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Floyd and Rowlf

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by HandsomeFrog, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. HandsomeFrog

    HandsomeFrog Active Member

    :sing:The beginning of a great friendship:sympathy:

    Chapter 1. The Greatest Gig.

    "Man, been too long since we done a Billy Joel number, eh, Teeth?" Floyd remarked. The good doctor simply nodded his bulbous head, his feather swaying atop his pink shag top hat. "What song was it again?" Floyd asked.

    Zoot let go out of his saxophone and lifted his green head off the sheet music just long enough to reply. His mouth opened and closed for a second but nothing came out. As if he was trying to get the taste of Sax out of his mouth, "Uh..." he thought... "Piano...uh...man...?"

    "Yeah! Thats it! Thats hip and happenin man! Its called Piano Man!"

    Dr Teeth stepped down from his post and came right next to Floyd, putting his long arm around Floyd's shoulder. "Now just wait a minute!" Teeth exclaimed..."We don't have a piano man! We got a keyboard doctor! Maybe ya'll should get Rowlf. His talents are better suited for this type of song."

    "Alright, Teeth. I normally wouldn't think so. but this is your band, so okay!" Floyd agreed and he and Zoot began to walk out the door in search of Rowlf.

    In a moment Animal who had been sleeping atop his chained to drum set awoke. "SONG DRUM DRUM DRUM!! GET DOGGY!"

    "Nah Animal! Not yet!"

    As Animal stopped screaming long enough for the room to get quiet, Janice is seen in the corner talking to Zoot.

    "Thats when I said... like, No. I'm not putting that chicken costume on!"

    To be continued.
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  2. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Oh wow!!!!!! I love this story so far! Floyd and Rowlf are two of my favorite Muppets! :flirt: Please do continue your story. And I also love Billy Joel!
  3. HandsomeFrog

    HandsomeFrog Active Member

    Thanks. More to come soon.
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I hope! This story really interests me. :halo:
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I love your story, HandsomeFrog! Keep it up! You're doing great!
  6. HandsomeFrog

    HandsomeFrog Active Member

    Part 2. Piano Man or Bust.

    Rowlf bumbles over to his signature piano. A spectacular museum quality piano of which the bust of Beethoven is known to haunt on his familiar perch. Rowlf sat there, a smile on his furry face. and yet the bust had a different look. A look of surprise and shock.

    "Whats wrong?" Rowlf asked innocently. The bust simply shook his disembodied head and yelled out "STAMPEEEEEEEEEEEEEDE!!"

    Rowlf turned around from his piano seat to see Floyd, Janice and Zoot trying to hold on charging Animal on a dog leash... rushing right for Rowlf. Before anything could register to duck, all Rowlf saw was the bands feet in his face with him laying on the ground.

    The bust rocks back and forth before falling just in time for Rowlf to catch it. Rowlf sat up to see little beethoven's circling around his head.

    "Hey hey they nearly shattered me!"

    "Yeah, yeah. Lemme talk to em. What'cha guys need?" Rowlf asked staggering to get up.

    Floyd let go of Animal's leash,As Animal scurried off and began sniffing the ground, chewing on the loose floorboard. Zoot and Janice stood behind Floyd and he began to talk to Rowlf about the Piano Man gig and how Dr Teeth couldn't do it.

    "Well, do you think could give us a hand, Rowlf?"

    "Around here, who doesn't need a hand?" Rowlf laughed. "Of course. Where are we playing?"

    "Good question" said Floyd. "Where is it Zoot?"

    "Well, uh....uhm....uh....Canada."

    "ROAD TRIP!! ROAD TRIP!!" Animal shouted springing up from the loose floor board. "Lets go!" Rowlf said enthused.

    As they all ran out the door, the floor shook and the bust fell atop the soft piano bench sideways. Before anyone realized it, Floyd had turned out the light.

    "Running gag....quite literally." The bust shrugged.

    To be continued
    ElizaSchuyler and MissMusical12 like this.
  7. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Love it! Please do continue!
  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Running gag! HAHAHAHA! That was a hilarious chapter. More plz!

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