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It's Time To Dress Up Right

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Cindy, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. brkndwnbus

    brkndwnbus Active Member

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  2. shinycelebi225

    shinycelebi225 Active Member

  3. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    Hi Cindy- Great thread idea

    For the midnight screening last night I decided to go all "diva" and wear a new Miss Piggy shirt I got that shows her in her Paris finest with the phrase, "Paris, the only city pour moi!" I wore pearls and an awesome large pearl ring to replicate Piggy's BK, as well as small Kermit head earrings.

    One guy at the screening actually had a "Kermit the GORF" shirt from Sesame Street- it was epic-definitely the best shirt I saw!
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  4. shinycelebi225

    shinycelebi225 Active Member

    that is so cool
    i'm going at the 7:00 p.m. showing
  5. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    Thanks shinycelebi225! Have fun at the movie tonight- you're going to love it!
  6. shinycelebi225

    shinycelebi225 Active Member

    ok i'm in my scooter cosplay right now since i'm so excited
  7. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

  8. shinycelebi225

    shinycelebi225 Active Member

  9. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Today I just wore Frogboy's threadless shirt. I had to walk a few miles in the cold, so couldnt dress to crazy. Funny thing, as I was waiting for the trailers to come on I noticed this really cute college aged girl walk in...wearing the same jamie threadless shirt I was wearing! So of course I had to talk to her and mention my friend designed that shirt which she thought was cool(Her name was Robin, which was fitting) Talked to her a little bit after the movie, but she seemed kind of not interesting in chatting but it was kind of a cool coinkydink. I actually was hoping I woulda been able to find a date, or even a group of friends but eh.

    Anyways, when I see it again soon I'll wear this outfit(you cant see it but Im wearing a bunsen and beaker, kermit and other muppety pins)

  10. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Dang! Nice. Do you live in a big metro area?

    Aww! Im sorry. My ride fell through, so I just decided to walk(bus wasnt running today) Thanksgiving and Christmas I usually have a family tradition of watching specials and stuff like Muppet Family Christmas, Muppets@Walt Disney World, Muppet Television(Jim Henson Hour), etc.
  11. MuppetGuy75

    MuppetGuy75 Active Member

    I went wearing my Muppet's Beatles shirt (the one with Kermit, Fozzie, Animal, & Gonzo crossing the street like Abby Rd) and I took my Muppet Show sweatshirt just in case it got cold. :)
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  12. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    I went with a non-muppety muppet fan to the midnight-oh-one showing wearing my Kermit and Miss Piggy Disney Store t-shirt--the one with them leaning back to back (with my jeans), one Kermit sock, one Piggy sock, my Kermit watch, a choker string of HUGE pearls, my button with my MC name and avatar on it and a sign that said "Ask me about MuppetCentral.com" with Kermit's eyes looking over the top of the wording! Plus my facebook pic of me and Kermit made into a button, and the "Kermit of Arabia" picture of the Kermit and Piggy made into a button! (My friend is very understanding.) Plus my own version of BK. They gave us POSTERS!

    I DID NOT find any other MCers there--Wah! But I MIGHT when I visit my family in Tennessee for Thanksgiving!
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  13. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I did take a picture before I left tonight, but it's late, so I'll try to get it up tomorrow! :)
  14. Sam O'Rama

    Sam O'Rama New Member

    Yep, in Chicago. As of Monday I didn't even know we were getting a midnight show, I was bummed I might have to wait 'til Thursday!
  15. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    I wore this when I saw the movie yesterday, you can't really tell b/c of the bad lighting, but my eyes match Fozzie's (I'm wearing light lavendar eye shadow and brown eye liner xD)

    I'm going again on Saturday and have to upload a pic of that outfit full xD (hint: My saturday outfit will can be summed up with ROCK AND ROLL :halo: )
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  16. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Hey, is that from Forever 21 too? :)
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  17. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Yes it is :D

    And so is part of my Saturday outfit :halo:
  18. bluebomber95

    bluebomber95 Member

    For every weekday in November, I wore a Muppet shirt. I have 17 Muppet shirts. So, now at school, everyone knows that I'm a huge Muppet fan. Believe it or not, pretty much everyone was into it and would ask me what shirt I was wearing that day. On the final day I wore the Muppetational Mosaic.
  19. KoozbanianFrakl

    KoozbanianFrakl New Member

    That's awesome! I probably would have walked too, but I live too far from any theaters :(but I ended up seeing it as early as possible yesterday! (Loving Badical Power by the way).
  20. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Very cool. My Beaker shirt is from Forever 21 too. The woman gave me an odd look when I said it wasnt a present for a girl since its definitely a smaller girl cut shirt and im a tall big guy.
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