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Muppet Listings 12.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, we've3 seen that list. In fact, it was fellow member gymkatarules who sent me there about two years ago. Much of that list has been incorporated into my ML, but with some clarifications based on dialogue with my various sources.
    Hope you guys like the listings and keep adding to the wealth.
  2. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Here's some new ones, all from Sesame Street:

    The Inchworm--From SS. He appears in SS's version of "Inchworm". He's a pointy green AM with ping-pong ball eyes at the top of his head, long orange antenna, a small orange nose (like Farley), and a blue and green striped body. The back of the puppet has a long body attached to it with a red tail at the end.

    Dentist Johnson--Frazzle's dentist. He's a short lavendar AM wit short brown hair, lidless eyes, and a round green nose.

    Pierre the Reservationist--reservationist of the Chez Nomie, "restaurant of the semi-stars". He appears in a sketch where Guy Smiley takes his studio audience to lunch. He's a pointy green AM with an oval, light green nose, slicked-back black hair, small, sleepy, lavendar-lidded eyelids, a thin moustache, and a tuxedo. (If you're wondering about adding the audience to the list, I don't think you should; many of the characters in it are already in the list).

    Mr. O'Brien--appears in the "Guy's Audience" sketch. He looks exactly like Chester O'Leary, but wearing a suit.

    Mrs. Simon--appears in the "Guy's Audience" sketch, possibly built to look like Lisa Simon. She's a fat blue AM with brown, semi-curly hair, a blue nose, and blue eyelids. I can't remember what she wore.

    Rocky--from Monsterpiece Theater's "Monsters With Dirty Faces". He appears in a B&W film (even when he speaks with Cookie!), and is an orange oval-headed monster with a fat, pear-shaped nose and sleepy eyelids (with fuzzy lashes)

    F.N. Jones--author of a children's book (I can't recall the name). He's a live-hand orange AM with balding grey hair, eyebrows, a red nose, lavendar eyelids, a row of upper teeth, and a blue suit.

    Joe Barber--appears in a "Fairy Tales Today" sketch and cuts off Rapunzel's hair. He's a lavendar live-hand AM with short brown hair, thin blue eyelids, and a round green nose.

    Hopalong Hamster--appears in a "Spaceship Surprise" sketch. He's a blue mouse puppet with a cowboy hat over his eyes, a red bandana, a vest (I think), and white fuzz attached around his nose.

    Corny the Corn--a Muppet corn on the cob that appears in the "Here Is Your Life: Carton of Eggs" sketch.

    Stephanie the Chicken--a brown chicken that appears in the "Here Is Your Life: Carton of Eggs" sketch.

    Telly's Uncle Talbot--a furry purple live-hand monster with a fat pear-shaped orange nose,Telly-like eyes, and Telly-Like hair. He appears in an episode when he shows off his "long-peaked baseball caps". (Note: The monster puppet used here is also used for Sally Messy Yuckayel.)

    Pepe--Elmo's Mexican cousin from "SS Stays Up Late". He's basically an Elmo puppet in a mariachi outfit and a black moustache.

    Elmonoske--Elmo's Japanese cousin from "SS Stays Up Late". He's an Elmo puppet in a blue kimono.

    Martha Sewer--she appears in an episode when Oscar and Grungetta want to get married. She's the Gary Grouch puppet with green/brown eyebrows, tan Prairie Dawn-like hair, and a pink checkered shirt.

    The Justice of Disturbin' the Peace--also appears in the episode when Oscar and Grungetta want to get married. He's a short-furred, gray version of Oscar with a tattered work shirt and tie. He keeps banging a gavel on trash can lids.

    Zostic--an evil monster from the planet Enormous, who appears in the "Super Morphin Mega Monsters" sketches. He's an orange oval-headed monster with a bulbous blue nose (or is it green?), angry eyes with pink bags under them, and a metal helmet with various small metal objects on them (mainly cylinders).

    Zostic's Underlings--two fat Anything Monsters. Both have the same type of helmet as Zostic, but a bit more elaborate. One monster is purple with a green nose and sleepy eyes with fuzzy lashes. The other is blue with an orange nose and black eyebrows.

    The Super Morphin Mega Monsters--Telly, Rosita, Elmo, and Zoe wearing triangular metal breastplates and yarmulke-like hats. Each breastplate has a colored emblem on the front, and is the same color as their hats. Their "Morphin" names and colors are (respectively) Tellydactyl (green), Rositaraptor (yellow), Elmosaurus (blue), and Zoeceratops (Unknown color, it could be red).

    More to come...
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you MuppetDude, can always count on you to come through. Due to this last batch, we've exceeded the 2600 total and I'll be posting ML13 quite soon.
    A few things though.
    I remember seeing those Super Morphing Mega Monster bits. Based on your descripts, it sounds like they combined elements from Seasons 1 and 2 of Power Rangers.
    Martha Sewer, man, would've loved to see this one. You think she's now doin' time in the plush country club garbage dump of West Virginia?
    Anyway, the real question is... did she and the whole bit of Oscar and Grungetta getting married happen in a recent episode? Or was it a flash forward dreaming of what it would be like, paralleling Gordon and Susan's wedding?
    Oh yes, and there's one more announcement to make, but I'll tell you about that one after ML 13. Thanks again, and have a great weekend.
  4. McFraggle

    McFraggle Well-Known Member

    Oscar got married? :grouchy:
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Don't think he ever did. But then again, I don't remember the whole episode/segment. Best bet would be to ask MuppetDude himself, or wait till he reads this and posts here.
  6. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Here's a brief synopsis of it:

    It's a season 29 episode. Oscar always asks Grungetta to marry him since it gets on her nerves, but one day she says yes to get back. The grouches then think that they have to get married since they said they did, but Gordon and Maria tell them that's not true, until a grouch named Martha Sewer tells them of what a great party they could have afterwards. Oscar and Grungetta then decide to get married, and immediately begin to plan the wedding.

    During the wedding, Oscar and Grungetta decide that if they got married, they would be so miserable that they'd be happy, and call the wedding off.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks MuppetDude, definitely one I missed out on from my college years. But then again, I have this vague memory of a fantasy segment where Oscar and Grungetta are thinking of what Gordon and Susan's wedding would be if they were grouches themselves.

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