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Let's say they would make MB DVD's.....

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by Drtooth, May 31, 2006.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Let's just say they would for the sake of argument. Now, fantasy thinking, I feel I'd want season by season sets. But more practically, I'd see Disney releasing smaller disks for younger audiences.

    Secondly, would evedrything be in tact? AS of late numerous Muppet DVD's and videos have numerous edits. Considering the VHS releases by Disney in the 90's were cut syndicated versions, would they be on DVD? And would they be able to get the rights to use the clips on the show?
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here are my ideas for some single-disc themed releases:

    The Best of Baby Kermit:
    The New Adventures of Kermo Polo
    What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
    It's a Wonderful Frog (is that the title of the epsidoe where everybody thinks that Kermit will leave them?)
    The Frog Who Knew Too Much

    The Best of Baby Piggy:
    Piggy's Hyper Activity Book
    The Muppet Art Museum
    Beauty and the Snoz

    The Best of Baby Fozzie:
    Bad Luck Bear
    Fozzie's Last Laugh
    Journey to the Center of the Nursery

    The Best of Baby Gonzo:
    Faster than a Speeding Weirdo
    Gonzees Playhouse Channel
    Gonzo's Muppet Babies Video Show
    The Weirdo Zone

    The Best of Rowlf and Animal:
    When You Wish Upon an Egg Timer
    Noisey Neighbors
    Raiders of the Missing Muppet
    My Muppet Valentine

    The Best of Scooter and Skeeter:
    Scooter's Hidden talent
    Scooter's Uncommon Cold
    Scooter by any other name
    insert another episode here

    Man, it was hard comming up with epsidoes for the last two volumes (I didn't plan on combining Rowlf and Animal into one, but I couldn't think of enough episodes that starred Rowlf).
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    And here are some more themed volumes, not revolving around characters:

    Goosetown Babies
    Whose Tale is it Anyway?
    Snow White and the Seven Muppets
    Nice To Have Gnome You

    I Want My Muppet TV!
    Muppet Broadcasting Network
    Gonzees Playhouse Channel
    And Now a Word From Our Muppets

    Imaginative Fun:
    Babies in Toyland
    The Muppet of Invention
    Sing a Song of Superheros
    Piggy's Hyper Activity Book

    Drawing and More:
    The Daily Muppet
    The Great Muppet Cartoon Show
    The Muppet Museum of Art
    Comic Capers

    Who's Who at the Zoo?
    Of Mice and Muppets
    Fine Feathered Enemies
    that epsiode where the babies think a kolala bear is an alien
  4. Dantecat

    Dantecat Well-Known Member

    Here's one more episode for Baby Fozzie.How about "Dental Hyjinks"
  5. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    I remember the kolala episode! In one part Baby Gonzo falls over and there's this yellow stuff on his nose. Was that blood?:confused: :crazy:
  6. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    I believe that episode is called "A Galaxy Far Far Away", if memory serves me right.
  7. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    How about interviews with some of the writers and maybe voice artists like Frank Welker, Russi Taylor, and Greg Berg?
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Me thinks the episode where they thought Kermit was going to leave was titled Eight Take Away One Equals Panic.
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Eight Take Away One Equals Panic is the epsiode where the babies overhear Nanny talking about getting rid of an old chair and mistakenly think that she is talking about getting rid of one of the babies, and eventually they mistakenly think she is considering getting rid of Fozzie.
  10. MustangRockstar

    MustangRockstar Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I'm in the minority here, but I happen to think the series would sell rather well.

    There are far more niched shows that have sold well on DVD (Mario Bros., etc.).

    I think the audience is there, afterall Muppet Babies is one of most widely awarded saturday morning cartoons in history. Anyone who grew up in the 80's or early 90's watched it.

    The real issue is and will continue to be the rights to movie clips that are shown in the series. I just don't know if that is something that will be cleared up anytime soon. Just too many factors.

    Though in a dream land I'd love to see it. Heck I even had a dream about it the other night (was wandering around a best guy when I stumbled into a section that had like 5 volumes of the series on its shelves.)

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