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Entertainment Weekly: Pet Project

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. Phillip Administrator

    The following plug is in this week's Entertainment Weekly, issue number 665.

  2. Luke Active Member

    Y'know wierd enough as this is, 'Entertainment Weekly' have been plugging an ALF Comeback for about the past year !
  3. grail New Member

    you know, i started hearing rumor of a new Alf show about 6 months ago. theory was that if there was enough response to his appearances in the long distance commercials than it might happen...who knows
  4. Luke Active Member

    The contract for ALF's new show was signed last September. The channel bought out of the deal after Sept 11th thinking their finances couldn't hack any extra original production. They're about to sign a new deal with Comedy Central for the TV show - the response to the 10-10-220 appearances was good (the deal got extended to like 3 years) and they've taken on a new publicity company who've got ALF a lot of TV appearances and merchandising deals very similar to what the Muppets have got this year.
  5. grail New Member

    i should know better than to try and out-Alf you. all that is great to hear though, i really did kinda dig the show back when it was on
  6. beaker Well-Known Member


    Im gonna be honest, after that abismal made for tv movie project alf in 1996, any interest in modern Alf was dessimated for me.
    My favorite ALF period is 1988, but thats just me.

    Ok mr. melmac expert luke...
    you mentioned awhile back they had done a weird Alf talk show pilot. This possibility for a new ALF show on comedy central...
    is this the same format? Im really glad the phone commercials are doing well, as its great to see him back. However, I feel itd be great to have additional puppets with him. Heck, on the old NBC show we only saw other puppets I think on the first episode.

    Btw, what did you think of the Ben Stiller film Permanent Moonlight? I bet ALF fans werent happy with that portrail!
  7. Luke Active Member

    Yes its the same Talk Show project, and yup, while i thought the movie was ok, i don't particularly think ALF is suited to movies, it makes him look less edgy and more Disney and they turned all that down long ago.

    The Jerry Stahl book permanent midnight and the movie didn't affect anything that much. Jerry Stahl who is the writer still performs at a club/gallery that ALF's co-creator owns.

    I also liked the idea of ALF with other puppets on Melmac (which was shown in the Ep Help Me Rhonda) but they went against that and decided to do the cartoon. I guess the time for an ALF sitcom show back on Melmac with other puppets is well and truly gone so we won't be seeing that but it would have been very cool.
  8. frogboy4 Inactive Member


    If they did anything with ALF i would hope it would be something different. I liked the first season and a half of the show, but it seemed to get into a rut after that. I would enjoy a comeback of the cartoon. But for ALF himself - he has a rocky road to make a comeback here in the US. I think a talk show or somthing irreverent for a more adult crowd (but not too far so the kids can get in on the action) would be perfect for the fuzz ball! And don't let EW get you down, Luke. They bash anything that wasn't 2 minutes ago. This- from a magazine that has put Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover how many times? LOL
  9. grail New Member

    i dunno, a talkshow could be cool...but they run the risk of looking likr they're copying. Space Ghost did this for a comeback a few years ago, and it was beautiful. anything that involves a non-human talk show host is automatically going to be compared to that. and i'm gonna have to admit, it'd have to be REALLY good to measure.
  10. Luke Active Member

    The idea for the ALF Talk Show is very different. He'll be talking to alien abdusctee's, wierd people, and other assorted wackos searching for their fifteen minutes of fame ..... aside from the fact they'll only be getting about four minutes each on ALF's new show so will have to find the others somewhere else.

    I think it's edgy and different enough NOT to get compared to other things, but not sure if the idea is strong enough to last more than one season, but it'll certainly do better than 'Greg' i hope.
  11. grail New Member

    actually, that sounds pretty spiffy. kinda like Art Bell from the other side. i like it! and knowing that, i agree that it may just escape from comparisson.
  12. frogboy4 Inactive Member


    That does sound like a good idea. Even better since you explained it. It really is too bad about Greg. I just caught an episode last night and it was actually kind of sweet (in a Simpsons sort of way). There was much potential in that show, but I suspect Fox may have actually nixed it because they got the "real thing" when they signed the Muppets and the team behing Austin Powers. Who knows. I just hope ALF makes it. Talk is a hard biz, but it has a pretty different hook!
  13. Luke Active Member

    Jamie :-

    Yup, i agree that Greg had potential but i'm not so sure America was ready for it just yet - it was too different to really build up a big audience. I get that here in the UK - Broadcasters want to stick with tried and tested formats because the public are used to them, and there is less money around nowdays to take any kind of 'risk'. Of course that makes for pretty boring TV if all you have is non-stop reality and quiz shows.
  14. frogboy4 Inactive Member


    I'd have to admit to being unhappy with all the reality and quiz show programming here (some of it UK inspired - LOL). I feel the networks are making it impossible to latch onto anything enduring and many people are turning to HBO and SHO for their no-rules hip shows like Six Feet Under, Queer as Folk and Sex in the City. You just can't escape the bland network programming here but we are fortunate to have these alternatives.

    I just worry about what will happen when people tire of the junk-food shows. Will audiences go back to networks? They have been losing money in recent years. Or will they go even further and have Jerry Springer-esque programming in prime time. It's time for some new ideas for networks. I could use some new quality dramas. Maybe they'll make a fifth Law & Order series. The original is still my favorite show, but how far can they ride that show? It's all just so insane now. I wonder what ALF (the ultimate couch potato) would say about it.:)
  15. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Re: Luke

    You dissing Sarah now, Frog?

    LOL :p
  16. Luke Active Member

    Re: Luke

    I totally agree - though ALF is a fan of shows where accordian players play poker in German costumes so better not let the ALF'er take over the networks.

    Basically the UK echoes the states (although we have been leading for the last year or so but that's changing again now) and the idea is that the audience won't tire because the key is 'Event Television' - they want the schedules to have regular events each quarter that just repeat and repeat - so you have Survivor one quarter, American Idol the next, Big Brother the next etc etc, and it all repeats forever in a nice, safe manner. Boring i know !!

    I think there are also plenty of shows in development where they are going to take things to Jerry Springer style extremes. A therapist here in the UK is about to do a reality counselling show where drug addicts and alcaholics are given the choice live on air of accepting live counselling and facing upto their problems, or their family cutting them off forever as of that moment. They are gonna get a couple of minutes to think about it, and people see all their past revealed on TV - i think thats pretty extrememe.
  17. beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>It really is too bad about Greg. I just caught an episode last night and it was actually kind of sweet (in a Simpsons sort of way). There was much potential in that show, but I suspect Fox may have actually nixed it because they got the "real thing" when they signed the Muppets and the team behing Austin Powers<<<

    Greg should have been nixed on the pilot shoot. I tried to bear watching another episode(I guess its cancelled but theyre desperate so they show it on new rerun night) and just couldnt help but cringe. There is zero illusion...these look like cheap thrift store sock puppets...there is no care given to them at all, and the full bodied puppets look like they broke free of Chuck E Cheese.
    Heck, one of their characters is a bad satire of the Count, and theres not even a laugh track! I'm just kind of sad it lasted for a few weeks...as it might take awhile to air that out.
  18. Luke Active Member


    Just to explain ONE more time. It's all supposed to look cheap - thats the whole part of the concept. Geesh !
  19. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Just to clarify

    There was no dis intended toward Sarah Michelle Gellar, I'm sure she's a nice girl and she has a popular show. I just find it odd that she has been on so many EW covers. LOL :)
    No harm...now resume your normal lives.
  20. Luke Active Member

    Re: Just to clarify

    Yeah, lol - it's amazing they think she shifts so many of their magazines !

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