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Muppet Replica Help Center

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Gerbert, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Animal31 Active Member

    Just got mine today, really nice, better than ever expected!

    Thanks again for the heads up! :)
  2. TML Member

    This thread kinda died didn't it? Gerbert, what's up with other tutorials?
  3. Gerbert Member

    No It Did'int die. Just hard at Work Writing down Step by Step by Step for You Guy's while Building at the Same Time. Ugh
  4. HamHock Member

    Excuse me, Gerbert, does Lunas Puppets except PayPal?
  5. HamHock Member

    BTW, love Ifest performance!
  6. Gerbert Member

    Yes.. Lunas Puppets accept's PayPal..
  7. Scvsnare9 New Member

  8. gojira54rules New Member

    Great Job On Your Elmo! :)
  9. Animal31 Active Member

    Fantastic! Is this from Luna's?
  10. Scvsnare9 New Member

    Yeah this is from lunas.conditioned the fur added the nose and redid the pupils
  11. Scvsnare9 New Member

    I may shave him down around the head and arms. So he doesnt look so bulky
  12. Animal31 Active Member

    Excellent job, I still have mine as well. How did you condition the fur without pulling it apart???
  13. Scvsnare9 New Member

    Used stiffen stuff. Really good fabric stiffener
  14. Animal31 Active Member

    I actually used that around the mouth sometimes to keep the hair from sticking up, never thought to use it on the whole puppet!
  15. Scvsnare9 New Member

  16. Animal31 Active Member

    Nice job! I never shaved mine, but the stiffener worked out excellent. I did the same thing and removed some of the foam, I also removed the arms and shortened them a bit, while they were off I thinned them out as well and added wire to the fingers. I then added an insert for arm rods instead of the hooks that it came with.

    Luna does great work, but they were not really sold as Elmos, so some nips and tucks here and there really make a difference. I'm going to do the legs next.....

    Did yours come with the ventriloquist entrance as well?
  17. charlie bird Member

    Well I just turned 14 and was obsessed with ''Gerbert'' when I was little ,so I cant believe I even get to talk to the performer of him.So, Youre shows are kinda what got me verry interested in puppetry.Well that and my mother was the puppet director at our church.So I am just so thrilled to have even tallked to you ,even if not in person:)!
    ps:Did you make Gerbert?
  18. Scvsnare9 New Member

    heres mine in action!

  19. TML Member

    excellent voice!

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