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Funny Fozzie

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FraggleFrick, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! This will be a muppet fic centered around Fozzie.

    Chapter 1
    Fozzie rushed into Kermit's office. The frog crinkled his mouth in disapproval. "No jokes right now, Fozzie." The bear still tried. He squeaked a rubber horn. "Waka, waka! Hey Kermit The FROG! Phone call for Kermit the..." The bear stopped, knowing something was wrong. Kermit sighed. "Fozzie, I'm trying to get work done! You and your silliness sometimes delays any of it getting done!" The bear jumped back in fear, not knowing what he had done wrong. He dashed out the door and hid behind his bucket of props. He wiped the tears rolling down his cheeks. Had Kermit really yelled at him? What did he do wrong? Maybe it was time he grew up. Fozzie looked over at his rubber chicken. "Squeak..." he squeezed it. He threw it behind his desk. He looked through all his annoying props... They were just toys! Why was he such a baby? He packed up his toys and took them to the nearest thrift shop. He set them down gently on the table. The woman gently smiled at him. "Thank you for your donation, sweetie." She smiled at him. "I love your tie! So colorful and playful!" she chuckled. Fozzie looked down at the tie he had worn for years. "Colorful and playful?" He thought he had been professional! He ripped the babyish tie off and set it on the counter as well. He stormed out the door, leaving the lady in confusion. He sniffed away his tears, and hopped back in his car. He drove to a snazzy men's store and picked out a suit and red tie. He longed to go buy some zany clothes, but he resisted the urge. He put on the suit and tie, and walked out of the store like a business man. He was proud of himself, but also kind of sad. He decided that he was going to become a different person. All day, Fozzie practiced his new serious voice. He looked in the mirror and put one furry paw in front of him, slightly cocking his head to one side. He grabbed the one prop he had left. A pair of spectacles. He put them on, but this time he wasn't playing jokes. He was wearing them. He walked into Gonzo's room, and showed his new personality off. Gonzo didn't recognize him at first. "Listen, are you one of Fozzie's relatives? His office is back there." Fozzie bit on the end of his spectacles. "You have been mistaken, sir. I am the man you speak of." Fozzie blurted. Gonzo laughed. "Oh, Foz! You're always cracking jokes!" Fozzie frowned. His voice slipped out. "Gonzo! In trying to be like this!" Gonzo opened his mouth. " But, but, what happened to the old Fozzie?" Fozzie turned around dramatically. " That is of the past, good sir. You now may call me Mr. Bear. I find first names so unsophisticated, don't you agree?" Gonzo still stared in shock. He couldn't believe his eyes! Or his ears! He rushed to Kermit's office. "Kermit, Kermit! Fozzie's lost his mind!" Kermit turned around. "I know! He keeps annoying me! And so are you!" Gonzo groaned. "But Kermit! He's in a suit!" Kermit looked out the window. "Gonzo, Fozzie's still himself." Fozzie walked in at that moment. "Hello, gentlemen." Gonzo's face turned out of frustration. "I told you so." ​

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