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Muppet College Dorms: The Next Semester

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    Hey, Count? Aaron? Can someone give me the key to room 23 so Robin and I can move in?
  2. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Just now is waking up.......

    Oh man what a weird dream I had. Sleeping on the couch in the living area is not a good idea.

    Cookie: *talking in sleep* Cookies cookies cookies *smacks lips together* Good cookiesssss.....

    Grover is out getting some breakfeast ready for the dormies

    Herry is taking a bath

    What a great day it's going to be. Since I'm off work today I figured I would go get our old furniture from the house. Does anyone want to come w/ me?
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Time to get down to business.
    Oh, sorry Whatever, didn't notice Robin perched here on the desk. *Hands over key to Room #23 to Robin. Here you go Robin, the key to your room. Tell Whatever she can move in whenever she wants. Oh, and your uncle's in Room #21 if you'd like to visit him some time. You'd better check with McFraggle first though.

    Now for the real business at hand.
    *Turns on PA system.
    Fozzie Bear and Kevin, please report to the front lobby.
    Philo&Gunge and roommates, please report to the front lobby.
    Both groups need to LMK what numbered room from the ones still available they want.
    Please leave a message here and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    Hey Kyle, need some help with those old items from the house? Will probably send a couple of zombies to get the pipe organ for the third floor common room, could send another few to help you with the move.
  4. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Count. Thank you very much. I see Aaron isn't up yet or did he go to school?
  5. Count, ya needed me? Because I will take the largest room on the top floor.
    Room 58 seems pretty big.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh hi P&G. Yes, I wanted to see you. Well, there's no "largest" room, they're all pretty much equal in concept, until the boarders design the interior themselves. However... since you picked Clifford as one of your roomies, and since the third floor's West Wing is reserved for the Electric Mayhem... was wondering if you'd like either Room #30 or 36 for yourself and the trash heap servants.
    LMK and I'll get you your key ASAP.

    And we'll see if Aaron pops in and get you your luggage up to your room promptly after that.

    OK boys, set that pipe organ up in the back wall of Floor 3's common room. Hey Kyle, as soon as we're finished here, I'll send the zombies to help you move.
  7. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    My room descript & then some

    Morning roomies. Hey HomertheGreat,we're next-door neighbors,howdy.I'm JaniceFerSure aka Diana,in room #33.We're all moved in. JFS's major is the same as last semester: sign-language with a minor in drama. Floyd's major is music appreciation with a minor in literature. Dr. Teeth's major is music appreciation with his minor in philosophy. All three are taking music & vocal classes too.Here is our room description.It's the same room as last semester,so we just cleaned it and made a few adjustments.

    As you enter,there is a tv on a tv stand,along with PS2 and a VCR, plus video cabinet(filled with videos and dvds).A stereo system(with surround sound speakers in the rooms back ceiling corners) is next to the tv.A cd tower sits next to the right of the stereo. Our instruments(on stands) with adapters/amps are to the stereos right(and right corner),JFS tambourine is hanging up.A disco light is on the ceiling's center,interchangable with other club-type lights,when the mood permits.A bunk bed for Dr. Teeth and Floyd are against the far wall corner,budded up to the corner(Floyd on top bunk,Dr. T on bottom bunk).JFS futon to the back room center.There is a small refrig. in the corner,underneath our computer desk with a Compaq computer system,printer & computer chair.There is a dresser for Floyd's clothes(to right of closet,Dr. T & JFS use the closet).A trunk sits in front of JFS's futon(filled with extra pillows,blankets,decks of cards and board games:chess,backgammon,mah jong,scrabble).There are big pillows surrounding the trunk for dormates to sit down upon.A foosball table is in center left of room. The room colors are light blue, with white clouds & glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. The wall's color is sandy yellow & the back of the door is tea green with a poster of It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World on it. There is a door hanger from Twillight Zone Tower of Terror hanging on the inside doorknob.

    Dr. Teeth: Hey everyone,I'm glad to be back here again,rooming with my good buds JFS & my man Floyd P.

    Floyd: Hiya roomies,happy to be once again in the dorms. Hey J,the room looks fab.Good job.

    JFS: Thanks Floyd.We're gonna have a jamming good ole time.Glad you two made it back.Hiya Aaron,you we're truly missed around here! Hi again Whatever. Hi Kyle & his furry roomies! Welcome to the dorms FraggleRocks.
  8. Actually, Count. I'd rather stay here on the top, I never do too much Eletric Mayhem work anymore.

    Anyway, here's my room description:
    I have a couch in front of a 25-inch television. Where I also have my duel-deck VCR and DVD player, to the left of the TV is my, Clifford, Philo and Gunge's DVD collections (remember that's Clifford's copy of "Pink Floyd: The Wall", I only watch the marching hammers) I keep my basic DVD's in my room, consisting of "The Muppets Take Manhattan", "Looney Tunes Golden Collection", "The Simpsons: Seasons 1-4", both Storyteller DVD's and all Walt Disney Treasures DVD's. We also have a coffie table with a dog bed under it, this is for Philo & Gunge to sleep on during the night. The kitchen will be very cartoon-y. The refrigerator is shaped like Daffy Duck, with the fridge being his smoatch. Also, I will have a cabinet filled with my Muppet and Looney Tunes tapes. My bed room will have a king-size bed, a bath tub/hot tub, a 15-inch TV, another VCR, a portable DVD player and me Muppet action figures above my bed. Clifford's room has his diector's chair, 15 pairs of sunglasses (you can't have enough sunglasses), a Mickey Mouse phone and a fountain. As for P&G, they are going to be in a cabinet below from the TV just to get privacy. We may move they dog bed down there. Clifford may also want to move the fountain out into the kitchen. Is this all right Count?
  9. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    Hiya Philo & Gunge.Hiya Clifford,I'm gonna miss you buddy,but I know which room your in to go and visit you. The Wall by PF,that's one of my all-time fav. rock movies! The phone,thanks for reminding me P&G.That's a good idea.

    :: plugging in Harley Davidson motorcycle phone ::
    I'm gonna switch on and off between that and Dr. Teeth's red lips phone & Floyd's guitar phone during the months.
  10. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Nice room you got there Diana. *holler over to Ed* Oh thanks Count. Tell them I'll be over there in a min. to help them.

    Ok since I haven't done my room here I go:

    When you walk in there's a TV stand w/ satellite, VCR and PS2. Next to it is a Goofy Phone which rings and talks he wakes up talking and then goes back to sleep. You'll then see my CD and Video case (not all of the video are on there) After that you see my Other Video DVD case w/ lots and lots. On top of my Video DVD case I have my some of my Muppet Figures up w/ the PIS set (most of the rest is in a box on top as well) There's a love seat that folds into a bed (for any guest that come over) On to the other room:

    Ok this is were the magic happens (Cookie eats cookies in here thats the magic they all seem to disappear) Ok Here's Cookies has a bed cover that has all sorts of cookie shapes, Then theres Herry who has a bed cover w/ a set of weights on his bed right now. Over by Cookie and Herry's lamp post light there's a Fraggle hole (You know what for)

    Now lets go to mine and
    Grover's room This way:

    Ok My bed has a regurly dark blue cover ( I never sleep under my covers I sleep on top of my cover and then cover up w/ a sheet or blanket That me! On my bed right now is a Garfield plush. He's cute isn't he. *hugs him*

    Grover's bed is right beside mine kind of like in Ernie and Bert's apartment he's covers has cute furry animals on them. On his side table he has his picture of his Mom's picture. He's a monster's mommy. Thats about it. I'll have to give you more info later.
  11. FraggleRocks

    FraggleRocks New Member

    A Phone!

    You're right JFS a phone is a really good idea.

    *Plugging in a turquoise phone with cute little white dots all over it in the living area. Also a pink phone with red lips on it goes into Piggy's room.

    I'm not sure how I forgot to put this in last night but I also have a cat named Bundles. She sleeps in my bed with me at night and has two orange yellow food dishes in the breakfast nook. She is dark grey with black stripes, the tip of her tail, paws, and her throat are all white. She enjoys practicing her jumping and sometimes isn't very graceful and ends up knocking things over. She is extremly smart and seems to understand what you say to her.

    Thanks for the warm welcome you guys! :)
  12. Janice Fer Sure,

    Is it okay if we could come by for dinner tonight or vice versa? Just to celebrate getting into college. Oh, well. I might as well beat JFS to the singing punch.


    We don't need no education
    We don't need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave the kids alone
    Hey teacher leave us kids alone
    All in all it was just another brick in the wall
    All in all you're just another brick in the wall

    BTW, I've never seen the movie per se. I heard that song on the radio.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Of course your cat's smart FraggleRocks, aren't they all? Hmm, a phone. Might install one myself near the computer desk.
    *Plugs in phone with black bat logo and numbers highlighted on the keys.

    Then again, might get a soft pink telephone with red lips for Mokey as well, not sure, we might just end up sharing the black bat phone.
    Heh, that sounds cool, the bat-phone. Will keep that one.
    BTW: P&G, OK just let me know what numbered room you want up on Floor 4. Rooms #55 and 59 are taken, you can have your pick from 45-54, 56-58, just LMK and I'll get you your key.
  14. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member


    Thanks Kyle,your room sounds great too. A turquoise phone,that's my favorite color,fer sure. Nice singing there P&G.Dinner sounds great.What are you in the mood for?

    Here's another good Wall song:

    Momma loves her baby
    And daddy loves you too.
    And the sea may look warm to you babe
    And the sky may look blue
    But ooooh Baby
    Ooooh baby blue
    Oooooh babe.

    If you should go skating
    On the thin ice of modern life
    Dragging behind you the silent reproach
    Of a million tear-stained eyes
    Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice
    Appears under your feet.
    You slip out of your depth and out of your mind
    With your fear flowing out behind you
    As you claw the thin ice.

  15. FraggleRocks

    FraggleRocks New Member


    If you want everyone could come over to our place. We don't mind and there should be enough room for everyone. Maybe order pizza or have everyone bring something different. :)
  16. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    :: JFS eating a nice double-burger,watching Spirited Away dvd,reading Dune Messiah ::

    :: Dr. Teeth is listening to John Coltrane cd on the stereo ::

    :: Floyd is playing Freecell solitare on the computer ::

    Pizza,hmmm,had pizza last night at the tubs. I'd have to think about that one.:) Thanks for the invite.
  17. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    *Walks up to the front desk.*
    Kev: Hey, Count. We were outside and heard our call to come in.
    Foz: I think we're choosing a room or something?
    Kev: Yes.
    Foz: Does this make Count our Dorm Mother?
    Kev: In a way, shhhh...
    Foz: "Shhh"ing now.

    We like things simple. I'll take First Floor Room 4, please. I just like how it all rhymes:
    First Floor
    Room Four
  18. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    Nice alliteration there,nice rhyming too.

    :: baking 'welcome' cookies for all the roomates that have come so far.There is: choc. chip,sugar,peanut butter blossoms(Hershey kisses),oatmeal raisin,biscotti with almonds & choc. chips(seperate cookies) ::

    There is plenty for everyone. I'll make a seperate batch for Cookie,so he has his own.
  19. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    Thanks Count! We're moving right in!
  20. FraggleRocks

    FraggleRocks New Member

    Cookies! Wow!

    Thanks for baking the cookies JFS! Piggy and I love cookies. :excited:

    *FR listening to the soundtrack from Broadway show Wicked

    *Piggy watching Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart
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