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Marilyn Sokol on Sex & the City?

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Splurge, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    I read that Ms. Sokol was once on an episode of "Sex and the City". I think it was some episode called "The Awful Truth". Could anyone tell me what she actually did on the show and how big a role did she have?

    (Marilyn Sokol does count as a Henson person, doesn't she?)
  2. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Boober_Gorg celebrates his 500th post ... boy, do I need a life

    Due to her roles on Sesame Street and Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas, the answer would be yes. Perhaps this will answer your first question.

    This particular episode is available on the Season 2 DVD set, in case you'd really want to see it. But then again, who here would?:o :p
  3. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    Re: Boober_Gorg celebrates his 500th post ... boy, do I need a life

    Well, if Ms. Sokol has anything to do with it, who here wouldn't? :D Just kidding, I know what you mean.
  4. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    I did just rent the DVD and she was quite amusing in the role she was in, albeit a small one. She was Dr. Velma Rubin, an older, eccentric ... er, relationship therapist.

    It was amusing.

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