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Kermit build help required

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by wulster, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    Hello guys,

    OK, I hate to do this but I give up. I gotta ask for help. I'm a long time lurker here and never posted. On and off during the last couple of years I keep going back to trying to build a kermit.

    About me, I am a prop builder/film maker, own a large collection of some of the best star wars prop/costumes in the UK all sourced and build by me to high standards.

    Ive always had the available kermit puppets and entertained many a family member who have now all grown up and am now entertaining my own kids and their friends with the same old ( to me ) rubbish puppet.

    This time for around a month ive studied, investigated the puppet till i know more than i ever did, i sourced all available patterns and suggestions and this month ive hand built 4 kermits and around 40 heads. although no body has yet been totally perfect from all the work i do now know i can do a perfect body just not going to continue now unless i can perfect the head.

    trust me, all the normal answers folk give, been there done that failed..need one of the forum pros to help me out via pm if possible with personal head patterns..oh aye also i bit the bullit and decided to get that glorified hand puppet pattern like folk mention and as far as i can tell theres no way that thing makes a kermit head. at least not the head i want.

    im going for almost the poser feel but a little purity like the henson hollow heads. I have seen a few real good ones on here but would never ask direct, I'd rather someone decided to help.

    I know the normal responses and they are perfectly justified for folk who have not put in the effort, believe me..i have..even to the point of getting some great non public reference shots (i do not have in any way the permission to share these however) from a friend in the film industry, a one off favour i had been reserving for years in a hope it would help with my film work lol.

    can take a picture of the bin bag full of test failures for anyone willing to help lol..oh and not to say some i have done were not good, some were and pretty close to what i wanted but no matter how i try and customise them after the build to try and fix the patterns i cant do it...i now give up it is too much to keep on doing by hand and takes so long for me as my fingers suffer from age.



    ps failing that ..whos got a very good spare kermit they would want to swap for high end starwars stuff or some of my other spare props most of which value in around 500 gbp and upwards in value
  2. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    having said that, not one to give up...posted this then went and custom drew a new full pattern and hey......i think i might just have got it the way i was hoping for.

    stay tuned might have a puppet to show off soon.
    FoxWorthy likes this.
  3. FoxWorthy

    FoxWorthy Well-Known Member

    I really hope it works out for you. It really sounds like you've truly earned a great Kermit puppet at his point! ;)

    I will attempt one eventually, myself. Maybe you'd share your pattern with me? Although, after all your time and work, I'd understand if you didn't want to.

    Good luck with it and post pics for us.

    :) :)
  4. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    OK, never quit just take a day off and see what you can do hehe. A bit rough around the edges, first ever puppet, first ever sewing project. Needs tweaking here and there but for a first go i am happy got tweaks for mk-2 tho...pattern adjustments to make.....when i say first try...well...lets just say first try with the proper materials...there was around 30 test heads and 3 full builds I wasn't happy with as I tested out all the ideas from myself and these forums. I have gone for a mix between the poser body and the normal sleeve body so that i can tuck the sleeve up and put him o display...the sleeve is there but inside atm. Need to source a better colour of felt.


  5. FoxWorthy

    FoxWorthy Well-Known Member

    Cool! Lookn' good! ;)
    wulster likes this.
  6. Bear Man

    Bear Man Well-Known Member

    Looking good! I'm completely unaffiliated with them, but Out of the Box Puppets sells a green Antron fleece that looks pretty much bang on, colour-wise...
    wulster likes this.
  7. pashmonster

    pashmonster Well-Known Member

    I eliminated the need to hide the front seam by joining the two head patterns together so there is only one head peice. the stitch seam then can only be seen behind his head
    wulster likes this.
  8. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    ty for comments guys, info taken on board.

    good idea for the head i'll try that for the next one..what i have done tho is tested rubbing a screw ove the seams and the wee bit i did covers the join up pretty well.

    Deffo moving on to mk2 right away...still too many bits im not happy with...

    pashmonster, nice collection, lov the rat...what did you use to make the reporter outfit..i could have sworn at some point someone had a post about it or a pattern and at the time i saw it i discounted it thinking i wouldnt want to do one...but i do lol
  9. pashmonster

    pashmonster Well-Known Member

    Just made the outfit freehand. Made a white sheet version then copied it to some grey material. The shirt and tie are a 18months child shirt and tie that my son no longer needed.
    wulster likes this.
  10. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    ty pashmonster ill give it a go if i can find some material around.

    I took a small wire brush the size of a large toothbrush to the seams and it brushes them out fine..i'll keep workin on this one to get it all nailed before i do the next one, my aim is to rebuild a particular kermit so it is a little unusal compaird to most
  11. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    Right hes goin in the bin, drew up a pattern for mk2 last night ...im sure ive got the mouth plate dimensions off a bit and one got accurate dimensions of screen used real mouth plate?
  12. pashmonster

    pashmonster Well-Known Member

    I blew up the pic of the master replica kermit that was dismantled, there is a indent in the head pattern where the eyes were attached to the head. I used this as a reference point using a standard pingpong ball of 40mm, all the rest of the patterns will be then to scale.
  13. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    ive built a few to the master replica pattern, its just not kermit to me sorry.

    I think ive got the head with my next design, i was pretty close last time and have yet to try the mods but i also want to try reduce the mouth a little as im sure ive got my scaling off ever so slightly.

    from what ive found the head shape is one thing and the mouth plate size is a total other ball game in getting kermit correct
  14. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    The Master Replicas pattern is wrong. The factory stuffed up in China and made it smaller. What demention of the mouth do you have at the back of the mouth ? It should be 850mm going in the red area from side to side. Just checked my MR Kermit and it to is 850mm, but they went wrong with his body size.
  15. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    Didn't MR reduce the pattern itself before production so it is not right anyway.

    What i want is the inner mouth plate size of a screen used :>

    Ive some very good ref pics of a real kermit in bits showing some cool parts, I just don't have permission to post them, you guys probably all have em anyway.
    I just need to figure out how to get the picture on my screen to the correct 1 on 1 scale of the items in the pics without proper scale reference. If i can figure that out then i can get all the proper measurements myself..cos i cant share the pics i gotta figure out how to do it my self lol. If i get one proper screen used dimension bang on then i can work out rest i think
  16. pashmonster

    pashmonster Well-Known Member

    Yes the master replica pattern is slightly smaller, this is why I increased in size to match the standard half pingpong ball eye that was used on kermit. The eye of real kermit is a 40mm ping pong ball but in half.
  17. pashmonster

    pashmonster Well-Known Member

    I've uploaded a couple of quick pics to my Flickr to show you my head using the master replica pattern slightly increasing size to eye measurement of 40mm. I need to dye correct colour when I get chance.
  18. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    by the look of those pics you uploaded, we have both a very similar size/shape inner mouth plate. I know mine is cut to the exact same shape as a screen used puppet but i am still sure i have the scale off and it is far too big. It is when i try and match the inside of his mouth, by the time i match up all the gap sizes in red compared to the tongue tonsils and lips the outer mouth no longer works...using this current plate
  19. wulster

    wulster Active Member

    latest two head pattern tests, each one is nothing like the other. pls note these are just thrown together so builds not that good etc let me know if yas think im getting closer or further away from the true kermit look

  20. FoxWorthy

    FoxWorthy Well-Known Member

    I'd say number 2 is the better one. The only thing with #2 is that it almost looks a bit loose to me..... like it needs to be tightened up a bit. It's like there's too much room between your hand and the inside of the puppet. I'd almost try it just a little bit smaller around the head......either that or grow your hand with a magical potion of a sort! ;)

    It is looking really good and your hard work will pay off. :)
    wulster likes this.

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