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Fraggle stuff (plush dolls, puzzles, etc) for sale!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Jelopi, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Jelopi

    Jelopi Active Member

    Hi everyone! I have some Fraggle items available for sale. Some of these items are duplicates or items I no longer want/need in my collection, so I would like to find good homes for them. Please feel free to PM me offers. I can sell them individually or as a lot. I do know what I paid for these items and their general value, so please do not get discouraged if I do not want to sell for that price. I'm not sure how to attach pics on this site, so if you need to see pictures, please send me your email address and I will send them to you. Following are some of the items I have available so far:

    Tomy Sprocket Plush
    Hasbro Softie Wingnut Doozer
    Hasbro Softie Traveling Matt
    Hasbro Softie Gobo with Original Box
    Fraggle Rock (Weekly Reader) Tote Bag
    Playskool Wooden Tray Puzzles
    -Traveling Matt
    Hestair 100 pc Puzzle - Marjorie Trash Heap
    McDonalds Happy Meal Doozer Bulldozer Toy
    Bendy Doozer (missing hat and belt)

    :excited: :coy: :busy:
  2. Quazimoto

    Quazimoto Well-Known Member

    message sent. :coy:
  3. Jelopi

    Jelopi Active Member

    Adding a few more items to the list:

    Tomy Mokey Plush Doll with Tag
    Fraggle Fables Book Set with case (missing 1 book)
    McDonalds Happy Meal Boxes (Mokey box & Wembley box)
    McDonalds Happy Meal Red & Gobo PVCs (not the car ones)
    Fun with Fraggles Coloring Activity Book (unused)
    Fraggles Scrapbook (UK)
    -Meet the Fraggles
    -Adding Fraggles
    -What's a Fraggle
    -Best Friends
    -What do Doozers Do
    -Boober Fraggles Ghosts
    -Mokey & the Festival of the Bells
  4. Rowlfy

    Rowlfy Well-Known Member

    Do you have any Sprocket items available?
  5. Jelopi

    Jelopi Active Member

    Hi Rowlfy! Unfortunately, all those Fraggle Rock items were sold long ago. If I do happen to come across anything Sprocket I will let you know right away.
  6. Rowlfy

    Rowlfy Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I know about Manhattan toys making Fraggle plushies.....
  7. Jelopi

    Jelopi Active Member

    I'll let you know if I come across any of the vintage stuff :)

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