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Flirtation Waltz A Muppet's love revised

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by scooterfan360, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    Flirtation Waltz: A Muppet’s Love revised

    Chapter 1

    It was an ordinary day in February, and Scooter, a.k.a. Steven Horace Grosse, is in his office, sitting at his desk and taking calls, answering emails, and preparing scripts. Suddenly, he heard someone knock on his office door. Scooter got out of his seat, walked to the door, and answered it.
    Kermit walked in. “Great news!” said Kermit, excitedly. “With some help from Piggy, I found us a new costume designer.”
    “That’s great, boss!” said Scooter, smiling. “We really need one. Ever since Hilda retired, the costumes have been terrible. Walter can sew, but he’s unable to, because he’s in the show. When will she get here?” Scooter asked, as he moved over to his file cabinet, and took out a stack of papers.
    “She'll be here tomorrow,” said Kermit.
    “Great!” said Scooter.
    “Well, I better get back to helping Clifford with these boxes,” said Kermit.
    “Yo, Kerm!” Clifford shouted.
    “I'll be there in a minute, Clifford!” Kermit shouted back. Kermit walked out the door, closing it behind him.
    Meanwhile, Piggy and Link were on stage, arguing about the script for next week’s show, which called for her and Link to kiss, something Piggy was not happy about at all. Just then, Piggy spotted Kermit entering the auditorium. “Kermie! Kermie!” Piggy shouted.
    Kermit walked on the stage. “What is it, Piggy?” Kermit asked.
    “Where is Scooter?” she demanded.
    “He’s in his office,” said Kermit. Piggy stormed off the stage, and went straight to Scooter’s office. Piggy knocked on the door, and Scooter answered. Piggy walked in.
    “Why did you put in the script for moi to kiss that sausage brain Link?” Piggy asked.
    “It’s either him or Pepe,” said Scooter.
    Piggy groaned, and said, “Oh all right…I’ll do it.” She walked out the door.
    Meanwhile in the auditorium, Kermit was sitting in the front row in one of the auditorium seats. Fozzie walked up to Kermit and asked, “Hey, Kermit, how would you like to hear the jokes that I’ve written for next week’s show?”
    “I’ll listen to them at approval time, Fozzie,” said Kermit.
    “Okay,” said Fozzie, walking away. Scooter entered the auditorium and sat down in the front row, beside Kermit. Gonzo, who was headed for the back of theater to try out his new act for next week’s show, walked across the stage.
    “Hey Gonzo!” Kermit shouted. “Be careful! we can’t afford to have the theater roof repaired! Sheesh…” He turned to Scooter and said, “I would like to see the script for next week’s show.”
    “No problem, boss,” said Scooter. Kermit and Scooter settled in Kermit’s office, and went over the script.
    “Well, Scooter,” said Kermit, as he got out of his chair, and walked to the door. “Once again you’ve put together a wonderful script.”
    “Thank you, chief!” said Scooter, smiling.
    “Are you feeling okay today?” Kermit asked.
    “Yes,” said Scooter. “I’m slowly getting through my grieving period.”
    “Great,” said Kermit, as he patted Scooter on the back. “It’s great that you are finally taking your place back here at the theater,” said Kermit, as he grabbed his hat, and coat, and scarf, and gloves from off the chair near the door, and put them on. Scooter also grabbed his jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat, and put them on. “Thanks, chief,” said Scooter, as the two walked out of Kermit’s office and out the theater door. The two stopped in front of the theater door.
    “Well, see you tomorrow, Scooter,” said Kermit.
    “Goodnight, boss,” said Scooter.
    “Hey, Scooter!” Kermit called.
    “Yes, boss?” said Scooter, who was about to walk to his car.
    “You know, Scooter,” said Kermit. “Since your uncle’s funeral, I thought that you would never leave your apartment and join us once again.”
    “Well chief,” said Scooter. “It’s very painful, when you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, and the heartbreak of a unfaithful lover. But I’ve gotten over the heartbreak that the unfaithful lover has caused, and now, I just have to finish coping with the loss of a loved one.”
    “Well, I’d better get going now,” said Kermit.
    “Okay,” said Scooter. The two walked to their cars, and drove away. As Scooter drove, Scooter decided to stop at his favorite diner and have a bite to eat. Scooter walked in the diner, sat down, and ordered his usual burger and fries.
    Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Stephanie Lorraine Briar is in her Philadelphia apartment, packing her belongings and preparing to leave the city. Just then, Stephanie heard a knock at the door, so she walked to the door and answered it. Stephanie's father, a brown whatnot with black hair who wearing a black business suit and a watch, walked in. “Stephanie, honey,” said Stephanie’s father. “First, I want to say that boy was wrong for you.”
    “Yeah, Dad, you were right,” said Stephanie, and sighed. “But this new job will make me forget about him.”
    “So did you enjoy your farewell party that your friends and I threw for you?” Stephanie’s father asked.
    “Yes,” said Stephanie, smiling. “But it isn’t really farewell. I told both Tia and Sharane that they could come visit me anytime, and so can you.”
    Just then a yellow moving truck pulled up to the front of the apartment building. “Well, Dad,” said Stephanie. “The moving truck is here, want to stay and see me off?” she asked.
    “Sure,” said Stephanie’s father. He smiled. “I just want to make sure that my little girl has a safe trip…”
    After Stephanie had finished packing, and the movers had loaded all of Stephanie’s furniture on to the truck, Stephanie and her father walked to her car. “Well dad…this is it,” said Stephanie, as she gave her father a big hug.
    “Call me when you get there,” said Stephanie’s father.
    “I will!” said Stephanie, as she started up her car. “Goodbye, Dad!” Stephanie shouted, as she drove away.
    Back at Scooter’s favorite diner, Scooter was talking about the new costume designer with Pepe, Fozzie, Gonzo, Walter, Clifford, and Rizzo. “I wonder if the new costume designer likes jokes,” said Fozzie.
    “I wouldn’t if I were her,” said Rizzo, in a sarcastic tone.
    “I wonder if she’s into romance, okay,” said Pepe.
    “Oh, please!” said Rizzo, with the same snarky tone as before.
    “I wonder if she likes to groove,” said Clifford.
    “Oh geez…” said Rizzo, shaking his head.
    “I wonder if she likes weird things,” said Gonzo.
    “I hope not,” said Rizzo.
    “I wonder if she likes guys who can whistle?” said Walter.
    “Guys!” said Scooter, as he took a sip of his soda. “For all we know, she could be Hilda’s age, and she might not be into that stuff.”
    “Yeah, your right…” they all mumbled.
    Statler and Waldorf, who were sitting in a booth behind them, had been eavesdropping on the conversation. Statler turned to Waldorf and said, “Hey, Waldorf, do you think the new costume designer knows what she’s getting into?” he asked. “No,” said Waldorf. “But I know what we are getting out of.”
    “What?” asked Statler.
    “Going to next week’s show!” said Waldorf. The two laughed.
  2. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Excellent work on the revision! :)
  3. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    thanks, but i had someone help me edit it.
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  4. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    hi to all who read the first chapter of my fan fic, chapter 2 is coming soon.
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  5. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    chapter 2
    Rehearsals for next week's show, are not going the way Scooter wanted. Piggy karate chopped link for a comment, that he made about her performance in last night's show. The female dancers shouted at pepe, for peeping in their dressing rooms.
    Rowlf was at his piano, working on a song that he is going to perform in next week's show. The electric mayhem band yelled at Animal, for coming in early on his part of a song. Clifford chatted on his cell phone, while Fozzie read his joke book. The rest kept on bickering, and arguing.
    Okay everyone! Scooter shouted, but he could not get their attention. Kermit walked in the auditorium, quite ! he shouted, as he walked down the theater isle. Everyone got silent,
    "Thank you" said Kermit, and cleared his throat. "Now in all the rehearsals that we- Kermit paused, he looked towards the entrance of the auditorium. Where an African American human woman, with long auburn hair is standing. May I help you miss? he asked,
    "yes she replied.
    " I'm the new costume designer that you hired. She said nervously, and walked up to Kermit.
    "Oh yeah that's right said Kermit, " I forgot that you were coming today. Kermit introduced himself,
    "I'm Kermit he said, and shook her hand.
    "I'm Stephanie briar she said, with an nervous smile. Kermit introduced her to the rest of the gang,
    "Everyone this is Stephanie briar said Kermit and smiled. "She is the new costume designer. Pepe turned to Clifford and whispered,
    "Check out the body on this one okay, this one's well built. Scooter quickly glanced a little at her, and walked away. the rest of the gang waved hello, and introduced themselves.
    Okay everyone break! Kermit shouted, everyone filed out the door. Scooter was just about to head out the auditorium, when Kermit called him over.
    Scooter! Kermit called, Scooter walked back to where Kermit and Stephanie are standing.
    "Yes chief said Scooter, and took a quick glance at Stephanie.
    Could you please show Stephanie around the theater? Kermit asked,
    "Me ? said Scooter nervously, and smiled.
    "Yes you Scooter who else said Kermit, as he snatched a pencil that was snugged behind one of Scooter's ears.
    "Sure thing boss said Scooter, and blushed. Scooter and Stephanie walked out of the theater auditorium, and headed for the hall way.
    "Sheesh said Kermit and mumbled, what has gotten in to him. Piggy who had forgotten her car keys, walked in the auditorium.
    So what do you think about the new costume designer so far? she asked,
    "she seems nice said Kermit. " I looked at the samples of her work, and they were very impressive.
    " glad you like them said Piggy, Moi knows talent when I see it.
    Meanwhile a nervously blushing Scooter, is showing Stephanie around the theater. The two stop at an empty dressing room, which was once Hilda’s.
    "Well here is your office slash design studio said Scooter, and smiled nervously. Scooter unlocked the door, the two walked in.
    Stephanie looked around and said, " this room could sure use some cleaning. "
    Don't worry said Scooter, and smiled. Beauregard will clean it up.
    "I have to go to my car and get some boxes said Stephanie,
    Would you mind helping me ? she asked.
    " No not at all said Scooter, and blushed.
    "Great said Stephanie, and smiled. Two walked out of the empty dressing room, which is now Stephanie's office. And out the theater doors, and headed for Stephanie's car. Piggy who was on her way out the theater's double doors, quietly peered her head out of one of the theater doors and began to spy on Scooter and Stephanie. Kermit who was walking down the hallway, spotted her with her head out of one of the theater doors .
    "Piggy? said Kermit, what are you doing? he asked.
    "Nothing said Piggy, and smiled nervously and closed the theater door that she had opened.
    Kermit walked up to the theater's double doors to the one that Piggy was peering her head out of, and carefully looked out of it.
    "Nothing huh said Kermit, as he looked out the door at Scooter and Stephanie who were standing face to face in front of the trunk of Stephanie's car engaging in a conversation. Piggy let out a nervous laugh, and smiled.
    "I know what you’re thinking Piggy Said Kermit.
    What are you talking about? Piggy asked,
    "You think that if Scooter and Stephanie become an item, that she would be just like the other women that Scooter had dated and break his heart. and that he will not have time to assist you said Kermit.
    " your right said Piggy, and frowned as if her favorite store in the mall have went out of business and closed .
    "Look Piggy said Kermit, as he patted her hand. Scooter is an adult now, and if he wants to move on to another woman after a broken heart. Then that's his choice, But no need to worry. Stephanie and him just met, So it's too early to tell if they will become an item, So don't jump to any conclusions. and so what if they become a couple, It's none of our concern.
    " yeah your right said Piggy, who is still having second thoughts. "Bye Kermie she said, as she walked out the door. Scooter and Stephanie walked in laughing, holding boxes in their hands.
    " Oh I'm so sorry I forgot to introduce myself said Scooter, as the two walked down the hall. The two stopped at the empty dressing room, Scooter introduced himself.
    "I'm Scooter Grosse he said, and blushed.
    "Nice to meet you Mr. Grosse said Stephanie, and smiled. The two walked in,
    where do you want me to put these boxes? Scooter asked.
    " You can sit them over there said Stephanie, and pointed to a table that's on the other side of the room. "Okay said Scooter smiling, as he walked to the other side of the room. Scooter looked at Stephanie, as he walked towards the table. Without looking where he was going, Scooter tripped over a stool that was in front of the table. Stephanie ran over to where Scooter had fallen
    , are you okay Mr. Grosse? she asked.
    "Yes said Scooter nervously, and began to turn red in the face with embarrassment. Scooter who is now officially embarrassed by the fall, got up from off the extremely dusty floor.
    "Well welcome to the team said Scooter, and blushed as he brushed the dust off him. And if there's anything you need, my office is one door down.
    "Okay said Stephanie smiling, as she watched Scooter walked out the door. Scooter went back to his office, and went inside. Scooter who is trying to calm himself after the embarrassing moment that he just had, sat down at his desk and opened his laptop. Scooter began to book the guest star for next week's show, when Clifford knocked on the door.
    "Yo Scoot said Clifford, and walked in.
    "We need to talk said Clifford,
    Talk about what? Scooter asked.
    "Oh Scoot out with it said Clifford, and smiled as he sat in the chair in front of Scooter's desk. "I saw you two outside today, when I was returning from the men's bathroom. And- Clifford paused,
    "and Scooter chimed in.
    "And said Clifford smiling, I had seen your face when you were talking to her.
    "So said Scooter, and began to turn red in the face again, but this time it's not from being embarrassed, but from developing feelings for an recently hired costume designer.
    " So you really like Stephanie said Clifford, as he picked up a piece of office décor off of Scooter's desk and began to mess around with it.
    "Oh please said Scooter, as he tried to make the shade of red from blushing fade away."I just met her, Plus I'm not really ready to get back into the dating scene.
    "Well Scoot said Clifford, and smiled as he returned the piece of office décor back to Scooter's desk."By the color of your face, when I mention her name. It seems to me that you are ready to date again.
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  6. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone who is reading my fan fic, I got great news, I got Microsoft office. So now I can finish my fan fic. chapter 3 is coming soon.
  7. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    What version?
  8. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    2016 professional

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