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Muppets' Saturday Night Live - Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Stan Davis Member

    Anna Faris:Stan Davis

    Anna Faris: (sings) Someday will find it
  2. Warldorf Active Member

    Steven: The Rainbow Connection,
  3. Stan Davis Member

    Clara:Stan Davis

    Clara:Goodnight everybody so Steven ready to go on our honeymoon
  4. Warldorf Active Member

    Sure! ...where?
  5. Stan Davis Member

    Clara:Stan Davis

    Clara:How about Hawaii
  6. Warldorf Active Member

    Perfect! Let's go!
    Clara: Great!
    Steven: All we need is $100,000!
    Clara: Oooh.
  7. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan davis

    Kermit: Don't worry guys the show is paying for your honeymoon
  8. Warldorf Active Member

    You guys have $100,000?!?!
  9. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan Davis
    Anna Faris:Waldorf

    Kermit:Um Anna Help me out here
  10. Warldorf Active Member

    That's our show, goodnight!
    (SNL and The Muppet Show ending song medley plays)
    Who should the next guest star be?
  11. Stan Davis Member

    Our next guest star will be Linda Ronstadt
  12. Warldorf Active Member

    That is...?
  13. Stan Davis Member

    the singer who sang it's in his kiss
  14. Warldorf Active Member

    I'm sorry, but I've never heard of her. How about Channing Tatum?
  15. Stan Davis Member

    ok here's a promo

    Channing Tatum:Stan Davis

    Channing Tatum:Hi Im Channing Tatum and guest starring on this week's muppet snl (piggy comes in)
  16. Warldorf Active Member

    :mad: Hello, Channy!
  17. Stan Davis Member

    Channing Tatum:Stan Davis
    Miss Piggy:Waldorf

    Channing Tatum:Hi miss piggy what can i do for you?
  18. Warldorf Active Member

    Well, it is hot in here. How about taking off that shirt so I can see yo- I mean, so you can cool off?
  19. Stan Davis Member

    Channing Tatum:Stan Davis

    Channing Tatum:Well thank you (he takes of his shirt as Annie Sue,Clara,Mandy,Janice,and Wanda come in)
  20. Warldorf Active Member

    Janice: Oh look, he's, like, rilly buff!
    Wanda: Hello there, gorgeous!
    :mad: Excuse me... Hey, I was here first!

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