each other. In most cases, it was just the two of them, but every so often Piggy would join them. This was true when the assistant came over to the house for breakfast on Wednesdays or Saturdays, with no need to announce himself; Piggy had given him a key as soon as the locks had been put in.

    Business went as usual this Saturday morning, with the two sitting outside on the coffee shop’s patio at one of the rounded tables. The weather had been surprisingly nice that week, with the season deeply entrenched in spring and heading into summer. “How’s it looking so far?” asked Scooter, leaning back and watching people stroll by.

    “So far so good,” Kermit answered, taking a moment to drink from his cup. “With Floyd and Janice out of the tournament, I went ahead and green lit the Mayhem and then if we start running short, I told Gonzo to do his thing.”

    “So what do we have then?” the assistant asked, pulling out his tablet in order to go over the schedule he held. Scooter had of course taken to technology like a baby to a bottle; his working with Google helped the experience by giving him the latest phone and the latest upgrades, however it was Apple that gave him the needed tablet.

    “Well,” the frog began, letting out a sigh. Though he had been happy in the notion that several of them had made into the final rounds, the fact that it was their headliners involved made planning that week’s show ever more difficult. “Chef has wanted to do a segment ever since we said we’d be coming back to the theater and Bunsen and Beaker had said they have something big for tomorrow.”

    “What is it?”

    “I have no idea,” the frog grumbled. “They said preliminary tests wouldn’t be complete until tomorrow.”

    “Well,” Scooter shrugged. “If push comes to shove, in Muppet Labs, only Beaker gets hurt.”

    “Yeah,” Kermit agreed. “However, it also means one of us – meaning you – is going to have to talk him into not quitting – again – and putting out any fires that have appeared on his head.”

    “No worries, Chief,” the go-fer replied, confidently. “Beakie isn’t gonna quit. He’ll threaten, but he won’t really. At least, I certainly hope not.”

    “And then there’s Lew…”

    “You actually put him in?”

    “He has some weird fish flinging juggling act that actually looked good when he showed it to me.” The frog let that hang for a moment before looking at his stage manager. “There’s something wrong with me; I must be sick.”

    “You are looking a little green.”

    “Leave the comedy to the bear.”

    “We have and look where it’s gotten us.”

    Kermit couldn’t help but smirk at that. “It’s unnatural for you to be so chipper, so early,” he chuckled. “I can only guess that you had a rather okay night last night.” The frog sent a knowing look to the red head, causing him to smile shyly.

    “It went alright,” he whispered.


    “You…you like her, don’t you, Kermit?”

    Kermit had been a frog in the business for many years, with several of those as the leader and director to the motely Muppets. All of those years helped to serve him when met with a question from one of his employees – Fozzie was prone to worrying his pork pie hat, Gonzo tended to fidget, Rowlf would get reflective, and Piggy went the opposite of her normal personality.

    Scooter tended to call him by name.



    The question wasn’t exactly unexpectant, but Kermit still had some trouble offering up fatherly advice when called for; he usually just went with what he thought was the right thing to say and what his heart told him. To be honest, he didn’t really spend a lot of time with Amanda last week, his duties as director and zoo handler often kept him from getting to everyone at the same time; hence why he had Scooter.

    “I haven’t really spent that much time with her,” he answered honestly. “She certainly seems nice.”

    “She’s nice.”

    “She seemed like she had a handle on everything.”

    “She did.”

    “And she is pretty.”

    “Oh yeah.”

    “Wonder if she has a sister.”


    Kermit chuckled. “Wanted to see if you were still paying attention.”

    “Cute,” Scooter smirked. “Cute joke. I’ll be sure to share that with Piggy later.”

    “Not if you still want a job.”

    Scooter looked at him knowingly.

    “Okay,” the frog amended. “Not if you still want to get in the house.”

    Scooter continued to look at him.

    “Sheesh,” he groused. “You really are that pig’s assistant.”

    “Aw,” the orange laughed, patting his employer and friend on the arm. “No worries, Boss; there’s enough of me to go around. Remember, sharing is caring.”


    Pre-show rehearsals for the Sunday night revivals of the Muppet Show usually took most of the day. The reason being was that some acts went on longer than needed or acts were moved around or canceled or added in. There was also the consideration of the guest star, who needed to go through their own acts, and of course, get a crash course in working with the Muppets.

    Luckily, many of those guest stars who had previously worked with the Muppets were more than happy to return. Last week’s tournament issues actually worked out because this week’s guest – the wonderful and lovely Julie Andrews – was able to make an appearance work with her schedule, which she was unable to do the week before. It also worked out that Julie was more than aware of how to be around the zaniness that was often exhibited before, during, and after the show.

    Kermit loved guests like these.

    While many celebrities expressed an interest in working with the group, they never knew what they were getting into until they actually worked with the group; this often meant discovering that the eccentricities and oddities that they saw in the previous show or the movies weren’t made up in the script. Many an actor had run afoul Miss Piggy’s charms, while many an actress had to contend with the affections of Animal.

    All of them had to contend with Gonzo, Fozzie, Crazy Harry, Sam, Statler, Waldorf, the list went on and on.

    This week of course was certainly an odd one – while there had been numerous shows in which certain performers didn’t have acts in the show or had other commitments, it was rare for a large group to not be around. Kermit hadn’t realized (or perhaps he had forgotten) just how many numbers would be missing Piggy, how many piano pieces wouldn’t be played by Rowlf, the complete lack of a comic monologue by Fozzie, and the over the top and always dangerous stunts by Gonzo; in hindsight, this should have made him quite happy and content.

    There was no fighting over songs or fretting over the audience and certainly no idea too small to the outrageous idea that had been too small to top; there would be no hurricane of puns, no ludicrous journeys of a trek of swines, no impossible problem to be solved by a patrol bear…

    This should have been the easiest show Kermit had ever done in his entire show business career.

    Fate’s a fickle mistress as they say.

    At the moment, with Kermit sitting in one of the theater’s seats, the frog wished, begged, pleaded almost to have his normal, wacky, zany, and demanding co-stars back. Perhaps he was growing paranoid, but the dress rehearsal seemed too…good. The Swedish Chef had actually and properly cooked roasted vegetables with some sort of sweet side sauce; Lew Zealand’s crazy fish juggling went off without a hitch; Link Hogthrob’s song about unrequited love was on key; the penguins rendition of Oye Como Va while hanging around a beach was actually good; and the Electric Mayhem hit one out of the park with the jazz standard Take Five.

    Everything was going swimmingly.

    Something must be wrong.

    Kermit knew what it could’ve been – Muppet Labs had yet to show him what it was they did when no one was around and that’s what worried the frog. Usually Bunsen came to him with a new idea and wanted to present it in the Labs segment; this time, Bunsen had come to him with the promise of a new idea that would be ready by showtime.

    He knew better; normally, he would have insisted that the good doctor at least give him a lowdown on what exactly he had in mind and how much it would end up hurting his assistant. But he didn’t; Kermit the Frog had been distracted by a flying Zucchini brother and hadn’t even thought about the fact that he wasn’t sure what they were planning.

    And now, at dress rehearsal, he still hadn’t seen the myopic doctor or his wild haired assistant and that was troubling. He hadn’t heard any screaming, though, so perhaps that was a point in his favor.

    For the moment, at least.


    One Hour Earlier

    When Kermit and Scooter had arrived at the theater, they had taken the backstage door entrance, with Kermit heading off to sit in the audience while Scooter rounded up those acts that would be performing. What the go-fer did however was to look around for any signs of Floyd Pepper.

    He hadn’t seen the musician backstage and briefly wondered if perhaps he was in the orchestra pit with the other band members; that of course would make things difficult, as he would actually need to go onstage in order to speak to Kermit. Scooter made his way slowly towards the curtains, peaking out to see where Kermit was. He couldn’t see Floyd’s distinctive green cap that covered his wild shock of red hair; in fact, he couldn’t see the band at all from this angle, which meant he would need to actually come out on stage.

    If only Kermit would take to texting the way Piggy had, came the thought. Taking a deep breath, the go-fer slowly made his way onstage.

    Of course, at that exact moment, the frog was actively using his phone – or at least trying to – in order to answer the text he had gotten from said pig. This would cause him to initially miss the tentative steps and frantic arm waving that his stage manager was trying to convey to him. Unfortunately, while Kermit hadn’t seen Scooter enter from stage right, the band – who were very much accounted for and very excited to see the boy – did see his antics.

    “Hey, Grofer!”

    The infamous tune of “The Stripper” began, effectively stopping Scooter and Kermit both, causing them to look up – Kermit to that of the orchestra pit and thus Scooter standing onstage, while Scooter looked up towards the heavens, willing them to strike him down if they ever truly cared about him.

    The music mercifully stopped, allowing for Floyd to throw out, “We wanted to tell you good morning!”

    “By playing the most inappropriate song you could possibly think of and that has no impact on my life what so ever?” the stage manager quipped. “Good thinking, Floyd.”

    If Floyd Pepper thought that was meant to be insulting, he didn’t take it as such. He was the hippest of the hip, the coolest cat of the cool set; he’d been trading insults with all the Muppets for years. The bassist rasped out a laugh, before saying, “You’re right. How about this one instead?”

    The sailors say Mandy,
    You’re a fine girl,
    What a good wife you would be.
    And our love, our life, you’re my lady
    True to be!”

    How Floyd managed to get the entire band on the act, he didn’t know, but Scooter really didn’t need to look far; half of the orchestra was made up of members from the Mayhem anyway.

    “Oh,” Scooter deadpanned, placing a hand on his side. “My sides. Please stop. No. Really. Please. Stop.”

    “If you all are finished…”

    “I certainly hope so,” Scooter shouted, when he was finally able to get Kermit’s attention. “Ready for the acts, Chief?”


    As Scooter tried to fend off one Muppet Show orchestra lead by Floyd Pepper and Kermit sat through an unnerving amount of bad acts going good, Miss Piggy was running errands of the fashion kind. She often found herself on the hunt for the perfect attire for any occasion, whether it be for an interview or even something to just get the heads turning and the tongues wagging.

    For this excursion, she was actually picking up the third part in her series of 1920s moll outfits that she had been wearing for the pool tournament. The first – which she had worn on the last show – had been the start of a new look, something chic, but very much her. She had been surprised when Rowlf of all people had suggested it; never one to ask for fashion advice from her co-stars – while Janice and Camilla could make diva into comfortable, Gonzo seemed to go out of his way to make her eyes gorge themselves with his daily clothing choices – the dog’s idea had merit and she went with it.

    Piggy could admit – to herself – that her favorite pianist could often show he had the same sort of fashion sense that he held with knowing just about everything when it came to music. He could be very dashing when he wanted – as could most of the male cast – but he was very laidback when it came to clothing and fashion in general. Their matching outfits – though Piggy’s was more on the feminine side – did wonders for showing people how much of a team they were; the additional bonus was also the fact that they not only worked well together, but absolutely rocked together.

    Part two of their series match up, which they had worn the night before, consisted of the same style of white pressed shirt/blouse, tie, and vest, however this time the colors had changed – Piggy’s vest front, tie, and fedora had been the same lavender as her gloves, while Rowlf’s maroon vest and tie had been the perfect balance. Tonight’s ensemble would be the inverse of the first two nights – with colored shirts under the standard black vest and tie. Piggy, of course, would have her matching lavender fedora, but with a band of black going around it.

    For such unique and utterly fabulous stylings, there was only place that the diva would go.

    The shop was a very small one, but for the designer that ran it, small was really all you needed, especially when you were catering to the big stars in Hollywood. There was no bell that rang when someone came in, the owner would just know someone had entered, thanks to his designing senses that tingled whenever someone even approached the door.

    And he was especially good at knowing when Piggy was in the shop.

    “Diva!” he cried, coming out from a back room and waving her in. “Get in here!”

    Piggy acquiesced, only because Thoreau – just Thoreau, thank you – had been her designer for years and if there was someone other than Kermit that she would actively listen to, it was him. Coming inside the shop, she quickly closed the door behind her and followed the designer into the backroom.

    “I don’t want any undesirables getting a look at the creation I made for you,” he responded, pointing to two garment bags that were hanging on a rack. “At least, not until you wow them at your little pool party tonight.”

    “Mon ami, vous are a dear to do this for Moi.”

    Thoreau waved her off. “Of course I would do it,” he huffed. “As if I’d let one those…clothing pushers put their grubby hands and designs on you. Darling, I’ve said this before – this temple - ” he gestured to her figure. “Is to be clothed in the finest of fashions. I refuse to have you walk around in anything less. It would devastate me.”

    “And modest, too,” Piggy smirked, causing the designer to huff once more.

    “Please,” he sighed. “If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? And you and I both know that we have it and we are most certainly flaunting it.” The pig couldn’t help but giggle at that. “When is your little doggie coming to get a fitting? I’m sure you’ll be fine, but you know how I want to make sure everything is perfect.”

    “Sometime before lunch,” the starlet responded. “That way we won’t get anything dirty. And Rowlf is definitely not Moi’s dog; he’s not anyone’s dog, by his own admission.”

    “Hmm, yes, I got that impression,” Thoreau began. “Do you have time for a quick nosh? My stomach’s been screaming up a storm for the past hour and I haven’t had any gorgeous pigs to have breakfast with.”

    The mid-morning breakfast with Thoreau lasted for nearly an hour, allowing the two to catch up, gossip, and talk fashion while eating. Piggy was supposed to meet with Rowlf for lunch around noon, normally a time that she would be having lunch with Kermit. However, as the director and captain, sometimes lunches and dinners with the frog needed to be postponed or moved to another time.

    Truth be told, their relationship had been changing – for the better – ever since her return from Paris. Their rift had lasted years, much longer than any time they had ever been mad at each other before and subsequently, it seemed to be taking them a little bit longer to get back to where they had been. They had always said or done things in the past that had hurt the other and in most cases, it was overlooked or glossed over, never being discussed or rather, waiting until the next blow up to be blown out of proportion.

    Their last fight however could not be glossed over and pretty demanded not to be overlooked.

    Kermit was definitely a very nice frog; he could also be pretty petty and downright scathing when it suited him and his needs. Piggy, on the other hand, could definitely be the diva and self-proclaimed star of the show; she could also get her feelings hurt pretty quickly, especially if something hit a little too close to home.

    When Kermit had a bone to pick or had reached his limit, he lashed out and took careful at Piggy’s heart; in turn, Piggy – who never made it a point to be on the defense – went on the offense and struck back. The combination of tactics would cause arguments of epic proportions, which usually led to the pig’s trying her best to contain tears, while the frog tried to take back the words he had said.

    Their lasts fight changed the dynamic – Piggy didn’t cry and Kermit’s words couldn’t be taken back. So, she left. And Kermit stayed.

    When she had returned, their relationship status went from being off to being on hold. Indefinitely.

    But, in their defense, they were both working to switch the on hold to back on, with hopefully only small occurrences of ‘off’. Piggy would’ve liked to have had Kermit all to herself that afternoon, but they both needed to concentrate and be on their best; he had a show to run and she had a tournament to win.


    Lunch with Rowlf had been a simple affair. Piggy rarely ate outside of the theater with anyone she worked with (aside from Kermit), however there were occasions in which she, Janice, and Camilla might grab a quick bite in order to have some girl talk away from the mostly male cast and of course, when she needed something from Scooter (or he needed something from her), the two might meet for breakfast or lunch.

    If anything, changing the venue did nothing to diminish the easy rapport the two had for one another. Rowlf had always been easy to talk to and their added chemistry in doing Vet’s Hospital and pieces together made it that much easier to team up in the doubles competition.

    The two had met for lunch at a cozy coffee shop that Rowlf knew, one that was out of the way and discreet, meaning that no one would know they were there and they wouldn’t be able to tell others about it either; the brown dog prided himself on being able to find the best dives and shops that no one else could. Just like their Muppet Show manager and director, the two also decided to enjoy the beautiful weather by sitting outside, shaded by a large umbrella that was attached to their patio table.

    They had pretty much finished, with Piggy lazily picking off Rowlf’s plate, and had instead been chatting contentedly for the duration. Their conversation had started out talking about the show they would be missing, however it quickly turned back to the important matters of their place in the tournament. “The Littles might be a problem,” Rowlf had been saying.

    Out of the two of them, the pianist took more of a pragmatic approach to their game; he knew they both had talent, but years as a musician had also taught him that no matter how good you were, there was always someone who was better.

    “Please,” Piggy huffed. “We’ll take them down like we have everyone else.”

    “Pride before the fall, princess.”

    “Yeah, yeah.”

    It was a high level of respect and friendship that allowed Piggy to defer control to Rowlf in some cases (not all of course, but some); his knowledge of music far outweighed hers and he had never steered her wrong when it came to choosing a song that fit her range and personality. It also helped that, in regards to personal matters, the dog had never steered her wrong either.

    In the case that you haven't heard of The Stripper, here ya go -

    And in case you've never of "Brandy" (which Floyd and the orchestra are singing to Scooter), here ya go -

    So, as a side note, wanna hear something funny? Guess who ended up doing a haiku for a job position? May Gonzo be with me in this endeavor!
  12. The Count

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    I actually award you points for Brandy by the band Looking Glass. :D
    *Needs to find a decently good online oldies rock&roll station.

    Knew it was Thoreau who Piggy was intruding upon when you got to that part. Excellently done.

    Curious about what the lab's cooked up.
    :insatiable: And me interested in what Chef cook up.
    :hungry: Der octocakes flip-flip-flipping oota pan, pisky Fezubs steal der numnum octocakes.
    *:insatiable: leaps up to catch a flipped octocake.

    Good luck out in Rocky Mountain High.
    *Goes to heat up some Denver nuggets.
    :): If those Mccome from where I Mcthink they do, I don't think anyone should Mceat them.
    Pfft, they is perfectly good corn nuggets, got them at the Loving Kernel. Along with some fried pieces.
    :concern: What?
    You guys want to eat or what.

    Sorry, this just got out of hand. We'll see you next time!
    *:) arm waves everybody away.
  13. newsmanfan

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    Good entry. The rapport between Scooter and Kermit, Piggy and Thoreau, the band and their victim, and, really, everyone else trying to come together...all well done. LOVED the orchestra breaking into the classic burlesque; could hear it in my head, no Youboob needed, thankyou. Nice that you have Thoreau custom-fitting a classy moll's zoot suit for the diva. I always thought Rowlf had a 1920s sort of attitude going, and can easily picture him with a chocolate cigar stuck in his mouth as he chalks his cue for the next shot.

    "Their last fight however could not be glossed over and pretty demanded not to be overlooked." ...Nice. I like the way you're working your way slowly around this issue. Curious how the frog and pig will manage their past.

    "There was no fighting over songs or fretting over the audience and certainly no idea too small to the outrageous idea that had been too small to top..." Sorry, but the last half of this sentence makes NO sense to me. What were you going for?? I get the rest of it...

    '“There’s something wrong with me; I must be sick.”

    “You are looking a little green.”

    “Leave the comedy to the bear.”

    “We have and look where it’s gotten us.”'
    Hahahahah! Third base! Cute. Very cute. Looking forward to more when you have time. Enjoy your Rocky Mtn high...
  14. WebMistressGina

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    I really like exploring the dynamics of everybody. It's something we see in the movies, but you know, it's usually like Kermit and Fozzie or Kermit and Piggy (though MFS did do Gonzo), so I've been wondering "well, how are they like with everyone else?"

    I do have an upcoming fic that, while intitled Miss Piggy Adventures, will feature some non-Piggy adventures (for everything that is holy, please don't tell her that!)

    I agree about Rowlf. Now that I'm watching the show, most of his pieces are very timed - going from classical to the 1920s (with an occassional newer piece thrown in), but even the songs that are written for him have a very blues/jazz influence and I can't imagine Rowlfie not looking the part.

    At some point, I will resolve it, but I think as Ruhanna mentioned (to me?) once, the last movie definitely didn't look like whatever happened was going to be glossed over. They may have kissed and made up (as it should be), but I don't think their issues were over or at least one of them (Piggy) wouldn't have just given in and said, "okay, everything's fine"

    I had been going over what Kermit usually deals with when Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo were in the building. The last part was about Gonzo having bigger and grander ideas that the last idea he had; it was supposed to a shout out/homage to I believe Slackbot where Gonzo has at least four ideas thrown at Kermit before he gets to the idea that he actually wants to do.

    Hmmm...probably one of those things that made sense in my head and even when I read it, it made sense. May need to look at that.

    I enjoyed that line myself. I imagine after hanging around this bunch for years, Scooter is quite adept at taking it and giving it back. I am enjoying myself, though I'm really hoping some sort of job proposal comes my way before I leave or at least quickly.

    Sadly, after dealing with rain all flipping seven months of my Virginia, there was only one day of actual sun in Denver with the rest being cloudy. It finally rained last night. I sadly did not pack as well as I should have.:eek:

    But I still want to come back and I'll hopefully be working on this before I leave as well. Thanks much!
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    Helllloooooooo Muppet Central!

    So first, tons of stuff happening here in Denver. I've managed to postpone my return twice because of interview call backs, so instead of leaving last Tuesday as originally planned, I was going to leave today and then pushed it back to Saturday. Southwest Airlines, people. The best ever!

    Anyway, I had been working on this chapter since before I left and kinda stuck on it, but then crazy inspiration struck out of nowhere - literally! So enough talking, here it is!

    Chapter XV

    Despite the initial teasing and even that of the show’s rehearsal going right, Scooter managed to meet with Amanda at a small little bistro that wasn’t far from Cool Pool. The stage manager had probably guaranteed his chances for additional teasing when he had needed to text Piggy in order to find a quiet place where he and Amanda could…talk.

    With the tournament winding down and without his being able to be there on Sunday, the young redhead had been thinking long and hard about what would happen once the tournament was over. Even though he had taken his sweet time to ask the pretty Whatnot out, he had actually been speaking and spending time with her for the better part of a month while they worked on getting the tournament to a larger audience, while also making a few extra bucks for the theater.

    What Scooter wanted to happen was hopefully what Amanda wanted to happen, but the truth was he didn’t know. He had certainly enjoyed their week together and he thought she had enjoyed it, so he could only hope that perhaps their paths were going in the right direction. Hence why he had gone to Piggy to ask about places for dinner; if anyone knew a perfect place for two people to have a relationship talk, it was Miss Piggy.

    Now, the downside of that was Piggy knew of the biggest and most extravagant places to hold such talks and that was the opposite of what Scooter wanted. He definitely didn’t want to get caught up in any tabloid articles – which thankfully, given his mostly behind the scenes work, he was immune to – but he wouldn’t be able to have a private talk if there were sleazy reporters hanging around. It must’ve been his lucky day because Rowlf had been with her and if Piggy knew of the perfect place, Rowlf knew the most private.

    And the two of them together had created the perfect atmosphere.

    The bistro was a little hole in the wall, but very nice and definitely quiet. Scooter met Amanda there with the prospect that they would just walk over to the pool hall when finished; she had already been seated in a cozy corner booth that was far enough away to hear their surroundings, but where they could talk privately.



    Sliding in next to her, Scooter hadn’t expected the hello kiss, but he wasn’t complaining. “Sorry I’m a little late,” he said, grinning.

    “Show a bit crazy?”

    “The exact opposite,” came the response. “It’s a little disconcerting, to be honest. I mean, the whole point of the dress is to make sure that things are set and don’t go wrong, which of course eventually end up going wrong on the night of the show anyway, but still. It’s rare that everything hits its mark during the dress. I think it’s making Kermit paranoid.”

    Their conversation covered the next night’s show, as well as the finale for that night’s tournament. As much as Scooter seemed to be his normal, energetic self, Amanda couldn’t help but get the sense that the go-fer seemed nervous and fidgety. When they had planned for this dinner, he had mentioned that he wanted to talk and though she was hoping it was about the tournament or the show, it was clear their ‘talk’ was going to be about them and she wasn’t sure if she was looking forward to it.

    But, she was the kind of girl who took the bull by the horns, so to speak.



    “Why don’t we talk about what it is…you wanted to talk about?”

    A blush rose to his cheeks and if anything, Scooter got even more nervous than he had been before. “Okay,” he whispered. He opened his mouth to say something and instead thought he needed water to cool his parched throat. Swallowing with some difficulty, he turned to her. “I…I just wanted to know what the plan was for after tonight.”

    “Oh!” she cried, giggling a little. “Oh, well, I mean, we usually have a big celebration the next day when we have the winner’s match, but I was thinking maybe we could have the ceremony during or after the show tomorrow night.”

    “Oh, well…uh…” he stumbled. “That’s great, but I meant…I meant what’re our plans?”



    The two were silent for a moment, before Amanda asked, “What do you want those plans to be, Scooter?”

    Taking a deep breath, he told her. “I really like you, Amanda,” he whispered. “And I really like spending time with you and…well…I…I would very much like to continue spending time with you. That is…that is, if that’s what you want.”

    Letting out her own breath, Amanda couldn’t help but giggle. Scooting closer to him, she whispered in his ear, “I was convinced that you were going to tell me you didn’t want to see me anymore.”

    To that, Scooter chuckled. “Believe me,” he whispered back. “I seriously want to see more of you.” It took a moment before the context of the statement made itself known and the blush returned, in full force. “I mean,” he stumbled. “Um…well…I mean…you know what I mean.”

    Leaning in even closer, Amanda murmured, “I can’t say that I do. Maybe you need to explain it to me later.”

    The red-haired manager managed to keep his blush – and rising temperature – down to a minimum by adopting what he hoped was a smooth, sexy tone. “I’m sure I can make that a definite possibility,” he said, before closing the distance between them.


    Two hours before the start of the tournament, some of the participants of the third and final round had met up at the pool hall; ironically, they hadn’t known the others would be there, but oddly enough they didn’t seem to mind.

    One of these participants, that of performance artist Gonzo the Great, had actually wanted to come by and get a bite to eat before his match up.

    He was having the best time here at the tournament; he actually wondered why they didn’t do more of these charity events. Often, for the promotion of a movie, they would do some interviews or go on some shows, but Kermit and Piggy were usually the ones who did those. It made sense of course – Kermit was their spokesfrog and Piggy was essentially their marketing department – and people just loved to see the power couple together. Gonzo loved attention, of course, though his attention seeking usually ran around the track of making sure he was able to perform his stunts and tricks for his adoring – and not so adoring – fans.

    And that’s what Gonzo loved most about being a part of the most awesome and glamorous performing troupe in the world. As much as they all loved doing the movies, the blue whatever was convinced that every single one of them loved the thrill of the live performance; that was why the prospect of doing the show again was just a welcomed change. Yes it meant weekly performances and constantly thinking up new ideas for acts, but they were performers.


    That’s what they did.

    And the Muppets did it well.

    And as many of their fans – new and old – had discovered, they could also do it on any stage, anywhere.

    Like most, Gonzo had been surprised that so many of them had not only made it in the tournament period, but had gotten so far. While winning had been great, Gonzo had enjoyed the participation and really, hanging out with his friends and co-stars. That was what Gonzo had missed the most about not doing the show – they saw each other every day, were always in constant contact with each other, etc.

    Despite several of their movies depicting them as living together in a huge boarding house, that was – essentially – just the movies. Granted, they did end up living in those houses before and during their movie shoots, but when the movie was over, it was back to where they had managed to live. Gonzo loved those sets the best; maybe it was because he was alone in the world in terms of species, which meant he didn’t have the large family that Kermit did or even the elusive relations that Scooter and Fozzie had.

    In general, the blue Muppet just enjoyed being around people and large groups of people at that. Many of the others had felt the same and even when they got on each other’s nerves, their little group had formed a family of such and not having that for several years had constituted in Gonzo’s rather solitary lifestyle, one he hadn’t had in many, many years.

    This last match up, the one that put him against Fozzie, was something Gonzo was actively looking forward to. He and the comedic bear had been friends for a long time, but it seemed as though they hadn’t hung out as much as they had when they were younger. The whatever chalked it up to them growing up and growing apart – he went back to plumbing, Fozzie went to Reno, Scooter went to Google, and Piggy went to Paris – he figured they would come back together within a few years.

    When that didn’t happen, well…

    Being back together was great; everything felt as though there hadn’t been a period of ten years (and more) that had gone by without seeing each other. Granted, it took a bit for them to really get back in the swing of things, but even that didn’t seem to take long either. Now that the show and their direction as performers had been solidified, they were starting to reform their familiar friendships.

    Gonzo knew Kermit and Piggy were still in some weird ‘getting back together, on hold’ status, which was why he tried to limit his interactions with them as of late. Despite always having deeper feelings for the pig that went beyond friendship, the blue daredevil knew that Piggy was meant for the frog boss and he had found his own love of life in Camilla; he had conceded to Kermit a long time ago, but there were times when he had just wanted to deck the guy for hurting her so.

    With one of his best friends out of the picture for the moment, Gonzo instead had decided to concentrate on his other best friend, that of Fozzie Bear. The two had been close during their Muppet Show & movies years, but began to drift apart at some point – the bear had been in a creative and professional slump around that time and Gonzo had found his comedic foil in Rizzo – and then the team had split, the frog and pig had split, and it seemed their days were numbered for a while.

    This unlikely match up seemed the perfect time to get back that friendship that had been sitting on the back burner.

    “I have an idea.”

    “Yeah, Gonzo?”

    “So, you know Kermit put me on a strict ‘do not destroy this pool hall’ directive, which kinda limits my options for a truly good performance.”

    “Well,” the bear replied. “It really is only good if you’ve destroyed something.”

    “Exactly!” the whatever agreed. “So, I figure we should help each other out.”

    “How’s that?”

    “Oh, don’t look so suspicious. What could go wrong?”

    “You know to never say piece of cake in the labyrinth, Gonzo,” admonished Fozzie. “Besides, I’m too young to die.”

    “No one’s going to die,” Gonzo replied. “No one’s even going to be maimed, which should make the frog happy. Look, here’s the idea – I’m betting that you’re going to be trying out your material on the crowd, right?”


    “Well then,” he continued. “Let’s help each other out. You tell the jokes and I’ll be your artist backup.”

    “How’s that gonna work exactly?”

    “Leave it to me, buddy.”

    In another part of the pool hall, the team of Rowlf the Dog and Miss Piggy were semi hard at work in playing each other in a somewhat friendly game. They were already dressed for success in Thoreau’s third part series, though both had their ties undone, but hanging around their necks; it gave them both a relaxed, sexy, and sultry look, though Rowlf could easily point that Piggy was the one with the sexy and sultry look. The score was evenly tied, with Piggy about to take her shot when Rowlf noticed the door opening.

    “Look who just came in.”

    Scooter and Amanda, who had just come in from their late lunch/early dinner, were smiling and laughing at a previous conversation that must have been ongoing from the time they had left the restaurant or the car. Scooter had been very gentlemanly by opening the door for his lady and then placing a hand on the small of her back to guide her through.

    Piggy shot her partner an amused look, one that he also shared with her. Both Muppets had seen those particular secret looks – heck, both had had those shared secret looks at one time or another – and quite frankly, it was really quite adorable to see it in their young stage manager’s eyes.

    The two would need to part soon – Amanda to fulfill her obligations as manager, Scooter to fulfill his obligations as tonight’s gatekeeper – and the stage manager found himself saddened at the parting, but strangely lighthearted at the fact that he had somehow gotten the girl. Surprising himself – and that of Amanda and anyone who happened to be watching – he gave her a kiss before she left, his reward being the slight blush that appeared on the Whatnot’s cheeks and the smoldering look she gave as she went off to her own duties.

    “Easily distracted.”

    Piggy looked up from her missed shot, raising an eyebrow at her partner. “Oh, I concur.”

    “I meant you.”

    “Well, I see you two have managed to keep yourselves out of trouble.”

    The diva pig turned to the newcomer, that of the younger Muppet with the huge smile on his face. “But of course, mon ami,” she replied, sweeping a portion of her blond hair off her shoulders. “Your turn, Rowlfie.”

    “You haven’t happened to have seen Fozzie and Gonzo have you?”

    “Oh,” Rowlf said, leaning over to take his shot. “Those two are the ones you should worry about. They’re off somewhere planning something.”

    “Are you planning on gracing us with your presence tonight, Monsieur Grosse?”

    “But of course,” Scooter replied, cheekily. “Someone’s got to keep you all in line tonight, with the frog not here and all.”

    That got a chuckle from the dog pianist.

    Scooter watched as Piggy and Rowlf played for a little, or rather watched as Rowlf began to take a steadier lead in the game. “Haven’t seen much of you around,” Piggy whispered.

    Though he tried to hide it, there was a small grimace that passed over the stage manager’s face before he replied to her statement. “Juggling a social and a professional life is hard,” he said.

    “Welcome to the club.”

    “It is a nice club.”

    “Definitely.” The two were quiet, though the diva did make small little growling noises as her partner sunk three of his balls in a row. “Still on for Saturday?”

    The redhead nodded. He nervously took a deep breath before asking, “You do like her, don’t you?”



    “It’s hard to say,” was the reply. “You’ve been monopolizing all of her time.” It was meant to be a joke, but when Piggy didn’t hear the expected retort, she turned slightly to look at the theater’s manager. The look on his face was one of deadly seriousness, something that the pig couldn’t ever remember him having outside of a performance before.

    “I’m only joking,” she amended. “Look, if it’s that important to vous…”

    “It’s important.”

    “Then I guarantee everything will be a success,” she whispered back. “Moi will ensure the frog is on his best behavior.”

    “And you?”

    That rose an eyebrow. “Andrew, but of course Moi will be on her best behavior,” she replied, with a smile. “But only for vous, dearheart. Are you planning on letting me play, Dog?”

    “And here I thought you were enjoying the view,” chuckled Rowlf.

    “No,” the diva huffed. “But I’m sure Audra will.”


    “Hello sports fans! This is Louis Kazagger, once again welcoming you to Wild World of Muppet Sports. This is the final night of the seventh annual pool tournament, here at Cosgrove Cool Pool.”

    Once more, the announcing and autograph tables had been set up for the fans and followers for this year’s pool tournament and once again, Muppet sports correspondent Louis Kazagger was ring side.

    “In this final round, we have four stars of the current roster at the Muppet Show – in the singles competition, comic Fozzie Bear takes on daredevil Gonzo the Great, while the doubles competition sees resident pianist Rowlf the Dog and leading lady Miss Piggy taking on Big Tony and Little Tony Little.

    "Can the Muppets take this competition by storm or will one of them fall to their opponent? Stay tuned as our first match up gets underway, here on Wild World of Muppet Sports!”


    Stan Mankowiscz was a huge pool nut.

    Back in the old days – you know, the 70s – his father had been an avid pool player and had gone on to teach both he and his sisters how to play and they had become just as avid as their father.

    Mankowiscz was a regular at Cosgrove’s – Mr. C and his dad were pals from way back when and Stan himself had been a participant and even winner in a few of the previous tournaments. Like most who had gathered, he was a little more interested in the fact that a couple of celebrities had entered the tournament this year; in the past, the tournament had made and attracted local talent, but very rarely had they gotten the type of star power that this year had brought.

    The Ice Man and Allison Fisher were just the top of the iceberg, so to speak, while Petey Gartner was a big name in the world of Muppets. But those three were nothing compared to nearly half the stars of the Muppets actually competing.

    Stan hadn’t the chance to see the first night of the tournament from the Muppet Theatre, but he had seen the matches on television and he had of course been there for the preliminaries when those in the tournament had been decided in the first place. The preliminaries were never as popular as the actual tournament itself, but once word got around about those in the tournament, it seemed like the whole neighborhood had showed up at the pool hall.

    Tonight was the final round and it looked to be a good night.

    Fozzie Bear had basically blown everyone away with his skills on the green felt; in every match he played, he hardly ever missed his shots, even when apparently doing his stand up routine while playing.

    The Great Gonzo, who had always been known as an eccentric daredevil, had also shown his skills at pool. Whether incorporating his act while playing managed to confuse or disorient his opponent had yet to be proven, but it seemed clear that whatever he was doing was certainly working.

    Then there was the team of Rowlf and Miss Piggy. Out of all of the Muppets, they were the ones that seemed to have an unbreakable strategy when it came to playing. Perhaps it was the laidback and steady approach by Rowlf or the sultry concentration from Piggy, but whatever it was, it had shut down two of the pros and their own friends.

    Because the last round started with the doubles competition, tonight’s matches would start with the singles. Stan had to admit that he was looking forward to this match – it was pretty well known that both Fozzie and Gonzo were two of the founding members of the Muppets and were friends in their own right, but given both of their performances in previous matches, this one could be a humdinger. In fact, he could see it.

    The two needed no introduction, though Stan could clearly see that Louis Kazagger was trying to reconcile his vision and speech pattern when he looked upon the two. All of the Muppets had dressed up for the occasion, though in Gonzo’s case, he was dressed in his normal daredevil attire.

    Not tonight.

    Fozzie, who usually wore his famous pork pie hat along with his polka dotted neck tie, was of course still wearing those things, however had opted to once again don a dark black jacket and was now wearing a mustache over his lip. Gonzo was wildly and weirdly dressed as a black bird. From his vantage point, which was from the bar, Stan not only had a front row to whatever was about to take place before him, but he was also about two chairs away from Rowlf the Dog and Miss Piggy.

    Those two, seeing their co-stars dressed the way they were, had quickly turned their bar stools and themselves to face the wall of booze and mirrors that aligned the back of the bar. When Jerry, who was relatively new at Cosgrove’s, had asked if the four Muppets knew each other, the doubles team quickly denied any knowledge of the bear and weirdo behind them.

    “Never saw them before in my life.”

    “No idea who they are.”

    “But aren’t you…?”

    “No,” the brown dog replied. “My name’s…Kermit the Gorf.”

    “Priscilla Presley,” answered the pig. “I’m filming a movie far, far, far away from here.”

    “Ladies and gentlemen! You may be wondering why I’m dressed as a giant raven; my comedic opponent and I have teamed up to present you, for this very night, a visual interpretation of the infamous poem of ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe.”

    “Oh brother.”

    “Copyright infringement pending,” Gonzo replied, addressing the audience though the comment was clearly meant for the pig masquerading as Priscilla Presley behind him. “Fozzie, if you’ll begin.”

    “Yes sir!” the bear replied, happily. He cleared his throat several times, as Gonzo tried to maneuver himself to break for the opening shot. “Um…Gonzo?”


    “How’s the first part go again?”

    “Once upon a midnight dreary…”

    “Oh right, right!” Clearing his throat for a third time, Fozzie started once again –

    Once upon a midnight dreary,
    While I pondered weak and weary,
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.”

    “I’m certainly trying to forget this,” Piggy muttered, causing Rowlf to smirk into his beer mug.

    While I nodded, nearly napping – Good shot, Gonzo! – suddenly there came a tapping,
    As if someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. Which is weird, because Santa usually takes the chimney! Ah!”

    “Fozzie,” Gonzo admonished. “Stay in character!”

    “Sorry,” the bear apologized. “Where was I? Oh yeah! Tis some visitor, I muttered, rapping at my chamber door,

    Only this and nothing more.”

    “Please,” Rowlf deadpanned. “Say no more.”

    Ah,” the bear continued, watching as Gonzo managed to sink in a solid color ball, but missed another. “Distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
    And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
    Eagerly I wished the morrow, vainly I had sought to borrow
    From my books surcease of sorrow – sorrow for the lost Lenore. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone named Lenore.”

    “Oh you should,” Gonzo replied, nodding when Fozzie sunk two of his striped balls in one shot. “Very nice girl. Great legs.” A couple of peanuts flew through the air, hitting the blue weirdo in the head. “Not better than yours, babe!” he amended. Leaning back towards Rowlf, he whispered, “Chickens, am I right?”

    “Have we met?”

    Stan had to give the current players credit. Very few people actually knew the entire Poe poem by heart, but it looked as though Fozzie had spent the entire afternoon learning it and putting it to memory. The scene – or act, however one was to look at it – certainly looked seamless; Stan had often wondered if what happened on the Muppet Show really happened or if it was scripted and then shown to the audience and viewers at home. If it was staged, Piggy and Rowlf were doing a brilliant job of pretending to not know who their friends were, while secretly making plans on how to best escape without anyone knowing.

    Fozzie and Gonzo were also great in some of their comebacks, such as when the daredevil’s fowl girlfriend seem to suggest he keep the raven outfit, which he retorted “I always knew you liked your birds the way you like your coffee.”

    Fozzie seemed to be incorporating the running commentary at the bar into his act; he was countering remarks with statements like, “Should I warn Statler and Waldorf you’re taking their seats?” and “Don’t you have t-shirts that need to be reprinted?”

    Stan could admit that he had never seen a tournament like this before and he wasn’t sure he ever would again. While the previous tournaments had been interesting and competitive to say the least, he couldn’t say they were ever this entertaining.

    Not by a long shot.

    I of course do not own the magnificent 'The Raven' by Mr. Edgar Allen Poe (anyone seen the movie? Good? Bad? Okay?) which has been sampled by everyone and their mom, however if you haven't read it - where have you been?? - here's where you can find it in its entirity -


    Another quick question - which is never just one nor quick - I noticed a couple people on the boards wanting to do revised Muppet Shows, like for the new generation and all. I, personally, thought that was an awesome idea, however not sure if they should be straight shows or incorporated into an actual story. Not with that said, I have - what I think - is a pretty awesome idea that would be both show in a story (kinda like how I have it here), however this idea is gonna need some visual help, like oh you know, incorporating the Muppets into, say, the opening of a popular HBO show intro.

    Not sure how to go about doing that, but if anyone has an idea, please send it my way. Anyway, on the next 8 Ball Rhumba:

    The Muppet Show!
    Muppet Labs!
    Maybe some Swedish Chef (is the Google thing still working??)!
    Cloak and Dagger!
    More Hijinks!

    Okay, there will probably really never be any debauchery, I just like saying it. All coming up next!
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  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *<333 the date between ;) and Amanda.

    Kinda thought Scooter would be leaving back for the theater's show, not mill around after bringing his current crush back to the billiards building. But the talk between him and :mad: was nicely done.

    *Awards three brownies for including one of the greatest poems of all time into :o and :concern:'s match against each other. Although I am worried that Sesame's poetic skills could one day reduce such greatness to Nevermore, nevermore, schnevermore, fish. Sorry, that's an obscure gripe. I much rather trust :insatiable:'s poetry skills as evidenced by the recital he gave once aided by Howie the Lop.

    Thank you for posting. More please?
  17. WebMistressGina

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    Scooter will be there, hence why he's watching the final round, as he won't be there for the winner's match (which is Sunday morning/afternoon, which is the day of the show)

    Here's the funny thing - I could not for the life of me think of anything those two could do together. And then, as they say, inspiration struck me with the image of Gonzo dressed as a large blackbird, which turned into a raven and the rest is history.

    I'm actually surprised you missed the other Sesame Street reference during that match.:flirt: So am not gonna tell you what it was either :p

    So I had been working on the next chapter, then I went to breakfast, then i had an interview, but now I'm back. For the moment :D
  18. The Count

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    You mean the alias adopted by :sympathy:? Yes, I caught that.
  19. newsmanfan

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    *giggling maniacally at the "Raven" performance art*

    Rowlf's "Have we met?" is a topper. As is Gonzo's risque blackbird joke. Wonderful! Of course I enjoyed Scooter's date and budding romance...but I'm a sucker for the yolks, folks. WELL done!

    Sure, do your own MS about MS. (Hmm. Another Poe: "MS Found in an Alley Out Back of a Vaudeville House"?) Make it a new thread...but please continue this one!
  20. WebMistressGina

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    I actually had planned to say something else and then old coffee joke popped in my head. As I told the Count, I literally sat on the chapter for weeks really trying to come up with Gonzo's act; having him and Fozzie do something occurred to me, but then I couldn't think of what they could do.

    And that's when the lightbulb appeared over my head. And almost as soon as that happened, so did the whole Rowlf and Piggy turning away from them and pretending not to know the two came and it snowballed from there really.

    No worries, there will be a separate thread for that. I originally had the idea in part because I had seen a few attempts here and then adding the show as a part of this also helped. And really, it's just a big excuse for me to include music that I enjoy to be sung the Muppets.

    Anywa, the reason I asked was, an offhand idea seems to be beating itself into my head, which was a TMS showcase, but now I think it's probably it's own story.

    And if you enjoy the Scooter/Amanda action, you'll like the sequel to this 7 Ball Tango! And yes, I am working on Monday Dinner Date.

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