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Lack Of SS to the UK

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Quoix, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Quoix

    Quoix New Member

    Does anyone eles think its a crime that SS is no longer shown on British TV? (Im not sure about satalite channels). It used to be shown in a double slot on Channel 4 - Once at 6.00am and then again around lunch time. After that it moved only to 6.00am and then with the cutting of "The Big Brekfast" from the sequedule in April 02 (or was it 03 :confused: )the show dissappeared althougther.

    I, myself, think that theres many pre-schoolers out there not getting as good a televised-education as past decades. The only good news is that BITBBH is shown on FIVE requently, so at least the muppets haven't died for this new generation althogether. Currently they're filled with dumbing down mush (i.e. The Tweenies, Teletubies and Boobars) - Although they all sport the bright colours and sam teaching techniques as SS, I dont think Ive ever seen the Alphabet on The Tweenies, no sensible conversation on Teletubies, and no real educational value to Boobars (yet I applaude their take on thr trippy images - much like SS0

    The last access the British Public got to the muppets (if im not mistaken) was a showing of Muppets in Space last xmas. Its a shame that these classic figures are now being lost from our screens.

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