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How to price your puppets

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Buck-Beaver, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. RubbeRoomStudio

    RubbeRoomStudio Well-Known Member

    i finally got a chance to check this out... this is awesome...
    Thanks Buck
  2. dkmontgomery

    dkmontgomery Well-Known Member


    Where would you say the best place is to sell custom made puppets? :)
  3. dkmontgomery

    dkmontgomery Well-Known Member

  4. gfarkwort

    gfarkwort Well-Known Member

    I'm just saying that if you want to make money building custom puppets and you rely on ebay....it isn't the best choice.

    However, I do think it is a good place to build a reputation as a quality builder to a larger community an example being Jarrod Butcher.
  5. dkmontgomery

    dkmontgomery Well-Known Member

    Totally understand. I was just curious about other avenues for selling puppets. Thanks!:D
  6. kafkathedog

    kafkathedog New Member

    Great post Buck - caught it on puppetvision blog.

    How about a pricing guide for puppeteering, how much do people charge? who are members of equity? should rates be variable depending on whether performance is being recorded?
  7. Puppettown

    Puppettown Member

    Thanks! Really helped a lot!
  8. IgorPonweed

    IgorPonweed Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I am planning to sell some puppets soon. I will post some pictures soon.
  9. TravelTravel

    TravelTravel Member

    Last year I got into a bidding war on ebay for a character that looked great and was unique. The seller was happy and surprised to see his puppet sell for a good price. Several things worked in his favor: he avoided flooding the market (only listed one puppet at a time), he used multiple photos to show how expressive the puppet can be, and he simply built a good looking puppet.

    So ... while it's true that ebay is often the hunting ground of people looking for bargains, I have been willing to spend above average dollars for a good item.
  10. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    i do think eBay is a good place to start... and it surely makes the cookie cutter puppets look like garbage. Especially if you have the skills. Take several recent auctions that have just ended... They went for some big bucks. I do warn you, bid on a puppet that is actually completed... There is a person on eBay who continually lists puppets in the $300 to $1000 range and says will be built in the next 3-4 months. (If you are on this forum, then I apologize to you in advance... I see people knock out pro style puppets in a weekend, so 3-4 months is a bit ridiculous!)

    I know that this is not the thread for this, but I was responding to the post above. (by gfartwort) If i had tons of money and skill... I would certainly use eBay as a way to sell my puppets and get my name out there... the only problem I have, is that once I complete one... it would be like selling a child! :)
  11. wes

    wes Well-Known Member

    I understand but I try make sure that they are going to a good home.
  12. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    well the 4 I have made... so far... will remain in my permanent collection!
    Than any others I may sell... when the time comes.... sigh
  13. biblebetty

    biblebetty Well-Known Member

    hi everyone! I tried the links and I keep getting an error.
  14. Onath

    Onath Well-Known Member

    Woot, Just sold my first puppet! Thanks to this thread.
  15. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

  16. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I put this current link into the first post of this thread to hopefully continue with no further confusion.
  17. Da Dogster

    Da Dogster Active Member

    I need some help

    I will be posting in Ebay one of my puppets that I will sell.
    I will also post a pic in the room on what the puppet looks like as well as how big it is.

    It is not a muppet, all though it has a big mouth and done in muppet style.
    She is an original plus. The plus is that if anything happends to it i will repair it for no extra cost execpt for postage and handleing that is all I will expect.

    The problem is how much to sell this original puppet for?

    As soon as I can I will post a pic in here and then you can all see what it looks like.
  18. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    Pricing is a tough issue, have you looked at the calculator that's mentioned in this thread? It's not perfect and isn't applicable to every situation, but it can be helpful (I hope!) in figuring out pricing when you are building puppets.
  19. staceyrebecca

    staceyrebecca Well-Known Member

    The link doesn't seem to be working anymore....
  20. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    PuppetBuilding.com got hacked awhile ago and I had to take it offline. I haven't had time to put it back up yet, but I'll email you a copy of the calculator when I get home this evening.

    If anybody else needs it just email me privately at puppetvision {at} gmail.com.

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