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Hensonville Guide

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Apartment #14

    As you walk into the apartment the walls colors is brownish. You can see a couch up against the west wall of the room. To the right of the couch is a lazy boy with a few stains. Over to the north wall is where the TV sets. A satulite recivier, vcr and a DVD recorder set right under the tv on the stand. On the floor next to the tv stand is my Wii with several games. Above the tv on the wall is a picture of Grover, Herry, Cookie Monster and me of when were staying together way back in the day.

    To the north of the living room is the kitchen. A fridge stands over to the east of the wall. Several cabnits above the sink and other below it. A sharp black dishwasher to the right of the sink. Right above the sink is a little window with a black colored curtins.

    My Bedroom: A little tv sits on a high dresser with clothes spewing over. The bed sits up against the wall but out in the middle of the room. One poster on the back of my door is of Kim K. too. A computer sit right near the bed so it's easier to type while sitting on the worng side of the bed. Haven't gotten everything up on the wall or most of my DVD collection up either.

    Homer Honker's room is just right on the other side of wall right next to my room. His room has lots of horns because he enjoys playing them but he isn't that good yet. His bed spread has horn shaped musical notes. A small tv sits on a desk with a labtop on it.

    Right down the hall from mine and Homer's room is the bathroom. Your typical on a toilet and a bathtube. A little sink right beside the toilet.

    Over from the bathroom is Marlon Fraggle's room. It's pretty small only to have a little dug out hole in the wall with a blanket and a small pillow. There's also a small sized Fraggle hole right behind a box that was left from some other resident. Nothing else is in his room expect for some of Wembley's drawing that he gave Marlon.

    Oscar's trash can sit right outside the house. A few crates, trashcans and trashbags filled with god knows what.

    The house's color is a grayish brown with lots of windows all over.

    That's pretty much the whole house. I'll update everyonce in awhile.
  2. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    Apartment 2

    The first room you enter has light cream/beige walls. Near the door is a small peg holding Maggie's leash. There is a television set hooked up to a VCR/DVD, a Wii, and a Nintendo 64 against the wall across from the door. There is a large wooden bookshelf with three shelves to the right of the door. The bottom shelf has several DVDs, the middle shelf has video cassettes, and the top shelf and the top of the bookshelf is full of books.

    On the right of this room is the kitchen. It has light green walls and a black and white checkerboard tile floor that is fun to slide across after mopping. ;D It has the normal kitchen things, oven, microwave, toaster, etc. and a large circular table rests in the center.

    On the left of the first room is a hallway. It is in the shape of a capital letter "L" and goes around the front room and kitchen. The walls are a bare white with a few lights down the hall. The floor is carpeted and often littered with random junk. There are several doors leading to all the rooms.

    My room has black walls with scarlet curtains over a window with pictures and posters lining the walls. The pictures include friends and family, and the posters include Muppeteers, classic Disney animation, and various celebrities. The closet is mostly filled with tee shirts and jeans with a few school uniforms and fancier outfits. The bed is covered with a furry burgundy blanket and a plushie of the Cheshire Cat from the original animated Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. In the corner is a desk with several pencils, some paper, and a few dictionaries and thesauruses, and a small figurine of a wolf pack.

    Right down the hallway is Delilah's room. Her walls are invisible under all the posters for bands and singers such as the Electric Mayhem, The Beatles, Elton John, and Bowling for Soup. There is a large stack of CD's in the corner next to a large stereo, however, Sam makes her keep the volume down or wear headphones. Her closet is full of bright colorful outfits including rhinestone studded jean jackets, leather pants, and rubber gel bracelets. Her bed is left unmade with the blankets rumpled on the mattress. There is a small wooden desk with a lava lamp faintly glowing and a notebook covered in small scribbles and doodles, containing fragments of lyrics and some poetry.

    Philo and Gunge share a smaller room, which resembles a rockstar's trashed hotel room. There are several pieces of crumpled up papers and rotting food scattered across the room. They always scavenge through the rooms in search of more garbage to add to their room, much to Sam's displeasure.

    Maggie has another one of the smaller rooms. Her walls are a bright magenta, matching her pet bed. She has a drawer full of collars, bandannas, hats, and sunglasses. There are several squeaky toys, tennis balls, and old shoes on the floor. On the walls are several pictures of famous canines including Rowlf, Sprocket, Lassie, and Rin Tin Tin.

    Sam is always sure to keep his room as clean as he possibly can. The walls are decorated with as many patriotic objects he could find, including a large flag and a calender of famous people in American history. He has an old-fashioned typewriter on a small end table right next to his bed, which has a red, white, and blue hand sewn quilt on top.

    The second level contains a large attic which has been divided into three parts by lines made of pieces of duct tape on the floor: Half of it was used for the storage of random objects, some of which quite clearly hadn't seen the light of day in several decades; a quarter of it is used by Delilah as a recording studio of sorts. A few instruments such as a guitar, a keyboard, and a clarinet line one wall while a microphone stand stands in front of a chair taken from the kitchen table; the last quarter is used by Aly, so she could work on puppetry without freaking out her roommates too much.
  3. beakerfan76

    beakerfan76 Well-Known Member

    Room 16- Frank Townhouse
    The main room is the biggest. It has red damask wallpaper with wood paneling line the walls. Has several furniture items, television with satellite, as well as several knick-knacks like pictures on the walls, shelves with DVDs and curtains above the entrance to the hall and the windows. In other words, it looks like a variation of the Muppet Theatre decor.

    My room basically is a continuation of the main theme. My room also has a TV with several video game systems ranging from an Atari to a Wii. A few instruments are inside like a couple of guitars, a bass, and a keyboard. My room also has a computer, a king-size bed, and rock band posters around the room.

    Mokey and Wembley share a room. The room is a far cry from the general theme of the overall rooms, but still retaining the organization the other rooms have, despite being a little cozy, but big enough to accommodate two fraggles. It is filled with art supplies, a desk, and a bed. The decor style is similar to their original rooms, but with the addition of electricity. It does have a window for looking out.

    Simon's room continues the main theme of the overall room, with a different colored wallpaper.

    Continuation of the above:

    Simon is sharing a room with Cantus. The room is themed after music and sound, two items these guys know quite well, though with the same decor theme as the rest of the home.
  4. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Apartment #17

    The entrance leads you into the living room/lounge area. Pretty intense...; The walls are painted forrest green, and the carpeting is an ochre color w/ a zebra fur rug thrown on top. There's also a flat screen plasma t.v sitting on top of an antique marble table from the 1920's; surrounded w/ photos and portraits of Link Hogthrob and Raquel Porkbelly's (my O.C Muppet/Link's girlfriend/wifey XP) family, and one photo of the "pigs in space" cast. There will also be a worn-out fake leather sofabed from the 1980's, w/ a blanket fleece thrown on top for it's perfection, and a coffee table in the center of the room w/ a bouquet of pansies, a copy of "Miss Piggy's Guide to Life", and Rolling Stone magazines on top. Some extras includes two ancient bronze statues of female sows; between them is a window, a tall and artificial floor lamp, a bean bag chair for Angie (me X3),and posters of Farrah Fawcett, Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky Balboa), Raquel Welch, Miss Piggy, Clint Eastwood, and the cast of Pigs in Space on the walls. :)

    Again, when you enter the apartment, it leads to into the living room, but if you go left, it leads you into the dining area. The dining room has a huge table, w/ a nice golden; pig printed table cloth, w/ six chairs total; surrounded by a nice glowing crystal chandelier that sparkles the whole room (it's pretty at night X3). One side of the wall features an old china closet from the Victorian era, w/ a nice collection of antique pig figurines and chinaware. The next wall features two more bronze statues of two female sows, and between them is an antique credenza; on top is an ipod stereo player/charger for entertainment during meals. The walls are painted a royal red color, and the carpeting is an golden arch color, and on top of the ceiling is a chain of roses, that's hooked on top.

    Then we move on into the kitchen. The kitchen is quite narrow and small. As you enter in the kitchen; on the left hand side, there's an old oven, stove, and dishwasher from the 1970's. On the right hand side, there's a cabinet of storage for their swill (appetizing...eh? XP), and a refrigerator w/ random photographs of the dorm family, another chain of flowers hooked onto the ceiling, a window, a radiator, and a small glass table of fake roses; inside a nice artificial vase, and a black and white photo of Raquel's family portrait, features her parents, her older bro and herself from her childhood years. The kitchen cabinets are all made of old maple wood; inside is a whole thing of kitchenware, and the walls are all old and cracked, and the floor has tiled black and white checkers, w/ a green rug, thrown on top, and can't forget....the Pigs in Space sigma cookie jar, and a curvy candle stick figure of my beloved Raquel Porkbelly. XP

    As you exit the kitchen, then you make a right into the main hallway, where the 3 bedrooms, closet, and bathrooms are located. The walls in the hallway are painted blue, w/ a giant portrait of Captain Link Hogthrob and pinup art of Raquel Porkbelly, posing; wearing a knee-length skimpy flapper dress; while chattin' on the one of those old-fashioned phones.

    Annie Sue and Angie's (my) bedroom ^__^ : The walls are going to be painted yellow, and the carpeting is light pink, w/ a giant red heart-shaped rug thrown on top. I have a twin-size bed, w/ two fluffy pillows, and several decorated pillows, including a blue glittering star-shaped pillow, a pink kitty cat pillow, and a Betty Boop pillow; I have a white 1970's styled quilt w/ printed flowers; the quilt ends are red and white checkers, and my sheets are a light blue floral pattern. And don't forget....my HUGE collection of stuffed animals and thing-a-ma-bobs! Featuring ion my nightstand are two bottles of perfume, a digital alarm clock, a picture of my senior photo, lip gloss, a cell phone, my ipod nano, a vintage bar of Miss Piggy sculptured soap, several bracelets and earrings, and an antique lamp of a Victorian lady with a beautifully made Victorian lamp shade made from pink satin and silk, w/ beautiful ruby rhinestones dangling. Annie Sue also has a twin-size bed, w/ a Victorian-styled quilt; light pink and white striped sheets, a giant fluffy-puffy hot pink pillow, and a plush bunny rabbit in a Victorian-styled dress. Annie Sue's nightstand features a collection of viking love stories, lip-gloss, a photo of Kermit the Frog, an autograph photo of Leo Sayer, a Victorian-styled gas lamp, and a hair brush. My bedroom also features posters of Journey, Boston, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Jesse McCartney The Beatles, Laurel and Hardy, Cyndi Lauper, Aqua, and Babe the pig. I also have a stereo, w/ a built in CD player, and a HUGE collection of CDs all over the place; and we have a HUGE pile of clothing all over the floor...it's a pig sty! XP There is also a white shelf that features porcelain dolls, body care, nail care, and a few books/magazines. I also have my own personal laptop that I share w/ Annie Sue. *^__^*

    Dr. Julius Strangepork's bedroom: Probably the most complicated room to describe...meh! here I go...X3 Well the walls are painted black, and the floor is made out of steel XP, and he has a twin-size steel bed w/ a fluffy white pillow, and a cozy dark blue fleece throw w/ stars, moons and rocket ships. On one side of the room features his lab w/ loads of unusable, hazardous, and unstable inventions, and robots. He has the MAMA robot on one corner of the room, and several science fiction posters featuring Star Wars, Star Trek Lost in Space, MST3K, and Leela from Futurama. Not too much to describe there, so whee :D

    Link Hogthrob (and Raquel Porkbelly's) bedroom: The master bedroom of the apartment. The walls are painted a natural silky romantic red color, and the carpeting is a turtle green color. The 2 have a nice comfy queen-size bed, w/ two fluffy white pillows and cute and romantic (psh!...why romantic? XP) pillow decorations including hearts, candies, "I <3 U's" and Teddy Bears! They have a nice stain red and black stain bedding set, w/ 2 more elegant pillows and fancy sheets...and don't forget Link's favortie dolly....say hello, Mister Teddy! :D They have their wedding portrait on the wall, above the bed, along w/ the iconic Farrah Fawcett bikini poster, and the Pigs in Space cast poster on Link's side of the wall, and a poster of John Travolta in "Urban Cowboy" on Raquel's side of the wall. Raquel has a nightstand, where she has a lamp, alarm clock, nail polish, and her wedding ring. On another side of the wall, there is a huge antique dresser where there clothing is in, on top is Raquel's jewelry box, makeup, nailcare, bodycare, and perfume collection, and Link's aftershave lotion, comb, mirror, robe, and cologne collection; also an old dial television w/ bad static and a boquet of roses....w/ a collection of rubber duckies from Link. The giant closet contains costumes that Link had worn during the Muppet Show years, including his Pigs in Space Captain's uniform, and his Bear on Patrol Cheif's uniform, and Raquel's collection of showgirl costumes, pantyhose, and shoes are in there too, including her favorite dark blue stain robe, and the red stain one w/ the white feather boa trimming. There is a light on the center of the room's ceiling. There is also a crib and bassinet for the new baby; Raquel is currently 3 months pregnant...:O (AWSH <33)

    Yes, there are also two bathrooms; one for everyone to use, and one connected in Link and Raquel's room, and a mini laundromat is included in this household.
  5. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Apartment 6:
    Living room has a couch, a chair with an ottoman and a recliner. TV with a DVD player. Piano with sheet music on it. A stereo with a DVD player is also there.
    Kitchen:small but comfortable Toaster oven next to a microwave.
    Table with four chairs. Gaffer's food and water dish are in the corner.
    Grover's: Blue with a white dresser.It has a picture of his mom on it. Light blue sheets on his bed with a red plaid blanket.
    Rosita's :Mint green with a poster of Mexico on the wall. Flowered sheets on her bed. A white bedside table has a picture of her & her family. Her guitar is in the corner of her room.
    Prairie's: Light purple. A poster of piano keys with a rose across them is on the wall.She has piano books neatly stacked side by side on her tan desk with a picture of her parents and herself.Her bed has sheets with musical notes on them.
    My room: Light pink. A framed autographed strip of Garfield is on my wall. My computer desk is next to my bed,which has flowers on a light blue background. Pictures of my family are on my computer desk and on my dresser.

    Edit to Apt 6:
    Chef's room:
    Tan VERY tidy
    A map of Sweden on the wall. Bookshelf with many cookbooks on it
    His bed has white sheets and a blue blanket.

    FINAL addition to Room 6:
    Robin's Room:
    Painted in green (naturally) The sheets on Robin's bed are green & brown.On Robin's dresser are trophies & awards he won in Frog Scouts a picture of him & Sweetums a picture of his Uncle Kermit & a picture of his parents

    P.S.added by robin when kathy wasn't looking: a picture of my "substatoot famaly" here in apartmint 6
  6. Lil0Vampy

    Lil0Vampy Well-Known Member

    :o This is long past due...

    Room #11

    Living room: The walls are blue-grey, with medium colored wooden floors. There is a large comfy couch, two armchairs, and a TV. A bookshelf sits on the east wall, filled with books, DVDs, and photo albums.

    Liza’s room: Has purple walls are white carpet. A full-sized bed with a violet comforter is pushed against a wall. A white dresser, a desk with a laptop and various drawings on it, a stereo, and a large Guinea Pig cage are also in the room.

    Johnny and Sal’s room: This room is easily the largest, with burgundy walls and dark wooden floors. A luxurious king-sized bed with satin sheets takes up a good part of the room . Posters of crooners are plastered around the room, most of them of Tony Bennett. A large dresser and a large closet are both filled with Johnny’s clothes. A light green hammock sits in one corner, with a small nightstand next to it.

    Gonzo and Camilla’s room: The walls are royal blue, with light blue carpet. A single bed with a racecar comforter is pushed against a wall, and a large nest is in the opposite corner. Random objects, like fire extinguishers and half-eaten tires, lay strewn around the room. A dresser with a large dead fish sitting on top of it is against one of the walls.

    Guest room: A simple room for anyone who wants to stay over, a twin bed, a nightstand, a lamp, a desk, a dresser.

    Rec Room: A room for pretty much anything. The room has pale yellow walls and medium wood floors. A dart board is on one wall, although all of the darts are stuck into the wall around it. A poker table sits in the middle of the room, and a chess board and chairs a pushed against a wall. Several shelves of board games are messily stacked.

    The apartment also has a small laundry room and one bathroom.

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