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Hensonville 2011 Guide

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Room #15

    Upon entering room #15, you will immediately have three choices. You can go through the door on your left, go through the door on your right, or just go straight (no door involved). Let us start by going right, shall we?

    Once you enter the door to the right, you will find yourself placed in the bathroom, a room with light yellow wallpaper and a checkered pattern on the floor. Straight ahead is the toilet, to your right is the sink, a mirror hanging above, and to your left is the bathtub. Directly above the toilet you will find a rack hanging on the wall with three shelves, the top shelf for Bobo, the middle shelf for Beau, and the bottom shelf for Hubert. The contents of the shelf is as follows:

    Bobo's shelf: a rubber duckie, scrub brush, blue soap dish (with soap inside), hairdryer (for some strange reason), tweezers, and nail clippers

    Beau's shelf: small handheld mop (just in case), red soap dish (with soap inside), and comb

    Hubert's shelf: green soap dish (with soap inside) and comb

    On the sink counter, there is a toothbrush holder, housing three toothbrushes, each color coded in the same way as the soap dishes. There is also a towel rack on the wall beside the rack, which holds color coded towels. In the corner, between the shower and the toilet, lies a door which leads to a small storage closet which houses a wide variety of holiday decorations and other useless items that the three somehow brought.

    When you go through the door to the left after entering the apartment, you will face a wall. Do a little 90 degree spin, and you will be facing a wide hallway, the kitchen. Counters and cupboards line each wall, with an island sitting in the center. The right wall also houses the refrigerator, while the left wall houses the stove and dishwasher.

    The final choice upon entering, going straight, leads you to the living room, a room with white walls and a blue carpet. Along the back wall is a television set in a stand, equipped with side cupboards that house a Wii and Hubert's extensive DVD collection. A purple, 3 cushioned couch faces the TV. There is also another, one seated chair diagonal to the couch, and a table in between the couch and TV, which is often used to set snacks on or play games on. There is a shelf in the room that also holds entertainment items, such as board games and puzzles. An vintage lamp sits in the corner. On the left wall (left after walking straight into the living room), you will find a small coat closet. On the right wall (right after walking straight into the living room), there are three doorways, leading to the bedrooms of the three tenants.

    When you turn to face the doorways, the one farthest to the right is Beau's room. When walking into this room, to the left is Beau's bed, a single bed with a blue blanket on it, neatly made. Beside his bed is a smaller, rectangular bed, in which Belleregard, his prized mop, lies. There is a dresser across the room with a few small items such as Beau's harmonica and some puppets. A closet is also in the room.

    Bobo's room, the room in the middle, is painted blue with yellow carpeting. His room has almost an identical setup as Beau's. A large, framed photo of Cindy Crawford hangs over his bed. His closet features his clothing, such as his security guard outfit, pajamas, and some other varied outfits, including a very nice sailor's suit.

    Hubert's room is set up the same way as the other two, only his closet is on the opposite wall. The room has orange walls and a green carpet, with a nightstand beside his bed. His dresser features a wide variety of Muppet items, the rest of which are located on a shelf set up in his room. Posters line the walls, as follows:

    1. An I Love Lucy cast poster, featuring Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel.
    2. A Dick Van Dyke cast poster, featuring Rob, Laura, and Richie Petrie, Sally, Buddy, and Mel.
    3. A Leave It to Beaver poster, featuring the Cleaver family.
    4. A poster Andy Taylor, Barney, Opie, and Aunt Bee, from the Andy Griffith Show.
    5. A poster of Ralph and Alice Kramden from the Honeymooners.
    6. A poster of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas from Green Acres.

    Something is very peculiar about Hubert's closet, because it is connected to Bobo's closet, so that if the two both looked past their clothes, they could see each other opposite them.

    And that concludes our tour of room #15.
  2. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Apartment 0
    When you first walk into the apartment you notice a very elegant like dining room yet with a sense of urbanization. The floors are a very glossy cherry wood, and the walls are a soft, ballerina pink color. Along the walls are beautiful pictures of expensive art imported from Paris, and some of the pictures are of the city of Brooklyn. Above the breathtaking tri-sofa, is what seems to be a cute little portrait of Elizabeth, Little Murray Sparkles, and Bridget.

    Bridget’s Bedroom
    Bridget’s bedroom has a very classy theme, with A LOT of pink. Her walls are strictly hot pink, with a white border at the bottom and top of the room. Just as the living room, her bedroom floors are a glossy cherry wood. Under her enormous queen-sized bed, (which happens to have a Miss Piggy comforter), is a circle shaped, fuzzy rug to match the border of her bedroom. In front of her bed, is a very Hollywood like vanity with pictures of all of her closest Muppet friends and human relatives along the mirror. There is an endless amount of cosmetic products on top of the vanity of all different shapes and colors, and of course a perfectly framed picture of her favorite Muppet of all time- Kermit. Due to the fact that she is a diehard musical fan, there are many posters of her favorite Broadway productions including Wicked, The Lion King, and Annie. Her clothes are perfectly arranged in an organized manner by color in her walk-in closet, as well as her stylish shoes. Her Muppet collection is displayed on the top of her tall, white bookshelf to the right of her vanity. The collection includes several figurines, Muppet books, movies, and products.
    *She also has a removable doorknob sign that can be reversed. On one side, it reads: “Princess Bridget at your service”, and on the other, “DO NOT DISTURB.”

    Elizabeth & Little Murray Sparkles
    Elizabeth is very much attached to her little fur ball of joy Little Murray Sparkles, therefore, he resides in the same room as her so that they are never apart. Being that Elizabeth is from the city of Brooklyn, her bedroom has many pictures of the skyscrapers of New York. Unlike her roommate Bridget, she prefers more neutral, nature colors such as forest green and autumn leaf red. Her bed, (which is rather small), wears a white and red plaid comforter, similar to the pattern on her signature dress. She has a small wooden dresser and stool, two wide windows in the back of her room, and a cute little spot in the corner prepared for Little Murray Sparkles to rest. His resting spot is kept company by his water bowl, little box, and a few squeaky toys.

    Baby Natasha
    This cute baby monster being babysat by Bridget while her parents are away, lives in a very cozy girly themed nursery! The main attraction of her adorable bedroom is her pink crib in which she sleeps tightly in every single night, after being rocked to sleep. Above it is a mobile made of little stars and crescents. There is also a mini bookshelf when you first walk in, which holds a collection of children’s books including, Muppet Babies, The Monster at the End of This Book, etc.
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