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First rough custom puppet build

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by wulster, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    made a quick puppet for a wee tv show one of the kids wanted to make. thought I might share

  2. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    Episode two, altered the puppet a bit, made a body with rod arms and hands and replaced the hair/beard for some stuff that flows a bit better to add life.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
  3. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    Are you the Puppeteer, too? I actually prefer the first Trevor. While the fur is better, he has got old. The first was more colourful and you could see more of his face. I see why you went for grey, to make his black eyebrows stand out. I would of still gone for black fur, and not have it around his eyes, so you can see more of his orange face. Or maybe his fur could be a light brown, to match his hands and make his eyebrows stand out?
  4. BartyBlue

    BartyBlue Member

    I really like the puppet; it looks good and the voice is awesome! That kid's speech is really difficult for me to understand though...
  5. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    Yeah I did the puppet and voice. I am better with the puppet than seen in these videos as both time the given locations were not suitable. The real location for his show was not ready yet but I think people will like it. ill add some pics below.
    I know what you mean about hair, it was just something I found and wanted to try it as the original hair was never meant to stay on. I want to use a similar material, as I like the life the movement of it adds but the colour is no good on camera. Not black though as I want the eyebrows to stand out. I had red and it looked great but almost turned him into animal lol. originally I started to base the puppet of off grovers lip for the under hung jaw of the troll. I still kinda like the feel of him but a lot more mods to go. Before I use what I have learned and make the second character.
    Scottish accents, the show is not something I want to perfect. William the host is my son and it is his show, something hes wanted to do for a while now. As I make them ill work on his diction and confidence etc though im typical Scottish also as you might be able to tell by how I type :p

    All suggestions/crit welcome and very helpful keep them coming as I post more, thanks guys
    muppetperson and MikaelaMuppet like this.
  6. wulster

    wulster Active Member

  7. piggy989piggy

    piggy989piggy Well-Known Member

    Oh My God! that is beautiful!!! looks like a movie set! where is it? who built it??

    anyways, I saw your profile picture, Miss Piggy right? correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm actually in the making of my own miss piggy replica,is the one on picture yours? It looks realy good, can you tell us more it?

    Anyways, thanks for sharing, shahaf!
  8. Terrence Burke

    Terrence Burke Well-Known Member

    Great puppet! I enjoy the character and think that it's great that you are making videos with your son. I made a few with my children several years ago, until they lost interest. Have fun, that is what's most important.

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