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Motocross Mix-Up

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I think I know wgere they're going... And im certain piggy wont like it!
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :grr: Ah know yer out there Gina, so post an update...
  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Update sez Jaz.
    Pretty please?
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Oy, I'll get to it!

    Oy! Said I'll get to it :p Hold yer horses. I gotta make like, you know, I'm actually working here and I usually am, but you know. Look, let me conjure something during lunch or something :p
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    See? Told ya I'd get to it. Here's the ending to chapter 3 and the beginning of Chapter 4.

    Los Angeles was one of the largest and most populated cities within the state of California. With a population nearing the four million mark, the city of LA was a perfect to hide or to be hidden.

    Of course, for many who traveled to that of the state of California, trying to hide was exactly the opposite of what they wanted to do. Royce La Chance, for instance, had no problems wanting to hide from anyone, despite the troubles he may have caused in his hometown of Detroit or that of New York. No, La Chance enjoyed the spotlight and enjoyed the attention, hence why he moved to LA in the first place.

    However, in his current predicament, he wished he was in some no name city in some forgotten state. Currently, La Chance was stalking around his Downtown LA high-rise loft apartment, trying to figure out his next move. The opportunity that he’d had over the weekend had not gone the way he had wanted and he was growing increasingly incensed by it.

    It was bad enough that he lost the kid who not only helped him steal the very priceless Rheingold Ruby, but the boy could identify him and the others and certainly, the blonde had been watching the news and knew that at two of his friends had been ‘taken care of’. That meant the kid was probably halfway across state lines by now and La Chance didn’t have the time to investigate.

    That was the other problem.

    While La Chance was annoyed that he couldn’t get his hands on that kid, the worst part was that the ruby was stuck in some Muppet’s bike and Royce couldn’t get his hands on it. He certainly hadn’t expected that pig to clock him nor had he foreseen the huge brawl that they would get into, which resulted in a trip to the county lock up. That had almost spelled his doom right there, but luckily – having never been caught and thus booked – his prints weren’t on file with the police.

    But apparently those two Muppets’ prints had been. He certainly couldn’t hang around waiting for them to be bailed out – if they ever were – so he needed to take other action. He had put up such a scene in being ‘viciously’ attacked, that he needed to keep up the premise; that meant going to a lawyer friend of his and insisting that he draw up the restraining order and legal papers to haul the Muppets’ into court.

    It was an ill-advised plan, even he knew it, but it was the only way he could think of when it came to getting that blue creature’s bike in his possession. He only hoped he hadn’t been suspicious and had taken a look in the gas tank where the ruby was. Royce was the kind of person who liked to know who he was dealing with on any given basis; his partnership was the only time in which the score had outweighed any type of thought in knowing who he had with him.

    That had obviously cost him.

    No, this time, he went all out and luckily he had the means to dig a bit deeper than most.
    On the surface, he knew that there wasn’t anyone in the world – unless they lived in a cave or under a rock – that didn’t know who the Muppets were. Everyone seemed to know Miss Piggy and a few were even more familiar at least with the antics of the Great Gonzo; their public personas managed to cover their personal ones and it was their personal ones that La Chance was interested in.

    Learning that these two were no strangers to the law – they seemed to know everyone in county by name – La Chance did some checking and did indeed find rap sheets for both and in different states, too. The pig was as tough as she showed, seemingly getting into altercations in the boring state of Iowa, while the weirdo was officially declared a public nuisance in Wisconsin, Montana, and Illinois.

    If the two were reckless apart, it was nothing when they were together. Just recently, the two had been booked with the rest of the Muppets for putting on an illegal award ceremony downtown and were apparently ordered to stay away from celebrity Jack Black in order to drop a kidnapping and hostage charge.

    La Chance had known of the Muppets, but he had never seen their shows or movies. Frankly, he thought the entire group beneath him and that of the posh establishment that was Hollywood and Beverly Hills; he hadn’t been happy to learn that the pig was living with a frog in a nice mansion somewhere in Beverly Hills and that the weirdo was located somewhere nice too.

    Society obviously had no taste what so ever in entertainment.

    The problem that La Chance now faced was a backlog of cases in the court system, meaning that if these Muppet things were to challenge his assault charges, the case could just sit in the system for years, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to turn a profit on the ruby if he couldn’t get his hands on it. And it sounded as that what would happen; nearly thirty minutes had gone by since he received a text message from his lawyer friend, informing him that the Muppets were disputing the assault and it sounded to him as though they might actually be considering a countersuit for assault against him.

    When did burglary get so complicated?

    Back in the day, he could waltz right in and take whatever he wanted without punishment; now, there were laws and court proceedings and counter proceedings…quite frankly, it was getting ridiculous. And it reminded what he used to do to those that stood in his way.

    Stopping his furious walk across polished floors, La Chance let out a deep sigh. He was getting worked up over nothing; he was Royce La Chance! When he wanted something, he took it and nothing stood in his way! Why then was he frantically pacing the floor worrying about a bunch of half pint farm animals when he could just take what he wanted?

    A slow smile began to spread on his face.

    It was simple, so very simple.

    He needed to find that blue Muppet thing and get his ruby. Then he was going to kill him.

    He would then find the pig and kill her just because no two-bit piece of bacon was going to hit him and get away with it. Maybe he’d add frog legs to his ham sandwich when he was done.

    Then, he was going to find that Smythe and teach him a good lesson about what happens to people who run from him.

    With a plan in hand, La Chance moved from his spot to that of the leather couch situated in his living room; picking up his pint sized smartphone, he started making calls.

    He needed information and he needed it now.
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Chapter IV

    In life, there are people who are constantly complaining about how unfair their lives are. Regardless of whether or not their lives actually have great merit, these people will complain, loudly, to anyone in earshot and to anyone that will listen. Even those that won’t listen.

    And then there are people who, when things don’t go their way, will also complain, stating that conspiracies are happening all around them and that their situation is the worst they have ever been in, despite either being in worst situations or never being in horrible situations in their lives.

    And then there was Gonzo.

    From the moment that he had left Kermit the Frog’s office with a package in hand, he had been going on and on and on about how the frog obviously had it out for them and there must some sort of ulterior motive for him to be sending them to New York on very short notice and without a word or clue as to what this particular package contained and why it was so important that it be hand delivered.

    And Piggy had to listen to it all.

    From the theater, to their cars, even at home where Gonzo made sure to call both her cell and the house number when she didn’t answer the first three times he tried; in the car on the way to the airport, in the airport, through airport security, while waiting for their flight, on the plane for the five hours and forty-seven minutes that it took to fly there, and then in reverse order until they arrived at their hotel for the night.

    And even that didn’t stop him because once he realized that she wasn’t opening the door no matter how many times he knocked, he called – both on her cell and that of her room phone.

    “I am about two seconds from throwing you out the window,” she had growled, when she had finally picked up on his third call to the room. “Unless you are dying and need me to call 911, whatever conversation you want to have with me, I don’t care.”

    “But don’t you think…?”

    “No,” she interrupted. “No, I don’t. I however think you have become annoying in your old age and I only can think that your senility is what’s causing this. Now Gonzo, I have listened to you talk all day and I want to have the next three hours of peace and quiet. I’m serious; if you even think about talking to me, I’m going to pull your bottom lip over your head.

    “And before you ask, I don’t even want to have breakfast with you tomorrow morning. If you so much as even look at me, I will hurt you and you know I can hurt you real badly.”

    The silence on the other end pretty much told her that Gonzo was at least now carefully debating about what he was going to say next.

    “Well,” he said, slowly. “I guess I’ll say good night then.”

    “You do that,” she said, hanging up and hoping she would get the peace she had wanted since leaving her home.

    Miracles of miracles, not only did Gonzo manage to leave her alone for the night, he didn’t come to suggest that they had breakfast. He was waiting outside her door when she emerged however, wearing a nicely cut tan leather jacket, shades, and a short cap that covered those honey blonde locks of hers.

    “I see you have on your ‘I don’t know you’ disguise,” he quipped, standing from the seated position he had taken so he could play a video game on his phone.

    “Did I give you permission to talk?”

    “No, your majesty,” he replied, but I thought it important to say one last thing before you cut my tongue out for speaking out of turn.”

    “Don’t tempt me,” she huffed. “That’s a perfectly good butter knife in my room should I chose to use it. Got that package?”

    Said package sat on the floor next to Gonzo’s feet where he placed it as he sat down. Looking at Piggy, he kicked the box once to show that it was indeed outside.

    “Don’t do that,” she chastised. “What if it’s something important? Or worse, some kind of horrible joke bomb that Kermit got Crazy Harry to rig up?”

    Instinctively, both Muppets looked at the box before looking around to see if the aforementioned Crazy Harry was anywhere near; certain Muppets could be channeled through thought only and Harry was one of the more dangerous ones.

    “First,” Gonzo whispered, still suspiciously looking around. “That’s not funny. And two, if it was dangerous, we would’ve been stopped at airport security.”

    “So why are you whispering?”

    “You’re whispering, too!”

    “Well then why are we both whispering?”

    “I dunno,” the weirdo shrugged, speaking in his normal tone. “I thought you wanted to.”

    Piggy said nothing, only raised her shades so she could actually look at Gonzo with those piercing blue eyes of hers. Replacing them, she turned and began to walk down the hall towards the elevator. “Hey, wait for me!” he cried after her, snatching up the package and running after her.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, thanks for posting this double portion. Unfortunately... You left us still waiting to see where in New York it is pig and weirdo are delivering said package to. And what said package is.
    Nice reference to the movie with the restraining order from Jack Black.
    :grr: Aw, but he has such pretty teeth.
    :fishy: Besides, we believe celebrities aren't a 'people'.

    Also, I commend you on the 'I see you have on your 'I Don't Know You' disguise'.

    Now could you please post more? :insatiable:
  8. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh boy...
    Piggy and Gonzo are a surprisingly great comedy duo. More please!
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So I was hoping to have this finished before I went to bed, but I just looked at the clock and went yikes! Past my bed time! So here is the continuation of the above and I'll hopefully put up (and finish) the rest tomorrow, kay!?

    And Count, I thought you said you knew where they were going ;)

    A short cab ride later, Piggy and Gonzo stood at the entrance a quiet and quaint neighborhood. Familiar brownstones that made New York and its cities so popular; the street was fairly clear of litter, though up the street there were several trash cans that lined the sidewalk. This wasn’t the first time that the two had been to this particular neighborhood in New York, though not as many times as their friend and boss Kermit had been. In fact, at one time, he had lived on this very street, so he was well known in the area.

    Piggy and Gonzo had never enjoyed coming here nor did they really enjoy those that lived in the neighborhood. Perhaps it was just who they were or maybe there were some age differences between them and those that were normally here; or perhaps it was as Piggy had once noted –

    “That guy is crazier than Gonzo.”

    “How dare you! No one is crazier than me!”

    “Sorry. That guy’s got you beat. There is someone in this world that is crazier than you.”

    Gonzo had naturally resented the very idea that there could be someone crazier and zanier than he was, but the last time they had been in the presence of some of the people from this street, he had meekly conceded that there were several residents here who made him look like an amateur.

    “Can’t believe Kermit would send us all the way over here,” the weirdo muttered. The two had yet to entered the enter the neighborhood proper; Piggy had been scanning the street ahead of them behind her shades, trying to figure where the most likely place was for someone to pop out at them.

    Knows we hate coming here,” he continued. “He’s well aware of the dangers we face around here.”

    “Please,” Piggy huffed. “This is all part of his plan, can’t you see that? This is our punishment, Gonzo. Of course he knows how much we hate coming over here, which is why he purposefully sent us here. Oh, like he couldn’t have sent this Fed Ex or UPS or something, no no. That frog…we don’t give him enough credit for being tricky and underhanded.”

    “We don’t give him any credit for doing that.”

    “Exactly,” the diva concluded. “Look, let’s just find this guy and get out of here.”

    The two began to head into the neighborhood, passing under the familiar green sign that read Sesame Street.

    “Where’re we supposed to go?”

    “I don’t know!” the diva exclaimed. “What does the box say, Gonzo?”

    “It just says Sesame Street!” Gonzo hissed. “And if you keep screaming like that, we’re going to attract attention from people who live here!”

    “Oh come on!” she cried. “There’s obviously no one here. Who exactly are we disturbing?”


    As one, the pig and weirdo cried in surprise, turning to their left where a fuzzy red monster had suddenly popped up from one of the stone railings that was outside one of the buildings. “Hey,” the monster replied, bouncing slightly. “Elmo knows you! You're friends of Kermit!”

    “Yeah,” Piggy nodded. “Listen, Elmer…”


    “Whatever. Look, we’re looking for this guy who’s name is on this package,” Gonzo held up the package in order for the monster to see who the recipient was. “Know where we can find him?”

    “Sure!” the monster exclaimed, excitedly. “Elmo knows exactly who that is! You can find him at Hooper’s Store. Elmo can take you there.”

    “No!” the two Muppets cried.

    “Hey kid,” Gonzo said, hastily sticking a hand in first his left pants pocket, then his right, before searching around in his jacket pockets. Finding what he was looking for, he handed out a quarter to the monster.

    “Here’s a shiny new quarter! Why don’t you take it and go play in…in…side. Inside. Here you go.”

    “Oh boy!” the red monster yelled, taking the free money and hurrying off to where ever he was planning on going.

    “Good job, Gonzo,” Piggy smirked. “You realize there’s really no traffic for him to go ‘play’ in, don’t you?”

    “Shut up, Piggy.”

    Normally, the weirdo would’ve gotten a chop for the nerve, but this time she’d concede to the ridiculous idea. “So we just head to the store and we’re done?” she asked.

    “Sure,” Gonzo said, turning back to look at her. “All Kermit wanted us to do was drop it off. We don’t have to stay to see what it is or anything.”

    “I thought you wanted to know what was inside.”

    “Yeah, well so did I,” he replied. “But now I don’t. Now, I wanna go home, see my girl, and maybe plan out my next act. I don’t want to even remember being here. Now, Piggy my sweet,” he chuckled, turning so that he was walking backwards in order to speak to her.

    “If you wanna stay and find out what’s in here, be my guest. I know how much you love spending your time with the folks here on the street. I might even tell Kermit you’ve decided to stay and live amongst them.”

    “Think you’re funny, do you?”

    “Oh, I know I am, Princess!”

    “Why don’t I go back and get that red kid?” she asked, smirking as he stumbled a bit, but managed to keep his balance. “Tell him there were plenty more quarters where that came from.”

    “I’ll bet you a quarter that you won’t,” he challenged.

    “You better keep your voice down.”

    “Why?” he said, stopping to let her catch up. “You’ve been talking loudly too.”

    “I’m just saying you’re getting a little rowdy there, Spaz,” she retorted. “Need to simmah down a bit.”

    Gonzo gave her a funny look, though there was a smile attached to his face when he did it. “Been spending too much time with that frog,” he quipped. “I think you’re picking up his accent; which in itself is scary. If I hear Kermit speaking in a French accent…”

    The conversation was interrupted, loudly, as they both heard someone literally cry out, “Gonzie baby!”

    The color in both faces drained as they could hear the rapid approach by the mysterious person. “The one person we were hoping to avoid this entire trip,” Gonzo whispered.

    “Is the one person we seem to attract every time we’re here,” Piggy finished.

    Both turned to look at the approaching blue furred monster that seemed to be literally running – or skipping – towards them.

    “Grover,” the both said.

    “Why can’t we ever be greeted by the Count?” Piggy lamented. “Or that big yellow canary?”

    “You hate the big yellow canary.”

    “I do not,” the diva insisted. “That’s a lie and you know it. I hate that red kid,” she hissed, turning to look back at where they had met said red kid. “I don’t hate the yellow kid. And at least I never hit on him.”

    “I didn’t know he was a kid,” the weirdo stressed.

    “Good thing that happened when it did, Gonzo,” Piggy whispered. “That kind of thing wouldn’t fly now.”

    “It was an honest mistake!” Gonzo whispered back. “With a kid that tall, he should be wearing a sign. ‘Hi, I’m a very tall six year old!’. He should be wearing that every day he steps outside.”

    “You know, it’s just dawned on me,” she murmured. “This entire conversation could’ve been spent fleeing in terror.”

    Piggy had been correct; while Grover had been making the longer and apparently slow motioned run towards them, Piggy and Gonzo probably had ample time to flee the scene, possibly just throwing said package through the window the store and hurrying back towards civilization as they knew it.

    When this very idea came to Gonzo, he let out the only thing that could be said at that moment.


    And just for clarification - I hate Elmo, love Grover. :super:
  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Everyone loves Grover! :)

    And I thought they were going to the swamp!
    I didn't think of Sesame Street. Good one!
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Swamp? What swamps are there in New York? :confused:
    Thank you Gina, this made me smile throughout. Yes, I knew they'd be going to Sesame Street... But I also said I wouldn't ruin it for other readers, so I was waiting for you to come out and post it like you did in this installment to thank you for it.

    It never fails me to see how people will say they "hate" Elmo, taking into account the fact the little red monster's been part of the street since the mid to late 80's. Yes, it does feel like he's taken over the street at times, but I try to keep an open mind. The whole Elmo's World wouldn't be so obnoxious if they'd dropped the "ask a baby" and end song—can it really be called a song if you're just repeating the topic of the episode over and over to the tune of Jingle Bells? But I digress.

    Funny how Piggy and Gonzo are loathing the fact they're on Sesame Street. And that they ended up meeting the one person who is crazier than Gonzo, Grover. Me likes this very much.
    Post more when possible. *Leaves virtual chocolate doughnut.
  12. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Okay, really quickly as I try to get our lines working at work. Again, I meant to post this last night, but you know I had to go to bed!

    “Gonzie baby!”

    “Hey!” Gonzo said, trying to bring up as much enthusiasm as he could. “Grover, buddy. Package. Can’t hug ya.”

    “Piggy baby!”

    “Don’t touch me,” was the curt response. “Don’t even talk to me.”

    “What brings such fancy folks like yourselves to Sesame Street?”

    Grover, the very ‘cute and furry monster’ of Sesame Street, had been the very subject that Piggy had once spoken of as being crazier and zanier than Gonzo. They weren’t sure what it was – either his over the top personality that could even put Piggy to shame; his perfection of clumsiness and bringer of catastrophes that made what Fozzie did seem tame; or the obvious multiple personalities that could rival the entire Muppet Show in just one person – they didn’t know.

    “Well,” Gonzo replied. “It just so happens that Kermit sent us down here to deliver this package. In person.”

    “Froggy baby!?”

    “Yeah, that’s the guy,” Gonzo nodded. Looking at the monster and then down at the package, the daredevil had a wonderful idea. “Hey Grover, how’d you like to make a dollar?”

    “Gonzo,” Grover stated, grabbing the blue Muppet on the arm. “I cannot take your money. You are my friend and as such, I – as cute and loveable personality – must decline and shall do you a favor! For free!”

    “Sure, we can do this for free,” the daredevil said. “Look, we just need you to deliver this package to whoever is on the address here.”

    “Oh but Gonzo!” the monster preened. “I am very sorry, but I cannot do that!”

    “Why not?”

    “Because I am not a delivery monster!” Grover explained. “I have been many things in my vast career as a cute and adorable monster; I have been an actor, an artist, a baker, a bus driver, a Christmas tree salesman, a clerk, a conductor, a diplomat, a doctor, a daredevil, a detective, an elevator operator, a falafel vendor, a…”

    As Grover went through his long list of varied careers, both Piggy and Gonzo essentially had the same thought.

    This guy was a doctor!? Those poor people!

    Gonzo was so entranced at the various things that the blue monster had done that he couldn’t help but be awed. The guy had certainly done more things that Gonzo had and they certainly were every bit as off the wall as Gonzo certainly was and the daredevil was seriously considering that he wasn’t the lunatic that everyone thought he was.

    Just as he was about to hand over his crown of sheer lunacy over, Piggy took the moment to stop the entire employment history.

    “Grover,” she began, removing the shades and looking at the monster directly. “Moi hopes she wasn’t too out of line with her introduction.”

    “Was there another person here that I did not see?” the blue monster asked.

    Piggy barely restrained herself from rolling her eyes. “I’m talking about me,” she said, sending a tight smile towards the monster. “I know you and Kermit are so very close…”

    “Oh, the closest!”

    “Yes,” she said. Stepping up next to him, she purred, “Then I’m sure you could understand how important it would be for him to know that someone as nice and helpful as you could make sure this package gets to where it needs to go. And I would certainly be very appreciative if you could do this for us.”

    Gonzo tried and failed to hold back the smile on his face as he watched Piggy. There was a reason she was their whole marketing and promotion department; no one could charm people the way Miss Piggy could. Oh, she amplified the term ‘diva’ to new heights accordingly, but when she needed to turn on the charm, she did so with bright lights blaring.

    And the daredevil certainly couldn’t say that he hadn’t been a victim; heck, even Kermit could easily fall under her sway should Piggy demand him too. Try as they might, no one was ever immune from the pig’s charms.

    Grover looked to be the exception, but one bat off those baby blues and the ‘cute and friendly monster’ had been hooked. “Anything for you, Piggy baby,” he sighed, dreamily.

    "Aw, thanks, Grover," she said, stroking his fuzzy arm slightly.

    Gonzo handed over the package, just as Grover announced, “This might be a job for Super Grover.”

    “Sure,” the weirdo nodded, watching as the blue monster quickly hurried to find a phone booth or some other inconspicuous hiding spot in order to change to his alter ego. Giving a sly look to the pig, Gonzo whispered, “You are so bad.”

    Replacing the shades on her face, Piggy responded with, “I so already know that.”

    The two began to head off the block known as Sesame Street towards getting a cab and back to the land where they were more familiar. “You do know I like that in a woman?” Gonzo continued, only getting a huff from his companion. “Seriously, what does the frog have that I don’t?”

    “One word, Gonzo,” she replied. Looking at him, she lowered the shades enough to view him directly. “Me.”
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay... You get serious approval for this last segment.

    The whole bit with Piggy removing her shades and charming Grover, that just confirms my monster casting for her as Medusa to keep her close to Kermit.
    The only concern I have is I hope Grover gets that package to Hooper's Store. And will we find out what the package is? And how will the frog react when he finds out, cause you know Boss Frog will inevitably find out who actually delivered his package.
    *More please. *Leaves a reminder for Gina to the choc doughnut left for her.

    You didn't eat it did you Cookie?
    :insatiable: No, me already got chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. They flatter than cookies, but next best thing. Plates delicious too.
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Funny you should mention that. I have hated Elmo since about high school, when he was all the rage and basically took over Sesame Street. Elmo's World takes up 45 minutes of the hour long Sesame Street. That is ridiculous, in my opinion.

    Ironically, when I had shown "Follow That Bird" to my friend's 3 year old, I realized that Elmo WAS in that movie, though I think I liked him best then - when he was rarely seen and didn't speak.
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Dude, you're quick!

    Um....we'll probably not see what's in the package, but the whole scene did inspire an ending to the fic overall that you might like. Boss Frog will then discover Grover's role sorta.

    I did not see said doughnut, which is good to have it now cause I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Or rather, I've forgotten to eat breakfast.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :) Oh good.

    Er, Elmo's World only takes up the last 15 minutes of the show. I think the international markets do Sesame better in having the individual segments bundled as an extra half-hour presentation. Too bad we can't go back to the format from Seasons 30-32 that aired on Noggin where the street story's spread throughout the majority of the episode, animated inserts and special stuff like Abby's Flying Fairy School or Super Grover 2.0 thrown in, and then segway to the new Elmo: The Musical which will replace Elmo's World starting with the 43th season premiere this Monday.

    Meh. *Shrugs. *Moves on to other fics/threads.
  17. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Piggy's last line had me in stitches!
    Call Dr. Bob! LOL

    And I love how Piggy manipulated Grover.
    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
    I just hope this doesn't go wrong!
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hey Mup Cen! Happy Sunday to ya! So here is not one, but two updates cause I'm thinking I'm gonna be busy with like three or four classes starting Monday, not to mention the two classes that started last week. So yeah, gonna be a bit busy. But, you'll see from the segments that we're getting into our mystery proper.

    There's also a familiar cameo here, if you catch it. This ends chapter four -

    One week later

    The Pasadena Police Department handled many of the crimes and misdemeanors that came across their desks in and around the city of Pasadena, CA. Officer Chesney Hollertz and Det. Lucky Day had been on the force for a combined total of six years and twenty-seven days.

    Both Muppet officers were a rarity within the police department; Muppets normally didn’t go out for such dangerous jobs, especially not on the mean streets of Cali, but these two officers felt a purpose bigger than themselves and ultimately decided that their calling was with law enforcement. While Hollertz was still the rookie in the field, Day had been around for six years in Pasadena, following an astounding ten years with the San Diego Police. The last week had seen both officers assigned to the Ocean Prince Museum break-in that had happened earlier the previous week.

    In most cases of museum robberies, the culprit or culprits usually stole more than just one item, however in this case, only that of the Rheingold Ruby held any significance. The two officers had been checking and cross-checking the scene, looking for any type of clue that could tell them who the culprits were and where the ruby had gone.

    Sitting back at their desks at headquarters, Chesney – a country boy from Idaho who had moved to California when he was younger with a sandy blonde crew cut that had previously covered up brown eyes and a sincere smile – had been taking his lunch at his desk when Day had walked in.

    Day was somewhat of a grizzled cop, the kind that had seen too much, too soon, and wondered if life had any meaning. He had been born in New York and had lived there, doing odd jobs, usually in the clerical and office environment, but at some point he had decided that he would go into law enforcement. No one had really ever learned the reason why the bald, blue Muppet with the brown moustache had left NYC and turned to being an officer, other than some horrific experience with a restaurant waiter, whom Day felt was a ‘menace to society’.

    Day sat down across from his partner and looked him in the eye.

    “There was more than one.”

    “Say what, boss?”

    “There was more than one robber at that museum heist,” Day replied. “Forensics came back on some shoe prints and it’s clear there was at least four or five people in there.”

    “Oh!” Chesney replied, sitting up straight and looking through a file on his desk. “Sorry to go off topic, but I got those files on those recent murders; you know, those two kids and that jewel thief?”

    “Kid,” Day sighed. “How does that do anything for what we’re working on?”

    “Well,” Hollertz said. “That jewel thief was murdered, maybe he was there with the group. And those kids, well…I knew some guys who sometimes got way over their heads, you know? Maybe…maybe they got mixed in this or knew someone who was.”

    Day sat back in his chair. He had been apprehensive in getting this small town kid as his partner, but there had been times when the kid had insights that Day hadn’t thought of or hadn’t thought of in years.

    “You might have something there, Chez,” he murmured. “Got a theory?”

    “Well, let’s see,” the younger Muppet began. “Let’s say that this jewel thief, this uh…” Here he reached for the folder on the deceased. “David Dickens, decides that he wants this priceless ruby, right? Well, he goes about and hires a team that include these other kids.”

    “I see where you’re going,” Day interrupted. “They go in and get the ruby, with Dickens planning on pinning the robbery on them, but then Dickens gets plugged.”

    “But by who?”

    “Probably by the same guy who killed the teens.”

    “You don’t think it was Dickens?” asked Chesney.

    “If it was,” Day said. “Then why was he killed? I think you’re on to something, kid, but I have a feeling it’s bigger than Dickens and these dead kids. How does that one movie line go? About the master and apprentice?”

    Chesney smiled. “Always two, there are,” he said, his voice changing to that of a small green, Force using alien. “A master and an apprentice.”

    “Right,” Day said, nodding. “I think we’ve found the apprentices; now we need the master.”
  19. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Chapter V

    One week later

    With the excitement of a potential lawsuit and the experience on Sesame Street behind them, Miss Piggy was more than happy to get on with what was important – and that was planning out her scenes for that week’s show.

    She wasn’t particularly bothered by the whole lawsuit thing; she trusted Scooter and therefore, trusted his judgment when it came to his lawyers. She’d be lying if she thought she and Gonzo would get off scott free; after all she did start that fight, but as far as she was concerned, La Chance deserved it.

    Piggy wasn’t worried, at least not in terms of Scooter keeping the troublesome twosome out of trouble; she was worried however about Kermit. This new relaxed stance of his was a bit disconcerting to her; so very used to driving him into an arm waving, frustrating building eruption that had caused many a Muppet to flee in terror was…disappointing.

    If she did say so herself, she was quite good at bringing him to that point – and others – but this new laid back Kermit, who only punished them by sending them to his old home of Sesame Street, was just weird.

    And speaking of the frog, her musings were cut short when she heard a knock on her dressing room door and saw it open to reveal the very frog of her thoughts. “Busy?” he asked, his head poking through the door.

    “Just thinking about you,” was her retort.

    Coming through the door and then closing it behind him, Kermit replied, “I’m not sure if I should be excited or…” he trailed off, with an interesting look on his face. “Sorry, I seem to have lost my thought.”

    “I am good at making you do that.”

    “Incredibly so,” he said.

    He walked over to where she sat at the vanity and leaned against it. This had become a familiar stance between the two since the return of the Muppets and that of their show; both frog and pig had seemed to gradually move pass their troubled past that had always been so tumultuous as it had been romantic.

    “All set for the show?” he asked.

    “Rowlfie and I plan on going over our song in about thirty minutes,” she replied. “He’s working on his piece with the Mayhem.” Kermit nodded. “You didn’t come up to check on my set numbers, did you?”

    “I didn’t know I needed an excuse to come up here and see you,” he smirked.

    “You normally don’t,” she quipped. “Hence why I asked.”

    “Wanted to first, thank you for delivering that package for me,” he began. “I know you hate going to Sesame Street unless under duress…”

    “Which this was.”

    “So thank you,” he continued. “Secondly, I thought you’d like to know that we’re working on getting those assault charges of yours dropped. La Chance probably won’t want you anywhere near him, but at least you won’t get sent to prison. Again.”

    “Please,” she huffed, good naturedly. “Wasn’t that prison uniform the reason for our first marriage?”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    “I’m sure,” she said. “Thank you; and I’m sorry I seem to cause you all this trouble.”

    “I have learned, Miss Piggy,” the frog stated. “That for every… dangerous and criminally deviant thing that you do, you do it because of the goodness that you have in your heart and nothing as deceptive that Royce La Chance would like to present.”

    “You’re getting maudlin in your old age,” she whispered, giving him a demure smile and a slight squeeze on his thigh.

    “I think the word you’re looking for is romantic.”

    Standing and leaning towards him, she whispered, “That too.”

    As the two moved closer, the tone of receiving a text message registered on Piggy’s phone. Stopping, Kermit continued to gaze at her, while Piggy took a glance at her phone. “One of your many suitors?”

    “Just Gonzo,” she whispered, leaning towards him again.

    This time, their lips only touched once before Piggy’s phone actively began to ring. “He is the most persistent of suitors,” Kermit growled, pulling away reluctantly.

    The diva managed to stifle her own growl, instead using to answer her phone. “What do you want?”

    “Hey,” Gonzo replied. “Could you come down here for a second? I need another set ears for this and you’ve got the best hands down right now.”

    “No,” she said, quickly. “I’m busy.”

    “Oh come on!” the weirdo complained. “Whatever it is you and Kermit are doing in your dressing room or his office can easily wait. Besides, that’s what you have a house for.”

    “This coming from a person who is no longer allowed in elevators.”

    “The elevator got stuck,” Gonzo stressed. “That was not our fault. We do not have control over electrical devices and their ability to work. And besides, we weren’t even in that elevator! That, however, is beside the point; will you just get down here? I swear, ten, fifteen minutes and you can get back to doing whatever it is you’re doing to Kermit up there.”

    The diva sighed, giving a sidelong glance to her longtime boyfriend. “Fifteen minutes, Weirdo,” she said, hitting the bright red ‘end button’ that ended their conversation. “I don’t suppose I could take a rain check?”

    Standing, Kermit began to make his way towards the door, effectively seeing himself out. “You know where I am,” he said.

    “I make a point of knowing where you are, Frog.”

    “I’ve noticed,” he smirked. “Don’t be late with Rowlf. And as long as the two of you are together, perhaps you can find Janice and maybe work on those Vet’s Hospital skits; you know, maybe rehearse one, just for the sake of rehearsing.”

    “No,” she said. “Probably not gonna do that last thing.”

    “Well, I tried,” the frog sighed. “See ya later.”
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    Sorry for not posting anything last night...

    Last bit of Chapter IV:
    Lucky Day, another Mr. Johnson (Fat Blue) variant character, nicely done grasshopper.
    Sounds like the cops are starting to tighten the noose as they pick up on the threads of the story.

    Chapter V:
    You're definitely improving and learning how to portray the frog and pig relationship.
    Cute that Gonzo still proves to be a pest of himself in your ficverse interrupting the moment.

    Thanks for posting. :)

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