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Froz's art and poems

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Frozann, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

    ... to say, possible poems. None of my poems are dedicated to Muppets, yet :zany:

    I can't say I'm an artist, never been interested much, but out of random idea which came an year ago, I'm save to say I'm somewhat OK with drawing. I'm mostly sketch artist, I'm rare at doing something more.

    For some reasons I don't draw Muppets that often.

    Old Kermit drawing
    A bit newer drawing, stylized Kermit
    Muppet eyes
    My interests
    Traced Blue Frackle (oh, I hope it isn't a crime; if it is, let me know, I'll remove it)
    Old Mokey drawing
    And her newer drawing, plus Wembley

    By the way, I have bunches of Mokey traditional drawing which are waiting to be scanned :concern:
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  2. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I really like these! Very nicely done. Love the stylized/sketched look of them. Very fun and impressive!
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  3. Gloria85

    Gloria85 Member

    Love the one of Mokey and Wembley!
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  4. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

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  5. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

    Thank you guys a lot! :)

    I'm glad that you like my works. I have drawn watercolour Mokey portrait, but my computer doesn't want to allow me to scan it... I'll try again, though.

    New works:

    Mokey portrait, digital one
    Mokey again, a weird drawing
    Muppet sketches, beware, huge size! My favourite here is Blue Frackle and Kermit. However I obviously need to practice Miss Piggy :smirk: Shame on me, she's one of my favourite characters.

    By the way, there's something odd with my feelings towards Mokey. She isn't my very favourite character, but I can't stop adore her personality and attitude. There's something really sweet about her. Maybe it's because she's artist too? Who knows.
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  6. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Well-Known Member

    How can you make those picures on the computer?
    I can't:sympathy:
    Love your portets of Mokey. You have a great own style, man!
    Thanks for posting!
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  7. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

    ilovemusic, oh, don't worry, it may seem to be hard but it is very similar to traditional art. I use a tablet, so it makes the process much easier.

    Here my new drawings/paintings go!

    Boober quick sketch
    First Mokey painting
    Second painting of her; don't mind lacking and partial lacking of the hair in both paintings - my goal was the searching of forms and volume, so I didn't want to work on hair much. And if I won't work much it will ruin everything.
    Drawing of Mokey and Boober, where I sought to capture the poses.

    I have decided to retire from drawing Fraggles and Muppets for some time, because I can become tired of it. :eek:

    So, whole next weeks till the holidays, I will be taken by 'serious' stuff - anatomy studies and so.
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  8. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

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  9. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Wow, I really REALLY love these! ! ! Keep them coming! ! ! :)
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  10. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    loved the Mokey painting! It looks fantastic and definitely Mokey-esque with her hands on her chin in deep thought. Amazing work!
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  11. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

    Thank you a lot guys for keeping me encouraged to draw/paint more Fraggles :coy:

    Quick Mokey painting, too quick! Eyes look a bit off... I love this style, though.
    Boo-bear (pun-title intended), used as an icon for my deviantArt account.
    Wembley painting, I oversized his snout, but still a good (and really fun to do) one :coy:
    Boober without scarf, because I forgot to paint one :smirk: Despite the loss, I think, it's a well-done piece, especially considering the fact it's a quickie, too.
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  12. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

    An update. A poem. Not really about Muppets, neither do I relate it to Fraggle much, but it could be sang by Mokey. Old stuff, actually. January 6. Bear in mind, English is not my native, so I'm not very good at it. :D

    For the artist

    “All alive beings," I spoke,
    “Disclose the sacred affair!
    Pick up the paper and paint a stroke,
    Give it your heart, give it some air.
    Don’t be startled by critics,
    Practise it more and more.
    Ignore words of one who nitpicks
    By finding the respected mentor.
    He will listen to you
    Giving reasonable critique and clue….
    Save it for less lucky days,
    Keep it within your heart
    Until there will be no any praise
    For your lively and sprightly art!"
    My lasting speech was interrupted,
    “It’s useless, it’s a waste!
    It’s nothing about you ranted!
    It got no move, no taste,
    Indeed, it’s an useless thing.
    Why did someone invent this unfair affair?
    Creating pictures from scratch, from nothing,
    It’s a black magic, we’re aware!u201D
    Animal tribe was blind
    To grandeur the art carries…
    Why? I think, it is a jealousy kind.
    Art, like something impossible, like faeries,
    Makes them fascinated and charmed;
    They believe in earthlier matters,
    They believe in place they farmed,
    They become braggers…
    “How can you hold your love
    Inside the soul for years?..
    What can you be sure of
    When you can’t express the feelings for dears?
    It should be a pain, I believe.
    Release your feelings through canvas!
    Think of a goal to achieve,
    Don’t let troubles make your nervous.
    Strive for your goal, strive for your soul,
    Be live for your loved ones, be live for unloved ones!
    They’re in need, they’re bullied,
    You’re a creator, make them slightly greater,
    Portray the reality, but let it remain arty,"
    I ranted enough,
    I vented enough,
    See for yourself
    And endear the world with paint located on paper.
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  13. Frozann

    Frozann Active Member

    A huge update. Since my last update here in this thread I've developed a lot of new skills, art-wisely.
    If I upload all of my Fraggle things, this thread will be sure dead, and it's not that it will be interesting to watch all +100 new pictures :smirk:

    The latest - 100th Mokey portrait
    Because I mostly collect and put all stuff together, here's a link to my scrapbook at dA. There you can find +20 Mokey/Boober (not together!) portraits, Lew Zealand, Kermit, Blue Frackle, random puppet-like creatures, Mildred, unfinished Cantus, and more.
    And +40 dogs

    Yep, you can find even this Mokey portrait which is on my avatar and on my page. It's my favourite, boo. :crazy:
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  14. ilovemusic

    ilovemusic Well-Known Member

    Hah, are you clotus on DA? I loved your painting of Cantus! <33
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  15. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Gorgeously rendered! I admire your mastery of the medium. I love guoash/watercolor but am not very skilled with it...and doing it digitally sounds wonderful, and clearly gives you great results. Ah, I NEED an iPad...sigh...

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