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Faux Fur fabric is malting!

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by rikin, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. rikin

    rikin New Member

    Hello there guys :)

    I'm in the process of starting a puppet build and brought some faux fur.
    I wanted to ask is there a method in which you can stop it coming out of the fabric? i.e. if you run your hands over it, itis fine, however if you gently pull some of it, it comes out in clumps...
    Is there a way to seal the backing of the fabric to stop it pulling out?
    Thank you :)

  2. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    You bought some naff fur! I have bought cheap furs which comes from the backing when gently pulled. You need to buy a better fur, look around at different stores, if its cheap then its for a reason. If you get a quality fur you can even boil it and it wont pull out in clumps.
  3. rikin

    rikin New Member

    Hey there pash,

    Drats :( I kinda saw the fur at the shop and got a wee bit too excited and brought it without properly checking it.

    Any ideas where I can get some decent fur?! I'm looking for green fur, short haired.
    I noticed you're in the UK too (I'm in London) and would appreciate any advice on this!
    Thanks man :)
  4. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    I buy from a few places but i just yesterday picked up some bits from this shop in harrogate, the fur i bought was just white short fur but they stock a green too and its a good quailty and takes rit dye well. They have a site too, link below.

    I have many things i want to build its just really hard finding the correct material i check everywhere i go. Ebay offers some good peices, i usually pay at least 10 quid for a metre of the ggood stuff. Its really hard to find the exact fur up here in west yorkshire.
  5. rikin

    rikin New Member

    Hey man,

    Thanks for that :) I'll grab some from here. Really appreciate your advice man :)
    Yes, I went to Hobbycraft, the market and even Primark to see if I could find some decent lime fur....

    Many thanks again dude and great stuff you got!


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