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Favorite muppet

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by SweetHart, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. SweetHart

    SweetHart Member

    Who is everyone's favorite muppet. Mine is Rowlf and why is he so hard to find!!!!
  2. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    mine is a tie, Rowlf and Bunsen. they are both big factors in my love of both music and science. yes, the Electric Mayhem are cool, but Rowlf is always who i think of first when i think Muppets and music. and as for Bunsen...i tried to make a "sister detector" once. it was the epic, rube goldberg type device, that basically went off whenever my sister came towards my room...when it backfired, and was set off by my mom i realized the error in patterning my experiments after Bunsen. though there were some "flight" experiments for which my sister became my own personal Beaker...
  3. BiggNate

    BiggNate Member

    I have always been a fan of Frank Oz' work in general. From Animal, who has always been a personal favorite, to Marvin Suggs, who now that I watch the Best of DVDs gets more and more hilarious to Grover and Cookie Monster. There are just so many things that Frank did to take the comedy of the scene to new levels. So it's hard to choose a favorite, but I guess I would go with Animal.

  4. Billy's Girl

    Billy's Girl Well-Known Member

    My Favourite muppet is Sweetums. If you read other messages you will notice he crops up alot. Some people think I have a crush on him.

    This is not true!!!

    Okay it is true -:D
  5. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    Gonzo, Animal, and Beaker. But Kermit, Piggy, and Fozzie always hold a special spot in my heart!
  6. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    Scooter is my classic fav and Rizzo is my other fav!

  7. Joseph

    Joseph Well-Known Member

    Rizzo is my favorite. I have him hanging in my car.
  8. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    Mine is of course the Almighty Cantus. The Wise, bold, and forever well-spoken Fraggle of the Minstrels. My other favorites are:

    Dr. Teeth - My Second fav. Muppet. Forever groovey! The rest of the Mayhem are all very cool, but Teeth...he's just it for me.

    Yorick (from Sam and Friends) - After seeing the "I get So Hungry" Scetch at the Museum of Radio and Television in LA, I was hooked :)

    Statler and Waldorf - Possibly the greatest comedic duo ever.

    Beaker - What's not to love? I think he was so funny in Muppet*Vision. Beaker Rock!

    ...and every other Muppet ever. What can I say? A Muppet is a Muppet, and I love them all :D

  9. bluedreamer

    bluedreamer Active Member

    me love Cookie Monster and Rizzo - they both have the same passions as me, and then there's always Animal, that's me on a good day:p
  10. DarthGonzo

    DarthGonzo Well-Known Member

    My favorite always was and always will be Gonzo, although I've got a soft spot for Rowlf and Dr. Teeth.

    Technically though, as an entity, Kermit means the most to me. Hard to explain, but he's character who is so easy to relate to and care about. He's a very special muppet to all of us.
  11. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    I agree with you Darth. Kermit will always have a special place in all of our hearts, no matter who your favorite Muppet might be :)

  12. DarthGonzo

    DarthGonzo Well-Known Member

    Because technically, Kermit is the center of the entire Muppet universe, in a way.
  13. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    I guess in a technical sense...He's definitely the figurehead of the the group, his face is the symbol of the JHC, and he is most definitely the most well known of the troupe. I guess its all how you look at it. True fans such as ourselves might argue that there is a set of characters that are the center of the universe. Others may argue there is no center at all. Still others would say Jim himself was the center. But yes, to the common world, Kermit is the center of the Muppet universe. :D

  14. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    And everyone has to love Pepe in some way shape or form....okay?
  15. Joggy

    Joggy Well-Known Member

    Besides Kermit, I really love Rowlf, Scooter, Grover, Wembley, Floyd, Boober, and Gobo!

    Ernie's cool too.
  16. Joggy

    Joggy Well-Known Member



    or :cool: (imagine those are regular glasses instead of shades)
  17. starr

    starr Member

    I don't think I could pick a favorite. If I absolutely had to choose it would be Rowlf followed by Red the Fraggle.
  18. Cantus Rock

    Cantus Rock Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Forum newcomer! :) Good choices. Oh and to answer your question, Green is harder to be than Pink. Pink can be difficult at times, but over all, Green is the harder of the two. Hope that helps (hehe)

  19. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    This thread could pop up every month and I would still love to post in it. While Gonzo is the one I obviously identify with the most, my faves are:

    swedish chef

    wembley, scred, telly, tutter, and frackles should be in their too;)
  20. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    Jeez...lemme think.

    I have a soft spot for all of Jim's characters, but I also like Gobo, Wembley, Sprocket.

    Along with many SS characters: Cookie, Bert, Grover (Almost any Frank character)

    - Billy :cool:

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