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Muppet Character Age Thoughts

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by frogboy4, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    What are your ideas on what the (now Disney-owned) Muppet character "perpetual" ages? Here are my thoughts. They are totally arbitrary, but we were talking about it in the other thread so I felt it would be interesting to see how everyone perceived the characters.

    35 Kermit
    39 Miss Piggy
    25 Fozzie
    29 Gonzo
    16 Scooter
    45 Rowlf
    5- Robin
    26 Pepe
    23 Rizzo
    25 Camilla
    62 Swedish Chef
    55 Sam Eagle
    86 Statler
    85 Waldorf
    48 Bunsen
    22 Beaker
    27 Animal
    38 Janice
    42 Floyd
    48 Zoot
    60 Dr. Teeth
    30 Sweetums
    35 Beauregard
    37 Lew Zeland
    30 Crazy Harry
    65 George
    68 Mildred
    75 Hilda
    53 Marvin Suggs
    39 Lips
    45 Newsman
    99 Uncle Deadly
    90 Pops
    60 Gaffer
    19 Annie Sue
    55 Nigel
    37 Fleet Scribbler
    26 Wayne
    24 Wanda
    50 Mahna Mahna
    20 Snowths
    66 JP Grosse
    40 Link Hogthrob
    61 Julius Strangepork
    8- Thog
    19 Yolanda Rat
    38 Johnny Fiama
    35 Sal Minella
    32 Bobo Bear
    31 Clifford
    46 Digit
    22 Leon
    1- Waldo
    7- Bean Bunny
    18 Andy & Randy
    22 Seymour
    35 Van Neuter
    30 Mulch
    28 Bill the Bubble Guy
    44 Zippity Zap
  2. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

    I think you have some of the women estimated a little high. Janice seems more in her late 20's to me. Piggy is hard to say. In the 80's and early 90's she seemed to be around what you estimate, but since Eric took over she seems to have taken on a younger personality, again maybe late 20's.

    Not sure about many of the others but I don't know if I would but Scooter at 16. More like 20. He may have started out as 16 on TMS, but by the time of the movies he seemed older to me, especially in MTM. All of the muppets seemed to age a little in that one.
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  3. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I have always felt Janice to be older. Being in my 30s now it doesn't feel the character is that far off. She seems a little more world wise than a 20 something. But I get you. Who knows? I could go with 20s too. Rockers are kind of ageless. I totally agree with Piggy. I always felt she tried to play younger than she was. Eric does seem to play her late-20s/early 30s now.
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  4. Baby Gonzo

    Baby Gonzo Well-Known Member

    I think Dr. Teeth strikes me as more in his late 40s or early to mid 50s. Fozzie... somewhere between 30 and 35. And Statler and Waldorf seem more like they'd be in their late 70s than in their mid 80s to me.

    It's an interesting topic, really. I never really thought about it.
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  5. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    I think Zoot is older that 48. I'd say mid 50's to 60.

    I always pictured Scooter around 20.

    Dr. Teeth is probably in his mid 40's.

    Uncle Deadly is 99! Wow!

    As said earlier, Janice is probably in her mid to late 20's.

    Great thread!
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  6. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    Rowlf's an the oldest muppet. He was 30 in the late fifties. Then add up till now... and then times it by seven!
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  7. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I'll just copy and paste from Jamie's and add in my own ages...

    30-35 Kermit
    30-40 Miss Piggy
    20's Fozzie
    30's (back in TMS I'd say mid-20's) Gonzo
    18-19 Scooter
    40's Rowlf
    5-8 Robin
    25 Pepe
    20's Rizzo
    23 Camilla
    53 Swedish Chef
    55-60 Sam Eagle
    80's Statler
    80's Waldorf
    43 Bunsen
    20's Beaker
    ? Animal
    29 Janice
    35 Floyd
    50's Zoot
    50's Dr. Teeth
    30-40 Sweetums
    30's Beauregard
    37 Lew Zeland
    24 Crazy Harry
    70's George
    Late 60's Mildred
    60's Hilda
    45-50 Marvin Suggs
    38 Lips
    40's Newsman
    Deceased Uncle Deadly
    80's Pops
    60's Gaffer
    18-21 Annie Sue
    40's Nigel
    35 Fleet Scribbler
    25-30 Wayne
    28 Wanda
    50 Mahna Mahna
    20 Snowths
    55-60 JP Grosse
    35-40 Link Hogthrob
    60's Julius Strangepork
    9-10 Thog
    21 Yolanda Rat
    30's Johnny Fiama
    20's Sal Minella
    35 Bobo Bear
    30-35 Clifford
    50's Digit
    20's Leon
    7-10 Bean Bunny
    16 Andy & Randy
    24 Seymour
    39 Van Neuter
    20's Mulch
    34 Bill the Bubble Guy
    35 Zippity Zap
  8. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I'm just gonna go with the ones I disagree with.
    Hard to tell. I think Jim's might be slightly older but Steve's slightly younger.
    That seems a little high. True, she implies she's had work done, but still. I'd go with something closer or maybe slightly younger than Kermit, like 32-36. Of course, that may be the age she tells everyone else ... lol.
    I see him as more of a 19-year-old.
    I know I'll get harassed for this, but just because he sang that song doesn't make it so. I can see him as 6-9.
    Can't decide whether they should be older than that. Maybe 88-92.
    I, too, could see Zoot pushing 60 instead.
    He's dead ... does it matter? :D
    I saw her as in her early 20s.
    A lot of breakers of child labor laws, huh? :) But I can't see him as past 10.
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  9. StreetScenes

    StreetScenes Well-Known Member

    awesome thread! i agree with most of the ages so far. i, too, see statler & waldorf in their late 80s (though i don't know if it matters because they probably can't remember), and zoot in his late 50s (he probably can't remember either).

    but i see pepe as older, more like 38, even 43...still young enough to be a suave and sexy ladies' shrimp, especially as he's got a spanish accent, but old enough to have plenty of experience with the womens. sort of james bond-like.
  10. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    *Steals list*

    38 Kermit
    36-40 Miss Piggy
    40 Fozzie
    28 Gonzo
    15 Scooter
    53 Rowlf
    7 Robin
    30 Pepe
    25 Rizzo
    23 Camilla
    48 Swedish Chef
    62 Sam Eagle
    86 Statler
    86 Waldorf
    45 Bunsen
    27 Beaker
    21 Animal
    27 Janice
    52 Floyd
    63 Zoot
    60 Dr. Teeth
    29 Sweetums
    51 Beauregard
    39 Lew Zeland
    25 Crazy Harry
    67 George
    70 Mildred
    70's Hilda
    57 Marvin Suggs
    48 Lips
    52 Newsman
    Old! Uncle Deadly
    80's Pops
    65 Gaffer
    16 Annie Sue
    50 Nigel
    36 Fleet Scribbler
    29 Wayne
    27 Wanda
    45 Mahna Mahna
    20 Snowths
    69 JP Grosse
    49 Link Hogthrob
    70 Julius Strangepork
    6 Thog
    18 Yolanda Rat
    39 Johnny Fiama
    36 Sal Minella
    42 Bobo Bear
    39 Clifford
    31 Digit
    20 Leon
    2 Waldo
    6 Bean Bunny
    19 Andy & Randy
    32 Seymour
    38 Van Neuter
    30 Mulch
    29 Bill the Bubble Guy
    42 Zippity Zap
  11. Alpha Centauri

    Alpha Centauri Well-Known Member

    I really don't see Piggy being older then Kermit, I think they're round the same age maybe late 30's to early 40's, and Robin doesn't seem like a five your old to me ether I see him as being six too.
  12. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Robin always seemed to be somewhere between 7 and 9 to me. Even in his early appearances, he seemed older than 5. I think Kermit just thought of him as younger. How many 5 year olds can play 18 (Frog Prince)?

    Scooter and Annie Sue I can picture in their late teens, fresh out of high school and trying to make it big in show business. Sort of the Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland of the Muppet universe (hey! Story idea!).

    I would have guessed Dr. Teeth and the Swedish Chef were in their fifties.

    I agree with Jamie's Statler and Waldorf ages, but I think Pops would be a few years younger than them (maybe 80 instead of 90). Statler and Waldorf remember Kaiser Bill in the summer of 1912 (and how funny he looks in a hat), so they'd have to at least be in their 80s in 1976.
  13. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    *Steals list as well.*
    35 Kermit
    20...:mad: Miss Piggy
    38 Fozzie
    25 Gonzo
    19 Scooter
    12 Rowlf
    10 Robin
    25 Pepe
    45 Swedish Chef
    30 Sam Eagle
    86 Statler
    86 Waldorf
    45 Bunsen
    27 Beaker
    Honk Animal
    27 Janice
    32 Floyd
    52 Zoot
    45 Dr. Teeth [Who ever puts 60, I wanna know how a 60 year old can boogie like The Good doc can.
    29 Sweetums
    29 Beauregard
    39 Lew Zeland
    25 Crazy Harry
    67 George
    70 Mildred
    80 Hilda
    57 Marvin Suggs
    48 Lips
    52 Newsman
    Dead. Uncle Deadly
    88 Pops
    12 Gaffer
    18 Annie Sue
    28 Nigel
    36 Fleet Scribbler
    29 Wayne
    27 Wanda
    38 Slim Wilson
    60 Gramps
    45 Bubba
    50 Lubbock
    30 Lou
    40 Zeke
    69 JP Grosse
    49 Link Hogthrob
    58 Julius Strangepork
    8 Thog
    18 Yolanda Rat
    39 Johnny Fiama
    25 Sal Minella
    42 Bobo Bear
    29 Clifford
    2.15 Digit and utterly shocked
    20 Leon
    2 Waldo
    6 Bean Bunny
    19 Andy & Randy
    32 Seymour
    38 Van Neuter
    30 Mulch
    29 Bill the Bubble Guy
    42 Zippity Zap
    45 Nigel the director
    29 Spamela
    18 Vicky
    46 Beard
    32 Flash
    25 Drummer Girl [Who I call Franny]
    43 Lindenburgh
    19 Zondra
    78 Emily Ma Bear
    60 Howard[Muppets Tonight], 35 [Muppet Merry Christmas]
    91 Brewster
    32 Miss Mousey
    30 Droop
    26 Trumpet Girl
    3 Foofoo

    Remember, the magic triangle, the pupils, they tell how mature the muppet is. Smaller, like Kermit= mature, while wider or totally black, like Bean= immature.

    Also, the Dog age thing. And manerisims. Like lets say, Kermit, he's still young but old enough for Vicky to watch on the Muppet Show. And Fozzie still lives with ma... and we don't want him to be a 45 year old living with mommy... thats more pathetic than he is....I KEED!
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  14. Chinchilla

    Chinchilla Member

    This one confused me. You claim he's only two point one five years old? I didn't think the amount of time the puppet was actually used (alas :cry:) was fair game for this game. That said, expressing his age with a decimal is kinda cool. Maybe you meant "Digit version two point one five" in computery reference to character changes from Inner Tube to Cosby Show to TJHH?

    When TJHH aired in '89, I thought Digit's voice sounded like someone in his 40s (now I'm almost 40 myself, I think he sounds even older). And his pupils are teeny, so he's definitely a mature muppet specimen. (Can't you just hear his voice used to say "You kids get off my lawn!"?)

    (And what does "utterly shocked" mean? You or him?):confused:
  15. Gemini Draco

    Gemini Draco Active Member

    Well, I have never really thought about the age thing, well, I sort of did. But I mostly thought about what the age range can be when it came to the Electric Mayhem.

    To start, I think that Animal is the youngest. I guess being in his 20s, early to mid 20s. Following that would be Janice, she is definitely the second youngest, being late 20s to early 30s. Then I think about Floyd, Zoot and Dr. Teeth. This is where it gets hard. I remember reading that the person who played Zoot said that is was in his 50s. That i can believe. But I also believe that he is the oldest of the band members. Making me think that Floyd is in his 40s and so is Dr. Teeth. However, I still can't think about who is older, maybe they are just around the same age.

    That is all that I could think of when it came to Muppet Ages. Though, I think of Scooter, and in the Muppet Show he seemed to be a lot younger because I remember him saying that he was selling magazines to get a skateboard from his school but I think that he has changed, his age, over the years.

    Wait.... *thinks* MAN OH MAN! I have a heart for someone in his 50s? .... *shrug* Oh well.

    Anyway, thinking of Bunsen, I think that he is more like somewhere in his late 30s maybe early 40s. And I think Beakers is in his early 30s.

    Statler and Waldorf? Hmm.... I would say 80s, there are some rather fit 80 year olds. Though, I don't know if you can call them fit since they are always sitting in the box.

    Oh, and to LamangoNumber2, Paul McCartney is in his 60s and he can still very active. Though, I do have to agree that Dr. Teeth seems like he is in his 40s, as I have stated before.
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  16. that seems about right
  17. Chinchilla

    Chinchilla Member

    I agree.
  18. bazooka_beak

    bazooka_beak Well-Known Member

    Um, wow. I never really thought of their ages before! I feel a little weird looking through everybody's lists, like I've been disenchanted somehow XD OK, only a little. But I think Miss Piggy will always tell you she's 29, no matter what ;)
  19. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    Ah, I knew the 'half cyborg' thing would get people. ;) Like Waldo, Digit is a machine, or, mostly. So I basicly used the same logic as it comes with Waldo. And by utterly shocked, I mean the face Digit always does. I know it wasn't a funny joke... :p I didn't even know Digit's puppet was used that long. o.o;
  20. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    • 30's - Kermit
    • older than she claims to be - Miss Piggy
    • about Kermit's age - Fozzie
    • same as Fozzie - Gonzo
    • 17 or 18 on TMS, 20's now - Scooter
    • According to MB, six minutes younger than Scooter - Skeeter
    • maybe early 40's - Rowlf
    • 5 on TMS, maybe a few years older now -- Robin
    • 20's - Pepe
    • 20's -Rizzo
    • ? - Camilla
    • 40's or 50's - Swedish Chef
    • 50's - Sam Eagle
    • old! - Statler
    • ditto! - Waldorf
    • 40's - Bunsen
    • 30's - Beaker
    • 20's - Animal
    • late 20's - Janice
    • early 30's - Floyd
    • definitely in his 50's - Zoot
    • late 30's or early 40's - Dr. Teeth
    • ? -Sweetums
    • 30's - Beauregard
    • late 30's - Lew Zeland
    • 30's - Crazy Harry
    • late 50's or early 60's - George
    • little bit younger than George - Mildred
    • late 60's or early 70's - Hilda
    • 40's - Marvin Suggs
    • 20's - Lips
    • 30's or 40's - Newsman
    • deceased - Uncle Deadly
    • 80's - Pops
    • about Pops' age (!) - Gaffer
    • 19 or so - Annie Sue
    • late 40's - Nigel (conductor)
    • 30's - Nigel (director)
    • 20's - Fleet Scribbler
    • 20's - Wayne
    • Little bit younger than Wayne - Wanda
    • ? - Mahna Mahna
    • ? - Snowths
    • 60's - JP Grosse
    • 30's - Link Hogthrob
    • early 60's - Julius Strangepork
    • Under 10 -Thog
    • 20's - Yolanda Rat
    • early 30's - Johnny Fiama
    • about Johnny's age - Sal Minella
    • 30's - Bobo Bear
    • early 30's - Clifford
    • late 30's/early 40's (about 5 in robot years) - Digit
    • mid to late 20's - Leon
    • very young - Waldo
    • 7- Bean Bunny
    • 15 - Andy & Randy
    • 20's - Seymour
    • 30's - Van Neuter
    • ? - Mulch
    • early 30's - Bill the Bubble Guy
    • late 20's/early 30's - Zippity Zap
    • early 20's - Spamela
    • 20's - Walter
    • 30's - Miss Poogy
    • ? - 80's Robot
    • 30's/40's - Angelo
    • late teens - Vicki
    • 30's - Lindbergh
    • early 20's - Flash
    • early 30's - Beard
    • early 20's - Darci
    • early 20's - Zondra
    • early 20's - Chip
    • late 20's - Ubu
    • 20's - JHH drummer girl
    • late 20's/early 30's - Louis Kazagger
    • 20's - 30's - Rats (Tatooey, Masterson, Chester, Bubba, etc.)
    • below 10 - Monsters (Doglion, Luncheon Counter, Mean Mama, Carl, Mutations, Timmy, etc.)
    • 30's - Bill, Gill, Jill
    • Under 10 - Eugene
    • Under 10 - Animal's bunny
    • late 30's - Slim Wilson
    • 60's - Gramps
    • 40's - Bubba
    • 50's - Lubbock
    • 30's - Lou
    • 40's - Zeke
    • 60's - Emily Bear
    • 30's or 40's - Howard Tubman
    • 60's - Carter the Butler
    • 50's/60's - Brewster
    • late 20's/early 30s - Miss Mousey
    • 30's - Droop
    • 30's - Boppity
    • 30's - Gloat
    • late 20's - Trumpte Girl
    • 2 - Foo-Foo
    • 5 - Muppy
    • late 30's/early 40's - Anthony and his wife (sorry for forgetting her name!) from JHH
    • 30's - Polly Lobster
    • 20's - Clueless Morgan
    • 40's - Mad Monty
    • 40's - Angel Marie
    • 80's - Old Tom
    • 90's - Real Old Tom
    • Deceased - Dead Tom
    • 30's - Jaques Roach
    • 20's-30's - The Moopets
    • early 20's - David Hoggleshoff
    • 30's - Captain Pighead
    • 40's - Commander Snorty
    • 50's - Craniac
    • 50's - Mr. Poodlepants
    • 60's - Gary Cahuenga

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