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MC Dorms: 2009: Summer Vacation.

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. The Count Moderator

    Well... Another haunter's finished.
    Count: Who's next?
    Mmm, we'll have to delve into your family portraits to see if there's another female relative we can bring into the counted cast.
    Count: Like Aunt Lucretia and Cousin Abba?
    Fright, but this one's named Nexica, due to the linking ring nature of the pentagram's points. Meh, we'll take care of that tomorrow, along with the new term for the dorms.

    Night all.
  2. BEAR Active Member

    Hey Ed! When does next semester at the Dorms start?
  3. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Pearl (sleepily getting out of bed and heading to the sofa): When's that new semester startin'? Weren't it supposed ta be today?

    Cotterpin (reading a magazine): That was MY impression ....

    Pearl: Where's Hoggle?

    Cotterpin: He returned to the Labyrinth. Jareth-ma-Bowie-knife-whatshisname has some stuff to take care of, something about girlfriend troubles. *turns to Pearl* Oh, Newsie will be here later. He had to get his stuff from his mom's house.

    Pearl: Well, where's Kelly?

    Kelly (runs into the room from the crack in the wall, squealing with delight)

    Pearl: Well, gee, hon ... where's the fire?

    Kelly (trembles with excitement, holding a golden ring that would fit two of her fingers)

    Pearl and Cotterpin: O_O
  4. The Count Moderator

    *Package at Room #2's door contains three batches of brownies for the birthday-saur.

    BTW: Yes, Ima taking care of a few errands. Look for the new dorm thread this week... Ish.
  5. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Pearl (facepalm): I surely do NOT believe I forgot mah own birthday! I must be gettin' senile ....

    Cotterpin (giggles)

    Pearl: Shut up.
  6. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Chamberlain: *catching Spammy by the wrist in the hall* MMMMMMmmmmm...let's go for a little field trip to the train tracks, shall we? *cackles and dangles a rope in her face*

    Spamela: *blinks* :confused:

    Chamberlain: ...what? Aren't you going to scream for your boyfriend? >:3 Oh, please do. It makes my job more enjoyable.

    Spamela: But he's in the shower... :p

    Chamberlain: Ha...prove it. No wait, I will. *strides down to the 1st floor bathroom and goes inside* ... *comes back out five seconds later, squawking in disgust*

    Dr. Teeth: *pokes his head out* Ya can knock, Chambahlame. It won' kill ya. =P

    Chamberlain: X_x Ugh, just go... *throws a towel at him*

    Dr. Teeth: :confused: *shrugs and wraps it around his head, strutting back to Room 17 nonchalantly*

    Zoot: ... *gawks as his bandmate passes him*

    Ailie: *lights her math textbook on fire* I keel you, homework. -_-

  7. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (strolls up to room 17 with a humongous birthday cake): Hi, guys!

    Pearl (springs out of birthday cake): It's mah birthday! *takes off her blouse and twirls it around and flings it at Chamberlain*

    Kelly (facepalm)
  8. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: Happy B-day Pearl. :3

    Chamberlain: *screams like a little girl and runs off before he pukes*

    Zoot: *follows Dr. Teeth with a camera hidden in his sax* :confused:
  9. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (starry-eyed): Oh, Spamela, check it out! *shows Spamela a large ring* Isn't it just divine? Spike gave me his mother's ring! *squeals*

    Pearl (sighs): Anybody got some blouses in sextuple-X Large?
  10. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: Ooh, it's beautiful, Kelly! ^_^ *pulls a blouse seemingly out of nowhere for Pearl*

    Dr. Teeth: *from the other room* Zoot! :confused: *sprints away from him and hides behind Spammy* He's tryin' ta stalk mah a--

    Spamela: Shhhhh. :p
  11. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly: Would you be at the ceremony, Spammie? I'd love to have you ... and Ailie, of course ... as a bridesmaid! :D
  12. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: Of course we will! We'll help with everything. Won't we, Dr. Teeth?

    Dr. Teeth: Wha--? *staring at her chest*

    Spamela: -_- That means yes. XP
  13. AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Cait: O_O *nearly chokes on her drink from trying to scream for joy at Kelly's news*

    Vicki: Wow, that's spectacular, Kelly! Congratulations! =)

    Cait: *manages to calm down* That's great news, Kelly! =) Are all of us invited?

    Vicki: May I help with the invitations?
  14. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (grins and sits down clutching the ring): He makes me happy each time I see him. *sighs* He's the reason my heart can sing.


    Kelly (pops back up): Oh, hi Cait! Hi, Vicki! We won't be having the ceremony until the fall semester starts, so if you don't like waiting, blame Ed. *giggles playfully*

    Pearl (shrugs): The more the merrier, sweeties.
  15. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: Oh, it's going to be so amazing. Me and Zoot can put up decorations, Dr. Teeth can play the organ, Chamberlain can sit in a corner, looking p.o.ed. XPP

    Dr. Teeth: *steps out from behind Spammy* Organz?

    Spamela: Yes, sweetie-- *eyes slowly lower* O_O *gasps and then swipes the musician's hat out of nowhere and shoves it near his thighs* *blush* Ahem...anyway, we can get a cake and flowers and blah blah blah blah...
  16. AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Cait: *notices Dr. Teeth...* O_O *blushes like crazy and glomps him* <33

    Vicki: *busily writing down everyone's jobs for the preparation of the ceremony* Digit will cover the sound system, I'll do the invitations and guest lists, Lips will help with the decorations, Caitlyn--

    Digit: --what're you doing? :confused:

    Cait: O_O *looks up at them from wildly smothering the good doctor with kisses* ... uh... hi? :confused:
  17. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (sighs dreamily): I would be the happiest person on Earth if the Electric Mayhem would play He'll Make Me Happy and As the World Falls Down ...
  18. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: *clears her throat loudly, interjecting Cait* AHEM! He's MY Brer Fox. >_> *pulls the band leader back by the wrist* <33 *strokes his hair*

    Zoot: *watches, having nothing better to do*
  19. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Pearl (tossing some rose petals over Cait's head): Cait an' I'll be flower gals, if that's alright with you, sugah.

    *a bubble drifts past everyone and floats just above Kelly and pops, dropping a letter*

    Kelly (reading): OOOOooh, a delegation of fairies and goblins will be in attendance as well. *squeals* Jareth loves me so much. *nods* He really needs to get over that frustrated actress Sarah. I'm the heir to the Labyrinth, after all.

    Pearl: Actin' heir, actually.

    Kelly (shrugs, smirks): Details, details ...
  20. AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Cait: *pouts lip* Well, you're not the only one who thinks he's cute. <_< *pulls him back by the hand and cuddles with him* <33

    Lips: *watches with Zoot, sighing* I can already tell that this isn't gonna end good at all...

    Cait: *momentarily distracted by the rose petals* Oooh, pretty. =D *realizes that Pearl said something to her* Huh? Oh sure, I'd love to do that. I was a flower girl once, so I have... a little experience. *vaugely remembers a younger her walking down the aisle with the ring bearer, tears running down the little girl's cheeks and her clutching her Big Bird doll* For some reason, that wedding made me cry...
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