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I wish that was Mizumi

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by RedPiggy, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]In the comic "Return to Labyrinth", Jareth's ex, Mizumi, is a water elemental ice queen who, like the ancient Greek tragic figure of Medea has ... relationship issues with the guy who dumped her, wants revenge against Jareth.

    Now, I've become a devoted fan of abc's Once Upon a Time. It's like Kingdom Hearts mixed with Fables mixed with Xena. There was this one episode where Prince Charming has to acquire some magic water to break a curse, and he meets a siren who comes up from a lake, shapeshifts to someone he loves, and tries to kill him. Nearly everything about that is basically Mizumi's schtick. The downside is that abc is owned by Disney and Labyrinth isn't ... but dang it ... I would like some nods toward Labyrinth. If Oz can be an option and so can Dr. Frankenstein, why not the Goblin Kingdom? Anyway ...

    For comparison ...
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay... Finished three hours' worth of reading through the characters info at the relevant Wiki, yes, it took that long to go through everything. Didn't find the siren... But the storyline you're refering to is when Prince James Charming retrieves water (which I would think is the Water of Life) from Lake Nostros to undo the goldenizing of Frederick, a knight, who is the "true" love of Princess Abigail, King Midas's daughter.
    Hope this helps. :batty:
  3. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    What strikes me is that they are visually very similar. Both have very long white straight hair, silky white dresses, appear on a lake, have dangling earrings, and have a frail thin crown/tiara-looking thing with spikey edges. The only differences I can see is that Mizumi, unlike the siren, has the teardrop marking on her chin and her dress was more ornate with the obligatory 80's high collar thing going on. It reminded me when I watched that episode of when Mizumi meets Sir Hubris/Jareth in flashback in the Comeback King Saga. That the siren transforms into Snow White (though in the same dress) is very similar to a scene from RTL where she mocks Jareth by turning into Sarah.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    That's interesting. The other thing I've had in my mind since RTL finished is—and I know you'll diefer/add your opinion—is Mia Sara who played Lena as Ondine from the JHC version of Jack and the Beanstalk, and how she might be cast as Mizumi because of both her and Ondine/an undine being water elemental beings.

    The other thing that strikes me about Once Upon a Time is the number of times I went "Yes, they can get away with that" because it's all under the mouse house's ownership.
    Rumplestiltskin being merged into the same character as Beast.
    Jiminy Cricket in his Storybrook mortal guise cast into the role of Roger Darling as Pongo's owner.
    Cora as the Queen of Hearts, exciting that her "young" version will be played by Rose McGowen (SP?) the fourth Charmed One, mother to Queen Regina (who should have been named Grimhilde).
    The genie who brought the vipers, it has to be Jafar when they say his home of Aggrava.
    Maleficent being Regina's only/best friend. But why does she have a black unicorn? C'mon, it's Maleficent right? And there's no copyright problem with saying it's Maleficent. So shouldn't she have Diablo, her pet raven instead?
    And the fact that Lee Arenberg's playing Grumpy... That magical compass Hook wanted/said was his? Uh-nuh, that's Captain Sparrow's compass bucco.

    I'm interested to learn how this continues.
  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I would cry about spoilers but I already read their tvtropes page, LOL. :p

    I don't have tv anymore, and according to their FB page, Once Upon a Time won't be on Netflix until May. *whimpers*
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You mean Season 2? Cause I read that Season 1's already on DVD.

    As to your original point... I couldn't find any classic fairy tales that involve or have a goblin character. So I went to the Disney Wiki to search if there any viable goblin characters that could open the possibility of leading into the Labyrinth. Disney would have to get permission from JHC or whoever holds the rights to the franchise, but consider:
    1 Sydney Glass, the entity trapped inside Regina's Magic Mirror was a genie who brought venomous vipers from Aggrava.
    There are the members of the traveling circus who were Aladdin's first enemies, Minos, Fatima, and Aziz. They were transformed into a minotaur, harpy, and goblin respectively by the Destiny Stone. As a goblin, Aziz had magic breath that created all manner of illusions. Illusions that prove to become obstacles for Aladdin and Razul when handcuffed together by a pair of handcuffs that tighten whenever they argue with each other.
    So you have a goblin character with powers of creating illusion obstacles, changing an entire environment based on his whims. The only problem here is the eastern/oriental origins or theming for such a character.

    2 Creeper, an original character from the movie version of The Black Cauldron, depicted as a goblin.
    The movie and book series takes place in the kingdom of Pridain, but it definitely has a European feel to the overall story. At the end, Creeper dons a set of horns mocking his former boss, the Horned King, mounts a gwythaint and flies away to supposed freedom. We never know where he escapes to though. It'd be plausible, like Red/Ruby he fled to an unknown goblin community such as an enclave like the Goblin City.

    Knowing what they've done with Rumplestiltskin/Beast, Aziz and Creeper could be merged into a newly-named goblin character who has powers to create illusory traps, change the world around him, and ruler of a goblin civilization.
    You get that established and then who knows, the door could be opened to finally having Moraine depicted in live film.

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