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Fun day at the office???......

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ryhoyarbie, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    As the sun was rising and poking out from the clouds like someone looking through the curtains, various muppets and people who worked at the Up Late with Miss Piggy show were parking their cars and walking in the building. Would it be a regular work day???.........

    " I just can't believe this!" Lips said as he was looking through the newspaper.

    Floyd, who was right next to the trumpet player for the Electric Mayhem, gazed over at him sipping some coffee. "What that's matter? Read something fake in the newspaper?" He shook his head. "That's why there hasn't been any real news since 1994."

    Lips looked at the bass player. Sometimes he didn't know who was more high, him or Zoot. "Nah my brotha. Just can't believe at the weather section. My eyes do not deceive me as I'm looking at the weather. Can you believe the weather parts of Canada are having right now?"

    "So?" Floyd looked on.

    "Well it's cold up there!" Lips exclaimed.

    "It's supposed to be cold right now," Floyd said.

    "Ya, but are they supposed to have the same temperature everyday?" Lips positioned the paper for Floyd to to see. "Look at this here city called Quebec, Floyd. Look at them highs. They're all the same!" Lips shook his head. "If you ask me someone messed up in the weather department. You can't have the same high everyday!"

    "But if that's what the weather department called for, then that's what the highs' for the week are supposed to be," Floyd answered.

    "But the same high everyday, bud?" Lips grumbled. "You're as crazy as the weather people man. C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!"

    Floyd gave Lips a bewildered look. Sometimes he didn't know who was more high, him or Zoot. Floyd grabbed his coffee cup and walked off.

    Kermit was talking in mid conversation with Scooter as they passed by Big Mean Carl. He seemed like he was having a bad morning so far.

    "Yea, this is Up Late with Miss Piggy," Carl said. "So state your business before I have a temper tantrum!"

    Carl's left hand was on the desk. His fingers were moving and dancing around the desk as his right hand was holding the phone. "Uh huh, ya, ya, uh huh....... Well then don't ever watch the show if you think it could be better!" Carl said. "And by the way, shad-up!" He hung up the phone.

    Scooter decided to intervene. "So how's it going so far, Carl?'

    "Oh, I've received a bunch of calls complaining about the show," Carl replied.

    "Is that was set you off?" Kermit asked.

    "Who? Them callers complaining about the show? Nah. I agree with them. This show is terrible!"

    Scooter and Kermit looked at each other confused. "Then why are you in a bad mood?" Scooter wondered.

    "Oh that? My mom called me a little while ago," Carl said. "She just wanted to say how she loves me and misses me, then I said to stop with the gushy stuff and not to call here again. Then I told her to shad-up!" Carl shook his head. "I hate over protective moms who call you at work."

    "Uh ya," Kermit said. "Enjoy your day, Carl."

    Scooter and Kermit continued to walk and move past Carl.

    "Maybe he should go see a psychiatrist or something," Scooter said.

    The phone rang again. "This is Up Late with Miss Piggy," Carl said. "State your business then shad-up!"
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2015
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  2. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    "So, isn't this the day where Robin comes into the office to see what you do?" Scooter asked as he and Kermit walked into Kermit's office.

    "Yea, and I think it's going to be terrific," Kermit replied with a little enthusiasm.

    "Well, I don't know the special occasion," Scooter responded. "I mean this isn't take your child to work day like the fathers and moms do."

    'Well this is take your whatever to work day," Kermit said. "Single people started to complain they couldn't take a relative to their job. So someone just made up a day where they could."

    Scooter nodded in approval.

    Meanwhile in Piggy's office......

    Uncle Deadly was having a difficult time trying to put some pants on the host of the show.

    "Ugh!" Deadly complained as he was getting tired of trying to fit Piggy in some pants. 'What size is this? The one size that doesn't fit Miss Piggy?"

    Piggy grumbled. "Yea, yea, stop complaining Deadly!"

    "I'm not getting paid enough to do this," Deadly sighed.

    Suddenly Bobo the Bear came into the room followed by Sweetums.

    "Here's what you asked for," Bobo said. He was the other bear for the show and worked as the floor manager.

    "Ah good," Deadly said as he stopped trying to fit Piggy in her pants.

    Piggy looked back at her wardrobe assistant. "Wait! What's going on? Deadly, get back here!"

    Uncle Deadly picked up a large set of pliers from Bobo. "The jaws of life! This should put a dent into what I was doing with Piggy," Deadly looked on at the pliers as a glimmer of hope filled his eyes. "Thank you Bobo."

    "Yes sir," Bobo acknowledged. However, he didn't leave the room. He was curious to see if they could help put Piggy's pants on.

    "Say uh, what da ya need me for?" Sweetums replied.

    "Simple, with your size and muscle you're going to hoist the pants onto the talent here with these pliers," Deadly answered.

    Sweetums looked at the pliers as he grabbed them from Deadly. "What if they don't work?"

    "What!" Piggy got defensive. "I heard that!"

    "Then we're going to pray to whatever god is listening so we can get some help from their part," Deadly said. "Good luck." He patted Sweetums on the arm.

    Bobo was behind Deadly letting at a few chuckles.

    "Alright Miss Piggy, here goes nothing!" Sweetums said as he was about to go in and try to pull up her pants.

    "Oh no you're not!" Piggy said as she was no trying to pull up the pants. "I.....can..........do.......this!" She said as she was trying to pull up the pants.

    The other three looked on as they were watching Piggy.

    Deadly let out a delicious smile. "What's a matter Piggy? Pant problems?"

    Piggy was still trying to pull up her pants. "I'm........trying.....to.......put.....these......" Suddenly, she fell on the ground. "Ugh!!!!!!"

    Bobo looked at Piggy. "Careful there so you don't get a carper burn!"

    Deadly looked at Piggy who was breathing heavily. "Can Sweetums use the jaws of life now?"

    Piggy sighed. "Ya, ya."

    Deadly turned to Bobo. "Bobo, make sure no one enters this room and put some tape that has the phrase "do not enter" over the door."

    "Yes sir," the bear responded. "But where am I going to find such tape?"

    Deadly grabbed some pair from one of the pockets inside his jacket. "Right here my boy."

    "How did you get this?" Bobo asked.

    Deadly looked at the bear. "I have my ways of persuasion on people. Now go!"

    Bobo left and shut the door.

    Sweetums had the gigantic pliers already in his hands ready to go.

    "Go get em' big boy," Deadly said as he patted Sweetums.

    "Careful on the skin! I just got a wax job!" Piggy said as she saw Sweetums coming at her pants with the pliers.

    Outside the door, Bobo had put the tape around it. He was also standing guard making sure no one would enter. Other people and various muppets walked by as they heard screams and yelling going on from Piggy, Sweetums, and Deadly.
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  3. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    Kermit was looking over some papers in his office when suddenly the door opened. It was Robin being escorted by Lew Zealand.

    "Here ya go Robin the frog," Lew said as he let Robin enter his uncle's office. "I brought you your nephew Mr. Da Frog."

    Kermit smiled at seeing his nephew. "Thank you Lew."

    Before Lew left, he spoke to Robin. "And later, I can show you my boomerang fish act." Lew got a fish out of a pocket from his pants. He held out right arm that had the fish in it. "I take them and throw them away and.."

    "And thank you, Lew!" Kermit was trying to stop Lew Zealand from destroying something, namely his office. "Thank you so much. Goodbye."

    "Yea, sorry," Lew put the fish back in his pocket.

    "Be sure to clean those pants and throw away that fish while you're at it," Kermit suggested.

    Lew left and closed the door.

    "Uncle Kermit!" Robin came walking over. "It's been a while since I've seen you!"

    Robin and Kermit exchanged hugs.

    "Boy I'll say. You look like you grew," Kermit responded looking at his nephew's size.

    "So I get to see what all you all do today, don't I?" Robin questioned.

    Kermit nodded his head. "Absolutely, you get to see what all goes on at this place."

    "Great!" Robin was excited. "I'm looking forward to it. Thank you Uncle Kermit for inviting me. This is going to be fun!"

    Kermit agreed. "It sure will be."

    Suddenly Denise opened the door. "Oh Kermit sweetie, I need you to sign off on something." Her sweet southern accent was something Kermit loved about her.

    "What is it?" Kermit asked as he was looking over the paperwork.

    "It's about paying off for those damages when the fire department came out a few weeks ago," Denise looked at her boyfriend.

    Kermit's face scrunched up. "Oh yea. I will."

    Denise gave Kermit a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks babe!"

    Kermit was getting a little squeamish from Denise kissing him. She was showing him more of an easy going affection than what Piggy used to show. Suddenly Kermit remembered he needed to do something. "Denise, you haven't met my nephew Robin yet have you?"

    "No I have not," Denise said before turning her attention to Robin. "Oh isn't he adorable! Such a precious thing!" Denise walked up to Robin and gave him a hug. "I'm Denise. I think you and I are going to be really good friends. Your uncle has told me a lot of nice things about you."

    Robin didn't know what to think of Denise since he had known Kermit and Piggy were a couple when he was younger.

    Denise pinched Robin's cheeks. "You're so lovely!" She turned her attention to Kermit. "Well I'll leave you two alone. Good bye love!" Denise blew a kiss to Kermit and left.

    Kermit kind of let out a dopey smile at her after she left. He then turned his attention at Robin who was just staring out him.

    "How could you?"

    "How could I what?" Kermit asked.

    "How could you break up with Miss Piggy?" Robin wanted to finally find out where his uncle had broken up with his longtime girlfriend.

    Kermit sighed. "It's a long story Robin. I don't want to get into it."

    "But you and Miss Piggy have always been together since I was born, but now you two aren't," Robin said. "It just isn't the same."

    Kermit looked at his nephew. These things were just complicated, even for adults. "Adults move on, try new things. I had to do it. It was time for a change."

    Robin, being at a young age, didn't know about the complications of relationships.

    "We've got a morning meeting," Kermit said. He gestured Robin to follow him. "It's time to get things started."
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  4. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    The Lips and Floyd story short story was great. I always knew Lips would be a huge lover of Earth and environmental change. Knowing him, Lips would always have a green thumb. :) Also nice on showing Lips's tone and accent in his voice! Sounds like him from episode 9 2 and 3 from the show! I can definitely see this as a skit on the show
  5. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    Andy and Randy Pig, the dimwitted nephews of Miss Piggy, came walking past Piggy's door where it was guarded by Bobo. They heard various noises as they passed by. Their suspicion got the better of them as they decided to see what was going on.

    "All that noise in there," Randy said.

    "Ooo, ooo, I think I heard a jackhammer," Andy said. "Sounds like a party going on. You know the kind where someone gives you a present, and then your dad tells you to use this and get a job like in construction so you don't have to be in the house doing nothing all day because you're 21."

    Randy nodded. "Dad sure was great with birthday gifts!"

    The two pigs tried to enter past Bobo but were stopped.

    "Sorry, but you can't go in there," Bobo replied.

    The pigs looked dumbfounded, no more than usual.

    "Why?" Andy was questioning.

    "Uncle Deadly's orders," Bobo stated. "If you want to speak to him about it, well....you can't because he's in there and he's busy with Piggy."

    The pigs nodded. "Works for me," the two responded in unison.

    "Say this Uncle Deadly guy," Andy started. "Are we related to him?"

    Randy shrugged.

    "After all his name is UNCLE Deadly," Andy replied. "I think he's one of our distant uncles."

    "He must not like our family because he probably embarrassed by them. That's why he looks differently than us cause he got face surgery," Randy added to what his brother was thinking....................


    Various muppets were at the meeting table. One on side was Pepe, Scooter, Fozzie. Then going down was Zoot, Janice, Floyd, Doctor Teeth, Animal, and Lips. Then circling back around was the Swedish Chef, Lew Zealand, Doctor Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, Sam the eagle, Yolanda. Rizzo, and Gonzo. Andy Pig, Randy Pig, and Chip were behind the band.

    There was the usual chatter as Kermit was trying to get the troops to listen to him. Robin was to his uncle's side.

    "Excuse me," Kermit said. But to his actions nothing happened.

    "Hey everyone," Kermit responded again. Everyone was still talking.

    Finally Robin stepped in. He put two fingers in his mouth and blew. A whistling sound came out that caught everyone's attention....except one.

    "And then he said, hey honey, why don't you come over here and make music with me. And then I said......"

    Everyone was looking at Janice who was still speaking.

    Janice was embarrassed. "Like sorry!"

    Kermit nodded. "Okay, well first of all I like to say good morning to you all."

    Various muppets said good morning.

    Kermit continued. "Second, I have my nephew Robin who is here with us today to see the ins and outs of how this show comes together." Kermit paused for a moment. "By the way Robin, where did you learn to whistle like that?"

    "Frog scout troops," the young frog responded. "We always come up with ways of being prepared for anything. This was being prepared to get one's attention. My teachers in school do the same thing."

    Kermit nodded. "Well good." He looked around and noticed a few people absent. "Say, where's Bobo and Deadly?"

    Randy spoke up. "They're helping Aunt Piggy with something."

    Andy nodded. "Yeah. It's very top secret. That's why Bobo is guarding the door. We suspect Uncle Deadly is getting a makeover by Aunt Piggy."

    Kermit looked confused. "Why do you think he's getting a makeover?"

    "Because he's our uncle and Aunt Piggy is tired of seeing him looking like that and not a pig. She's giving him a makeover," Randy replied.

    "But Deadly isn't anyone's uncle," Kermit was at a loss of words with the two pigs.

    "Then why is he named Uncle Deadly?" Andy and Randy responded in unison to Kermit.

    Kermit just shook his head. "Never mind. Moving right a long." Kermit looked at his notes. "So our main guest star tonight is Mr. Morgan Freeman."

    Everyone started to chat just a little because of the mere mention of Morgan's name.

    "Okay Pepe, Gonzo, and Rizzo," Kermit said. "How are the jokes coming along for Piggy's monologue?"

    "Si, they're about as funny as Fotzie trying to do standup comedy," Pepe replied.

    Gonzo added something on a more positive note. "But we're getting there Kermit. We got 6 more hours to go before the show comes on, so we'll come up with something or die trying."

    "So the same thing we do every day chief," Rizzo looked at Kermit. "We'll die trying." He started to crack up at his own joke.

    Yolanda sighed. "It's a good thing you're so cute, because you don't make funny jokes. You're almost as bad as Fozzie over there."

    Fozzie got offended. "Say, what's wrong with my material?"

    "Oh nothing," Yolanda said. "Unless you like stale material. Personally it reminds me of the stale cheese I bit into last week that I thought was fresh."

    "Hey!" Fozzie was upset.

    Kermit decided to push forward. "Anyway, Doctor Teeth."

    The good doctor who played the piano and was also the leader of the Electric Mayhem looked up. "Welcome to my presence frog. How may I be of applicability to the ever goings on of the boss in question?"

    Kermit continued on. "I want to make sure you all play something lively tonight while we introduce Morgan to the audience."

    "We can do that while blasting this roof with our gentle melodies of sweet harmonies," Doctor Teeth answered.

    "Sweet harmonies, sweet harmonies!" Animal said.

    Suddenly Crazy Harry popped up. "Did someone say bang?!"

    "No!" everyone said in unison knowing full well what Harry was capable of doing.

    Harry shook his head and sighed. "Tough crowd." He walked away.

    "Yea, any who. That's all I have so it'll be business as usual today," Kermit said to the troops. "So Robin's going to go around and see what all you all do. So it should be a real educational experience for him."

    Robin was getting really excited to see what all happens with these people.
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