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Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by trekkie1701E, May 14, 2003.

  1. trekkie1701E

    trekkie1701E New Member

    Labyrinth (1986) - 11 mistakes

    When Sarah and Hoggle are in the bog of eternal stench and they almost fall in, look in the top left hand corner of a shot looking down and you will see a boom mike.

    When Sarah is at the end doing her speech with David Bowie in that upside down world, she forgets the line "To take back the child that you have stolen" Instead she skips right over the line and says, " I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city ----missed line---- for my will is as strong as yours...etc. etc."

    When Sarah kisses Hoggle, they falls through a hole and end up in the Bog of Eternal stench. They walk the narrow cliff for awhile and then Sarah falls onto solid ground and finds Luto right there next to her. Then Hoggle falls. Somehow, without Luto moving, Hoggle ends up under Luto.

    This can only been seen in the letterbox version of Labyrinth. After Sarah says "it's all junk" the garbage lady grabs a ballarina music box and says "well what about this, this is not junk" and hands it to Sarah. She takes it, then for a second it cuts back to the garbage lady. The music box is still sitting on the table after it was handed to Sarah.

    In the scene where Connelly's character is in the room of the old hag who lives at the rubbish dump, the old hag says "What's the matter, Dearie? Don't you like your toys?". Connelly is mouthing the hag's lines, presumably as a prompt to recall her own lines.

    After the Masquerade (forgive the spelling) scene, you see Sarah falling on top of a dump. When she falls, you can clearly see the wires attached to her letting her down.

    After Sara has solved the stair 'maze', Jareth steps out from hiding and starts giving her the 'Love me, Fear me' speech. He holds out his hand and a bubble/crystal ball pops into it. He says 'Look what I'm offering you. Your dreams.' If you look at his reflection in the bubble, it doesn't move while he's speaking. Then a second later, the reflection talks but isn't mouthing the same line Jareth did.

    When Sarah's father knocks on her door, she gets upset and throws her lipstick, but while in the labyrinth, she takes it out of her pocket and draws on the ground.

    When Bowie is sitting in the window blowing his glass balls out into the air before the ballroom scene with Sarah, on the third glass ball turned bubble if you look carefully you can see the string or wire holding it up.

    In the bog of eternal stench Luto calls on the rocks and the first one that shows up floats in the water.

    Following the ballroom scene, after Sarah smashes the bubble, she falls into the pile of rubbish. As she is falling, her hands are quite clearly empty, but when she has landed, she is holding the peach.

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