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Fan Fiction: "Don't Eat the Film-Sesame Street Goes Hollywood"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Characters:Big Bird,Elmo,Telly,Snuffy,Oscar,Prarie Dawn,Bert,Ernie,Cookie Monster,Grover,Count Von Count,Two Headed Monster,Gina,Maria,Bob,Luis,

    Guest Stars:Wayne Brady,Danny Devito,Whoopi Goldberg,John Goodman,
    Julia Roberts,Regis,and Kelly





    Elmo:"Oh boy I can't wait, oh hey! Today we are going to tour a Hollywood movie studio"

    Big Bird:"Hey Elmo let's go!"

    Elmo:"Okay Bird!"

    Elmo runs.


    SETTING:Hollywood Movie studio gates-

    Gordon:"Okay is everybody here?"


    Bob:"Okay guys lets split up Bert,Ernie,and Grover you go together,Oscar,Maria,and Count you go together,Big Bird,Telly,and Snuffy go together,Gina,Gordon,Prarie Dawn,Susan,and Elmo go together,and Luis,Two Headed Monster,Cookie Monster,and I will go together okay?"

    Oscar:"Okay Bob!"

    Bob:"We'll meet each other back here at 5:00pm okay guys?"

    Two Headed Monster:"Okay!"

    Maria:"Why do I got to go with Oscar?"

    Oscar:"Don't worry skinny we get to see my favorite film 'Grease'!"

    Count:"Two two Partners! Ah Ah!"

    SETTING:Wayne Brady's Dressing Room-

    Bert:"Um Ernie are you sure we are supposed to be here?"

    Ernie:"Sure Bert."

    Grover:"Be cool Bert it's not like Wayne isn't going to walk in here!"

    Bert:"Well your right!"

    Wayne Brady walks in.

    Bert:"Well maybe your wrong!"

    SETTING:Beach Movie Set-

    Cookie Monster:"Ooh!That camera looks good to eat!"

    Beach ball gets thrown at Two Headed Monster

    Two Headed Monster:"Beach ball!"

    Cookie Monster:"Come to papa!"

    Luis:"That camera is not to eat it is to shoot the film!"

    Cookie Monster:"Oh darn!"

    SETTING:Audition Room-

    Big Bird:"Wow this is cool"

    Whoopi Goldberg:"Next"

    Telly:"She must be the directer!"

    Whoopi:"Wow, look at that!"


    Whoopi:"You you can be the Big Foot in my movie!"



    SETTING:Screening Room-

    Elmo:"Wow look at this a mini movie theater!"

    Gordon:"No Elmo this is a screening room"

    Julie Roberts:"Yep your right sir."

    Gina:"Julia Roberts!"

    Elmo:"Who is she?"

    Prarie:"A famous movie star"

    Elmo:"I like her!"

    SETTING:Studio Mess Hall

    Oscar:"Why do they call this a mess hall when there is no mess?"

    Maria:"Well this is where the famous people eat!"

    Count:"One Two Three plates ah ah ah!"

    Oscar:"I'm going to get food!"


    Danny:"Hey kid,get your food and SCRAM!"

    Oscar:"That's my type of fellow!"

    Danny:"What is it kid?"

    SETTING:Wayne Brady's Dressing Room-

    Wayne:"What are you doing?"

    Grover:"Um where..."

    Ernie:"Ernie's Pizza Takeout"

    Wayne:"Okay so give me the pizza"

    Bert:"Um oatmeal?"

    Wayne:"No Pizza!"

    Grover:"We don't have any"

    Wayne:"Then why are you here"

    Bert:"We thought this was the oatmeal kitchen okay bye!"

    Ernie,Bert,and Grover run out.

    John Goodman:"Okay Yellow guy your on the set next go go go!"

    Bert:"I am?"

    SETTING:Animation Department

    Two Headed Monster:"What's This paper!"

    Two Headed Monster throwing paper everywhere

    Luis:"This is where they make cartoons!"

    Cookie Monster:"Ooh yummy pencil"

    Cookie eats pencil.

    Luis:"Cookie Monster!"


    SETTING:Audition Room

    Whoopi:"Okay Snuffy pretent to be scary."


    Whoopi:"No scarry real scarry"

    Snuffy:"Wubba Wubba Wubba"

    Big Bird:"Telly why don't you help your a monster"

    Telly:"I cant be scarry but I can be cute"

    Big Bird:"Just Try!"

    Telly:"Mrs.Directer mam can I try?"

    Whoopi:"Sure you can!"


    Whoopi:"Now that's good!"

    SETTING:Screening Room-

    Elmo:"Oh Julia you look pretty"

    Julia:"Aww that's cute!"

    Susan:"What is Elmo doing?"

    Gordon:"Don't Know"

    SETTING:Regis & Kelly Live set

    Regis:"And know here is Elton John

    Bert:"Wow I'm on T.V.!"

    Kelly:"Your not Elton."

    Bert:"No I'm Bert from Sesame Street!"

    Kelly:"My kids love that show!"


    Regis:"Yeah it is a show"

    Bert:"You mean people spy on us know wonder there are cameras all over my house!"

    Part 2 coming next week!

    Tell me how you think so far
  2. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Part 2

    Part 2-

    SETTING:Studio Kitchen

    Cookie Monster:"FOOOOOD!!!!!"

    Luis:"Cookie Monster No!"

    Two Headed Monster:"FOOOOODDD! Lets Eat!"

    Cookie and the Two Headed Monster eat everything in the kitchen.


    SETTING:Studio Mess Hall

    Danny:"So Oscar where do you live?"

    Oscar:"Sesame Street."

    Maria:"Oscar? Where is our food youve been talking to that short guy for..."

    Count:"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 minutes ah ah ah...."

    Danny:"Who are you calling shorty skinny?"

    Oscar:"Food fight!''

    Everybody in the Mess hall is throwing food

    Maria:"Now this is a mess hall."

    SETTING:Movie Set-

    Whoopi:"Okay Telly scare everybody who is going to watch in the theater okay?"

    Telly:"Roooaarrr! oh I can't do this!"

    Whoopi:"Cut! Why?"

    Telly:"I'm freindly not a scarry monster."

    Big Bird:"He's Right you know!!!"

    SETTING:Screening Room-

    Elmo:"Julia, I Love You!"


    Susan & Gordon:"WHAT?!"

    Prarie Dawn:"Oh the power of Love!"


    SETTING:Regis & Kelly Show set-

    Kelly:"So do you have any freinds with you?"



    Grover:"Yes he does!"

    Regis:"it's Ernie and Grover!"

    Grover:"How did you know our names?"

    Kelly:"My kids watch you every morning on PBS"

    Ernie:"Oh there kids must be spies"

    Grover:"and PBS must be the Spy group name"

    SETTING:Outside of the studio

    Gaurd:"Out and stay out!"

    Luis:"It's all Cookie Monster's fault I told you not to eat anything!"

    Two Headed Monster:"Me love to play outside!"

    Cookie Monster:"Sorryyy!"

    Gaurd:"You go to"

    Luis:"Maria what are you doing?"

    Maria:"Well Oscar made a food fight"

    Count:"3 million 5 hundred and 50 peices of food were on our table ah ah ah!"

    Oscar:"That was the life Hollywood is great!"

    Grover runs w/ Ernie & Bert.

    Grover:"The gaurd dogs were chasing us!"


    Ernie:"Bert ended up on the Regis and Kelly show and Grover and I and bert weren't evensupposed to be on the show!"

    Telly:"My gosh that was my only chance to be a star!"

    Count:"What happened bird?"

    Big Bird:"Telly was about to be in a movie but he was fired!"

    Susan:"That was a neat movie!"

    Prarie:"Yeah it was"

    Gordon:"It was great!"

    Bob:"Hey guys your early!"

    Snuffy:"We all got kicked out!"

    Bob:"Okay lets just go!"


    SETTING:Hooper's Store-

    Zoe:"Was Hollywood great?"

    Big Bird:"Yeah!"

    Herry:"Wheres Elmo I wanted to play with him!"

    Big Bird:"Elmo?"

    SETTING:Outside of Movie Studio

    Julia:"I love you to Elmo!"

    Elmo:"That's great!"

    SETTING:123 Stoop-

    Cookie Monster:"The End!''

    Whoopi:"Cut!Good work team!"

    Big Bird:"Why thank you!"

    Tell me how you think!
  3. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    I loved it!!! :) :D :excited: ;)

    I would love to see this happen!
  4. Dantecat

    Dantecat Well-Known Member

    I also liked it too! It's Great!!! :cool:

    :p :( :grouchy: :)
  5. McFraggle

    McFraggle Well-Known Member

    I also like it.

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