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Farscape Comics comes to an end

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by dwmckim, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    Not much news has been reported about this (on Henson news sites or elsewhere) but the last issue of Farscape Comics (Issue 24) which came out this last week is the final issue of the series' run.

    According to co-author KRAD, "Basically, we -- Rockne, Henson, me, BOOM! -- wanted to go out on a high note and on our own terms, not stumble to an unexpected finish line. And let's face it, any licensed comic surviving three years in what is, bluntly, a crap-*** comics industry right now, doesn't suck. ****, for 20 of those 36 months, we had two monthlies going."

    When i picked up the issue and saw the subtitle was "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning" (the debut issue's title), i quickly flipped to the back of the issue to see if there was any ads/commentary regarding Farscape and saw the last panel had the words "The End" so it prepared me before reading it. Though i didn't know until i had the issue in my hands, i predicted a while back that it looked like the comic was working towards an end of the overall story so i wasn't blindsided.

    And like the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, this conclusion is a satisfying end to this latest run and leaves the door open for the story of Farscape to continue in another form whether it be screen or print. Again KRAD notes "there are more stories to be told - it just remains to be seen what format they'll be told in"

    There's a Farscape convention next month and i'll be Googling for reports on if any further news comes out of it regarding any further Farscape.

    ...and at least the nice thing about Farscape is if they ever wanted to do another Farscape story and set it after the end of the screen version but before the end of the comic version (or disregard the comics altogether) rather than picking up where it left off, they can always play the "Unrealized Reality" card.
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    There's no secret I've ALWAYS been a licensed comics fan. Marvel's Ren and Stimpy, DC Kid's various Warner Bros cartoon licenses... stuff like that. Lately, it's the licensed stuff that just seems so much better and more enjoyable. Other than Sonic (which, if you didn't follow it every issue for the almost 20 years its been in print becomes so confusing to read if you're just getting into it) they don't need to make cockamamie moves to keep the franchises going.

    I ask you... HOW many times do you have to keep killing heroes off, bringing them back to life, rekilling them, recasting them and then rebooting them to keep selling titles? I heard nothing but disdain for the classic comic heroes when I buy my copies of Darkwing Duck and Mega Man. Digital media nothing... it's trying to get old characters to be hip and relevant that's killing the industry. Well... maybe a LITTLE digital media. GAWD, every time I see a kindle I wanna smash it off someone's head.

    It's no secret... I'm ticked off BOTH at Boom and Disney Marvel for what's going down with the Disney license. Muppet Comics never even GOT to the finish, and we're just seeing kiddy magazines... and they're the lucky ones. Darkwing has to go back to his "we don't care about something that isn't Disney Princesses" spot in the Disney vault, only to be resurrected unofficially in fanfictions and fanarts. Still, I'm VERY disappointed Boom didn't publish more Paperinik (Italian Super Hero/Avenger Donald Duck) comics... especially the fact they never published the origin story. Worst part, I need to scrounge up 50 bucks in like no time to get the Lifetime of Scrooge McDuck before it's lost again (why the heck didn't they publish the darn thing in Paperback?) I see Fangraphics or Fantagraphics or whatever it is got the license to publish old Mickey and Donald comics... I hope that extends to other classic Disney republications.

    Again, I must stress, Sonic the Hedgehog under Archie has lasted almost 20 years. And the time when it was going to be cancelled was early on, too. It took the cancellation of the Sonic SatAm cartoon series to boost the sales (as the comic was seen as an unofficial continuation of the show... at least it had the same Non-Video Game characters and the same version of Robotnik), and it's been going strong since. That's a LOT to say for a licensed comic book. They have a huge fan base for the comic alone. If more publishing agencies SAW this, maybe they'd give the licensed comics a better look than the old standbys that they keep having to kill off, or reboot, or ruffle the feathers of.
  3. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Next year, I swear ... I will making getting those issues a priority. :)

    It's sad to hear it's ending ... but it also means I don't have to buy hundreds of them, LOL.
  4. tarasis

    tarasis Member

    I only read Farscape #24 last night and hadn't realised that the series was cancelled. So sad is its one of the few comics that I really looked forward to reading (it and IDW's D&D jump to the top of my to read pile as soon as they are out). The stories were fun and the voice in terms of feel of the show and the characters voices were spot on. Yes the artwork could sometimes be spotty but the rest made up for it.

    I guess I should have seen the warning signs when the Scorpi was merged into the main on going.

    Here's hoping that it one day sees a rebirth, they've left it at an intriguing point and of course hinted at lots more interesting stories to be told.

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