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Muppet Stuff store in NYC

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by GregCondon, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. GregCondon

    GregCondon Member

    Hello Muppet fans,
    I am new to the forum here and thought i would join in hopes of connecting with people who remember the old Muppet Stuff store located on Lexington Ave in New York City in the 80s. I have been researching the history of it for a project and have talked with many of the people involved with the store recently. Now I am trying to find people who actually shopped there. If anyone has any memories of memorabilia of that store please let me know!
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  2. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I remember "Muppet Stuff" through ads in Comic books and Muppet Magazine ads, although I never got to see the store. When I enquired about the store, it had just closed down. I did get sent the "Kermit's Guide for Kids", which I still have somewhere.
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  3. jobi71

    jobi71 Well-Known Member

    I was there only once. I will say 1980. I know it was post Muppet Movie and pre Great Muppet Caper. My family went to NYC so my sister could see a concert by one of her favorites. My reward for going was a trip to the store. There was a slight tinge of disappointment as I had spent many nights dreaming of the amazing Muppet stuff I would be seeing and purchasing. I had been to the Disney shops in Disney World and they had plushes for all the main and many of the random supporting characters. So I was imagining buying a plush Zoot, Bunsen, heck the sky was the limit. I also spent nights prioritizing what things to buy as I knew my parents wouldn't let me get them all. So that unrealistic idea aside the store was great. I had a lot of the merchandise already i.e. the Fisher Price plushes and the board games. What I did get there and still treasure are the 13 Schleich PVC figures (Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Rowlf, Statler, Waldorf, Animal, Zoot, Chef, Sam and Sweetums). I also picked up (or rather my parents paid for) The Book of Muppets and Men. That sadly is after 6 various moves somewhat missing. It would be nice if they could revive something similar as an online store, but I know Disney has very controlled ways of selling their merchandise.
  4. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    I remember back in the early 80's, my Dad was in NYC for business and happened to walk by the Muppet Stuff store. I was just a kid and my Dad knew I was a big Muppet fan. He brought me back some Muppet presents including these 2 store pins. I can't believe I still have them. Here is a picture:

    http://i1303.photobucket.com/albums/ag155/muppetfan86/Muppet Stuff 1_zpslp09yphg.jpg

    I never was able to get to the store myself, but years later, I wrote to the Jim Henson Company to find out where it was located. They sent me this letter along with this awesome picture of Kermit. The picture is marked on the back, "HENSON ASSOCIATES INC. 1976". I think it was a standard letter, but someone took the time to write me a small personal note about the store and included a production picture. Here is a picture of the letter and the Kermit photo:

    http://i1303.photobucket.com/albums/ag155/muppetfan86/Muppet Stuff 2_zpskztfu09x.jpg

    Hope the picture of the pins can be useful for your project.
  5. GregCondon

    GregCondon Member

    Wow, this all great info! Thank you so much for replying and sharing these memories here. Definitely useful for what i am working on!
  6. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

  7. GregCondon

    GregCondon Member

    Wow! Awesome, thanks for sharing! Where did you find these??

    There is a vegan restaurant/bakery in that address now called La Botaniste. Layout of the inside is basically the same and outside of the building hasn't changed at all (other than the signage obviously)
  8. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    I found the business card in some of my Dad's old boxes. As I had said before, my Dad was the one who was able to visit the Muppet Stuff Store back in the 80's. He must have picked it up then.

    How is your project going? Would love to know what you have learned from your research!
  9. GregCondon

    GregCondon Member

    Really cool, thanks again for sharing! Project is going OK, i am slowly making progress. It will be a short documentary when finished, I have gotten some good interviews and images and still trying to track down some key people!
    Will definitely keep the forums posted once it is out and ready for the world.
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