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Fraggle CD's

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Traveling Matt, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    Hey folks!

    Does anyone remember "Mysta" from the old board? She promised something about making Fraggle Rock CDs for everyone using practically every song from the series, and she hasn't said anything about it for quite some time.

    Has anyone else been expecting these CDs that Mysta was talking about? She mentioned that they were free of charge. I'm thinking she may not have moved over to the new board, and I'm hoping that someone else knows her and can contact her. Has she already mailed the CD's to people and I just didn't hear about it?

    It sounded like a very kind thing of her to do, and I was expecting something out of it. I talked with her a few times, and offered to help her out, but she hasn't responded to any e-mails in a while.

    Thanks guys

    - Billy :cool:
  2. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member

    Hi Billy,

    I'm sorry I can't help you with contacting Mysta, but making Fraggle CDs of all the Fraggle songs sounds fantastic. I too, would be interested in getting my hands on one of these things provided it had been done with care.

    Please do keep us posted with what you find out.
  3. DaViD Boulet

    DaViD Boulet Active Member

    I've already burned a high-quality CD from the 2 out-of-print LP albums "Our Melody" and "Perfect Harmony" I used a Tascam DAT machine and first vacuumed the LPs on my friend's VPI record cleaner. We used a $5,000 Oracle turntable and Benz cartridge. The resulting DAT tapes sounded so good that when I sent them to have them copied to a CD (a few years back before CD recorders were common place) the guy from the studio actually called me to say he'd never heard a DAT tape from vinyl sound so good! I'm one of those audiophiles who hears the differences between cables etc. so sound quality is VERY important to me :)

    I don't have a way to make copies for anyone...but I imagine that if someone around had a good CD burner maybe we could get together. The CD sounds very good and it would be important to me that any copies were bit-for-bit duplicates (ie, not analog copies via a soundcard on some PC) to preserve the sound. This of course is not "for sale"...these are free CDs we're talking about for fellow Fraggle lovers. Hope it's all legal in that case!

    Anyhow, anyone interested let me know and maybe we can combine resources! I'd love to get some CDs out to some more Fraggle fans!!! :)
  4. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member

    Where are you located David? I'm in Massachusetts. If I'm anywhere near you within a state or two, I'd be happy to get together and burn some CDs.
  5. DaViD Boulet

    DaViD Boulet Active Member

    I'm in Wash DC. What type of CD burner/recorder do you have? Maybe I could send you a CD and you could copy it?

    Feel free to email me at dvdboulet@hotmail.com and we can talk more. I probably won't get a chance to check my email till tomorrow morning.


    dave :)
  6. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member


    I remember Mysta and sent her a few songs for her CD. I have her email address if you want it. I guess I'm not really supposed to post her email address but if you want to get a hold of her I'm sure she wouldn't mind. It really did sound like she had all the songs though--it would have been great.
  7. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    Hey Jessie-

    I have Mysta's e-mail, and I sent her a few tapes of songs, but hadn't heard from her yet. I was just wondering if anyone else had any luck contacting her, that's all ;)

    Oh, well....I guess she'll e-mail or post when she's ready.

    Thanks though :)

    - Billy :cool:
  8. DaViD Boulet

    DaViD Boulet Active Member

    I've received enough email requests to prompt me to try and do another "run" of some Fraggle CDs. The CD contains all the songs from the 2 out-of-print LP albums except "catch the tail by the tiger" which you can get on the commercially available CD (which you should buy if you haven't already).

    I've taken the greatest of care to transcribe the LPs to CD and the fidelity is excellent. Please email me if you're interested in obtaining one of these CDs. Depending on how many people are interested I just might bite the bullet and get the CD burner I've had my eye on!

    It may take a few months until I get it all together but in the meantime please email me and I'll add you to my list of CD requests. Once the discs are sent out naturally I'd appreciate any reasonable donations to help cover the costs of CD blanks and shipping.

    let me know!


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