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Gonzo Puppet by Terry Angus

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by ButchCat, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang,

    Years ago I made prototype Gonzo posers for Master Replicas. The massed produced products turned out different than the prototypes I made for them. What some people didn't know was that I was tricked in to loaning the Gonzo that I had made for myself out to help Master Replicas get the right shape of the head for their product and I never got it back. I was told that they lost it... Riggght! I was all out of the foam block to carve the head out of and with Roger's foam jacking their min order price right up to $800.00. I wasn't able to make myself a Gonzo for a very long time....... Until now with help from a friend I was able to get the foam block by piggy backing it on his order.

    Now years later finally I have my own Gonzo all finished and with an eye mechanism. I thought that you guys would like to see it. Enjoy and have fun everyone.

    Terry Angus

  2. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    LOVE IT!!! You're so good at building foam puppets, Terry! Say, I just saw a special Muppet Movie Sing Along at Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts. They used a rod mechanism with a Gonzo replica dangling on balloons when that part of the movie happened! :concern: Still, you can build him better, so like to you!! :)
  3. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Great work, Terry! He looks so much better than the MR Gonzo I have standing on my desk. In fact, I think he looks better than the ones we've seen on the screen recently. I especially appreciate the two-eye mechanism, which lets him look surprised or excited. Nowadays it seems like they only build that into one eyeball, foregoing excitement for a more sardonic expression.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  4. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    A true work of art, in every sense of the word!
  5. jvcarroll

    jvcarroll Well-Known Member

    You should be designing the current Gonzo. This is the little blue fella I remember.
    KermieBaby47 and Reevz1977 like this.
  6. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    I second that one!! Anyone who doesn't love the work of the awesomely talented Mr Angus, doesn't love the Muppets!! He makes them how they should be made!! Puppet Heap should have him on speed dial!! I'd take Terry's Fozzie over their inferior knock off any day!!
    KermieBaby47, jvcarroll and theSHE124 like this.
  7. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I saw this great puppet on Facebook, but I didn't know about the surprise eye mechanism!! He is worth the wait!!
  8. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    Looks just phenomenal! He's even wearing the same tux that came with the MR-produced Gonzo!
    theSHE124 likes this.
  9. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    If anybody is in the position to purchase a Puppet, I HIGHLY recommend Terry and would stake my reputation on him. Simply put, he's one of the kindest, honest and most creative people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend his work enough!! His talent goes beyond words, go take a look at his work, you will be amazed!
    Phillip likes this.
  10. Muppetboy09

    Muppetboy09 Well-Known Member

    This is why I get really excited whenever Mr. Angus makes a new puppet. Amazing Job, once again!!!
  11. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Wow! Thank you guys for the wonderful comments.

    Take care all,

    Terry Angus
    KermieBaby47 and theSHE124 like this.
  12. ElecMayhem

    ElecMayhem Well-Known Member

    As someone who worked closely with Terry on the MR Muppet line, I can definitely confirm that (a) his work is top notch and (b) he truly is one of the kindest, most talented, professional individuals I've ever had the good fortune to cross paths with.

    And once again Terry, I am so sorry that your Gonzo head went missing. I feel partly responsible for that, even though I wasn't the one who "borrowed" it, and I certainly don't have it... The person who WAS responsible for it is someone I haven't spoken to or heard anything from in over 5 years. I wonder if that person has it... That would be my assumption, as this indivdual selling all kinds of MR prototypes and rarities online after parting ways with the company...

    Anyway, it still bugs me to this day how far the final product differed from Terry's wonderful Gonzo prototype. I fought so hard to not have that sock on his nose, and to find another solution... Obviously, it was a losing battle. But oh well, water under the bridge at this point...

    The new Gonzo looks killer, Terry. Of course, I want one! ;)
  13. rowlfy662

    rowlfy662 Well-Known Member

    oh man this is amazing i want it in my house awesome work always impressive :)
    theSHE124 likes this.
  14. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Great job on Gonzo! :concern:
  15. Sprocket77

    Sprocket77 Well-Known Member

    The greatest Gonzo replica I've ever seen.
    theSHE124 likes this.
  16. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone. I'll be posting answers later this week, after the Auction to the Bat Puppet is done.

    Take care all
    FrackleFan2012 likes this.
  17. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    I have a general puppet-making question. As it's not relevant to this Gonzo and may wander into "tricks of the trade" territory feel free to answer it or not, as you wish.

    I've been making puppets, mostly Fraggles, for fun. I'm trying to make them as well as I can, and one thing that's been a bit tricky is the mouths, specifically how the hand works them. Obviously you don't want the fingers to push up against the underside of the nose when they open their mouths; it feels sloppy and can distort the face. I've been attaching a strap to the inside of the upper jaw for the fingers to slip under (or some under and some over for a more exact grip) but that's not always stable, and tends to stiffen a mouth that is supposed to be more flexible. So...can you give me any hints as to ways to keep the puppeteer's hand stable in there?
  18. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Unbelievable! You have such an enormous amount of creative talent! I absolutely adore this one, it is like, so spot on! Magnificent work, keep it up!
    theSHE124 likes this.
  19. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    It really saddens me that we never got a good product like the one Terry made. And the money that we all put out for this thinking we where going to get what the prototype looked like until it arrived and then we realized it wasn't anything close to the original.

    Very sad moment in the MR days.
    theSHE124 and Muppetboy09 like this.
  20. ElecMayhem

    ElecMayhem Well-Known Member

    This is ancient history so I am not sure why I am being ever-so-slightly-defensive, but
    to be fair, the images posted prior to the Gonzo being made available for pre-order were not Terry's amazing prototypes, but the final product, as evidenced by this thread which you started, MuppetCaper:


    Click on the images in that 6+ year old thread -- they're still live. Those are not Terry's prototypes. You even comment on the fact that it's the "sock nose" Gonzo, and go on to say that you cannot wait to pre-order him. I am not angry or anything, but I think it's slightly unfair to say that we pulled some kind of a switcheroo. Yes, we did show Terry's beautiful prototype images when they first came in. But we also showed lots of development images as the product went through the various stages of production, and provided images of the final product before taking anyone's money.

    Was I completely happy with the final product? No I was not. But did we provide people with an accurate representation of what they would be getting? I would say that yes we did. In fact, if anything, I got roasted publicly because some of my publicity shots were poorly posed, and a lot of fans were taking even better pictures with their actual products.

    Sorry to be defensive. :)

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