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"I Want a Monster..." on the 365 Days website

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by redmans, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. redmans

    redmans Member

    Today on the 365 Days website the song featured is "I Want a Monster to Be My Friend" (with mp3 included). Great story about it too.

    Here's the link to get there:


    (If you check it after Dec 15th you'll have to go to the Archives to access it.)

    Lots of other fun stuff there too, but you've only got a couple more weeks to get to it.

    Just thought I'd pass that along!

  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing this Tony. It's really great to see a classic song like this so prominently featured. 365 Days did a nice job on the research as well.
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    >>The monster song on the children's television program "Sesame Street" is about to lose four lines because of a mother who feared they would encourage child molestation.

    Marty Deming, a mother of two, objected to the lines. She said Edward L. Palmer, vice president of the Children's Television Workshop, told her "Sesame Street" will stop using the lines, even though the producers felt the song "has nothing to do with encouraging children to let real adult persons make improper advances on them."<<

    What part of I want a Monster to be my friend is objectionable? I didn't know monsters even molested anybody... :grouchy:

    Of course, because of this the censorship has been bringing the show down for years...
  4. redmans

    redmans Member

    I'm assuming the part they mean is:

    If I make friends with a friendly monster
    I'll let him bounce me on his knee.
    I'll let him do whatever he wants to
    Especially if he's bigger than me.
  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    ... ah....

    Well... I have to say this... you almosyt can't blaime that woman...

    Of course, my take if a monster has his way with a little girl, hne'd take her to dinner... for ONE!!!! :halo:
  6. Pino

    Pino Member

    I have that song on an old french sesamestreet record.. in french! Pretty funny!

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