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How to make Eating Puppet Mouth

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Greedo, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Greedo

    Greedo New Member

    I was debating in my head for a very long time how to achieve the puppet allusion of consuming, like Cookie Monster's mouth. I know the mouth has some kind of hole surreptitiously placed in it so that objects can fall into the puppet (and often on the puppeteer's head). But I have no idea where. Does anyone here know the secret of the consuming puppet mouth?
  2. I believe the hole or slit is cut in the very back of the mouth, in the center right where the crease is (or where the top and bottom halves of the mouth meet together

    I think the wider you make the slit, the bigger the hole will be when you open the mouth. You could always make a black fabric chute and attach it on the inside of the puppet around the mouth hole so people only see black when the puppet is eating.
  3. Greedo

    Greedo New Member

    Fabulous! I was wondering how this allusion could be achieved without exposing the puppeteer's hands. Thanks for the advice!:halo:

    SUPERPUPPET New Member

    Make a hole in the back of the mouth but sew a pouch that hangs next to your hand so it falls off to the side.:insatiable:

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