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Muppet Show idea outline

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Gorgon Heap, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Dave only has scripts for his Rex Harrison outline which he wrote with Travelling Matt and his Ed Wynn outline which turned out as a script as he was writing it.
    As far as I know he has no immediate plans to expand any more of his outlines into scripts though if you ever decide you want to Dave I think that would be wonderful.
    But only if you honestly want to my friend. :)
  2. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    I'll give him some ideas for a Charro outline.

    "It's The Muppet Show with tonight's guest star Charro!"

    STYLE: Early Season One (circa Ruth Buzzi, Rita Moreno)

    Fozzie: My pet elephant went to the car wash and he washes the car with its trunk! (SPECIAL: We can see the audience laugh at him.)
    Charro: Shown in Talk Spot set with Sweetums.
    Gonzo: "The Muppet Show" sign goes up in the air after Gonzo has beaten it.


    Kermit gets jealous when Fozzie, Hilda, George, and Animal rave for Charro. In the end, Charro becomes jealous that she wants to be a frog. (Think the Peter Ustinov episode style.)

    Opening Number: Floyd sings "Will It Go Round in Circles?" with the Electric Mayhem.
    Vet's Hospital (featuring Animal as the patient)
    Muppet News Flash: The Newsman reports on a male hippopotamus named Herbert escaping from the zoo.
    Sketch: Charro as a banker with Miss Kitty as the bank robber.
    At the Dance: Zoot with Janice, George with Mildred, Miss Piggy with a brown-haired pig, Snake Frackle with Sexy Muppet, and Animal with a Whatnot woman; dancing in the background would include Wayne with Wanda and Rowlf with a brunette dancer.
    U.K. Spot: A blue Whatnot (similar to the one from "Pachalafaka" song) sings "Windy" with Boppity in drag with wings.
    Conversation Panel: Kermit discusses "How do birds fly?" with Charro as Marcela Rodriguez, Miss Piggy, Brewster, and a whatnot.
    Talking Houses:
    House 2: My grandfather's not feeling well.
    House 1: Sorry to hear it. What happened to him?
    House 2: He's being condemned.
    Talk Spot: Kermit attempts to talk to Charro, but Sweetums shows up
    Wayne & Wanda would sing "In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree" but the apples would start falling off the apple tree and onto Wayne nontheless.
    Fozzie's Act: Impersonations of TV Stars
    Closing Number: Charro sings "Touch Me in the Morning" with Janice, Piggy, and two female Whatnots as backup singers and Animal, Floyd, Zoot, Rowlf on piano, Boppity on guitar and Gloat on trumpet in the background.
    Goodnights: Kermit, Charro, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Hilda, George, and Wanda.

    Note: Neither Gonzo nor Scooter should appear in this outline.

    Hey, Dave, whaddya think about my ideas so far?
  3. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Hey TSF. I quite like your ideas and I'm sure Dave would agree that you have talent for fan fic writing inside you.

    But don't you think you should have started a brand new thread for these ideas instead of putting them here in Dave's thread for his Billy Joel outline?
    I don't mean to put you down, it just seems more proper to me.
    Also instead of just giving Dave your ideas to work with why don't you consider having a go at doing something with them yourself? You could have more hidden talent than even you think.
  4. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Active Member

    Here and there I've been doing a bit of work expanding the Jose Feliciano outline into a script. Also, since the Johnny Rivers episode has full backstage scenes, it wouldn't take much to turn that one into a script (however some of those backstage scenes need to be trimmed/re-written, as toward the end I feel I went overboard with Hortense's unkindness, to the point of ludicrousness & loss of credibility). I could conceivably turn the Flip Wilson one into a script, and the Ed Asner one is pretty detailed so I'm sure I could script that one. Someone once suggested that I expand the Christopher Lee outline into a script.

    More than likely I'll just be putting up more outlines before any of the above occurs. Most likely candidate for script expansion is still the Jose Feliciano outline. Something about that one just works for me, maybe it's the whole idea of S & W in the wings.

    There's also just something about the visuals in the first half of Season Three that I respond to, organically. It's that organic response that enables me to visualize new scenarios in line with these establishes visual styles, motifs, and tones, and spin outlines out of them.

    And Dave's yammering finally came to an end.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  5. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Active Member

    I just realized about a week ago that I could use the song in the W&W sketch for timing and staging:

    "And This is My Beloved"

    Wayne & Wanda face each other adoringly. The music swells and Wayne turns, about face, with a flourish as he begins, heading Stage Right while Wanda remains at Stage Left.

    Wayne sings while Wanda admires herself in the lyrics, her body language boastful.
    "Dawn's promising sky
    Petals on a pool, drifting
    Imagine these in one pair of eyes--"
    "-- And this is my beloved."

    He turns about face again.

    "Strange spice from the south--"

    Behemoth enters even with the lyric from Stage Left, intrigued by the tasteful lyric. CUT TO:

    MEDIUM SHOT of Behemoth looking over Wanda, who is too wrapped up in her adulation to notice.

    "Honey through the comb, sifting--"

    Behemoth nods approvingly, rubs his hands together in anticipation, and twiddles his fingers as he reaches out to grab Wanda.

    "Imagine these in one eager mouth--"

    Behemoth lunges, biting Wanda's head. He chows down. CUT TO:

    CLOSE-UP of Wayne as he crosses Stage Left. We see Behemoth finishing Wanda's legs as he reaches the spot.

    "And this is my belo--"
    (surprised, spoken)
    "-- ved?"

    Wayne has turned just in time to see Behemoth having swallowed Wanda entirely.

    Wayne does a take at the camera, then back at Behemoth wiping his mouth and patting his tummy in satisfaction, then back at the camera, and faints with a groan.

    At the sound of Wayne hitting the ground, Behemoth does a double take, looks at the camera, and then looks back at Wayne unconscious on the ground. He tilts his head curiously as the scene wipes to the next.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
    Bill Bubble Guy likes this.
  6. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    Here's my idea for an episode of the muppet show.
    • Format Like a Seasons 2-5 episode
    • Episode: Michael Jackson
    • Backstage Plot: J.P. Grose tries to get Michael Jackson to buy the muppet theater so he can get rich. Kermit tries desperately to stop him.
    The Muppet Show Episode 225: Michael Jackson
    Scooter: (knocks on door): Michael Jackson, oh michael jackson fifteen seconds to current.

    Michael Jackson: Thank you Scooter, may I ask why are all these soda cans here

    Soda Can: Anything for the king of pop. (Canned Laughter)
    (Theme Song)
    That is about all I have so far, but I am working on it. Here's a little more of a rough outline.
    • Cold Opening
    • Theme Song
    • Kermit Introduction
    • Guest Star Performance: Michael Jackson performs ABC with The Electric Mayhem
    • Backstage Scene
    • The Swedish Chef Sketch
    • Backstage Scene
    • Talk Spot: Kermit and Michael Jackson (also featuring other muppets)
    • At the Dance Sketch: Song jokes
    • UK Spot: Sam the Eagle and something to do with him disapproving of Michael Jackson
    • Backstage Scene
    • Fozzie's Comedy Act with Michael Jackson
    • Backstage Scene
    • Muppet Labs
    • Closing Number: Michael Jackson performs Thriller with Muppet monsters (Sweetums, Thog, Mutations, etc.) with The Electric Mayhem as back up.
    • Kermit Closing
    • Credits
    • Statler and Waldorf comment
    I am going to write a real outline in the next few days, I hope you guys like the episode.
  7. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    That is excellent Dave. Maybe one day we will get to see exact full scripts of some of your old outlines. :D
  8. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    Okay here is some more from the Michael Jackson TMS episode.

    The Muppet Show Episode 225: Michael Jackson
    Scooter: (knocks on door): Michael Jackson, oh michael jackson fifteen seconds to current.

    Michael Jackson: Thank you Scooter, may I ask why are all these soda cans here

    Soda Can: Anything for the king of pop. (Canned Laughter)

    Kermit: It's the muppet show, with our very special guest Michael Jackson, yay!

    (Theme Song)

    (Gonzo blows on his trumpet and "Bad" plays.)
    Kermit: Thank you, and welcome again to the muppet show, hey tonight is particulary special, because we have the king of pop Michael Jackson.

    Kermit: But first, here is Gonzo the Great in a death defying act as he shoots himself out of a cannon.

    Kermit: Ladies and Gentlemen, the great...

    Gonzo: Whoopi.

    (Gonzo flies out from the curtains and breaks the ceiling)

    Kermit: Okay, it seems Gonzo has finished his act, so we now proceed to introduce that musical man, ladies and gentlemen Michael Jackson.

    That is what I have so far.

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