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Interesting response from HMV re. Fraggle Rock

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by GuySmiley, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. GuySmiley

    GuySmiley Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone - haven't been logged into the board for absolutely *ages*, although I have been lurking and reading!

    Here in the UK we got a video box set of The Muppet Show and then more recently the same thing on DVD - as an HMV exclusive product (do you have hmv in the us?).

    Anyway, I e-mailed them recently suggesting a Fraggle Rock release and got the following response:

    Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately the rights for all the Muppets / Jim Henson material, including Fraggle Rock have been bought from Columbia Tristar by Disney. Columbia loose the rights at the end of June this year after which Disney will no doubt be doing their 'own thing' with the catalogue. So I'm afraid it will be unlikely!

    Kind regards,

    Celeste Cook
    Customer Service

    Pretty much expected, but still quite interesting. Interesting to see that they are 'up to speed' on the current licensing issues etc. I wonder if Disney will give us any fraggle on DVD? We can but hope!


  2. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Well-Known Member

    Well Columbia has already released a Fraggle DVD in the UK with the UK version of Fraggle Rock.
    And as I understand it's HIT that now has the Fraggle rights and not Disney.
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The information doesn't sound correct at all, unless Disney has the rights to distribute the DVD release, which it probably doesn't.

    So, Hit will most likely release a DVD out of all the companies, but It's still a wait and see type of thing.

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