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Muppets Tackel Acceptence

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by RealMissPiggy, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. RealMissPiggy

    RealMissPiggy New Member

    I was just searching The web actually looking to buy old issues of "Muppet Magazine" and came across this article from January 2004 regarding Sesame Street in south Africa and other nations around the world and I was completely PROUD to be a Muppet fanatic!

    In reading the article it states how The Muppets are pioneers for acceptance *a vision of Jim Henson’s*
    And how they are basing chacters around real issues facing nation around the world; for instance the newest character Kami sings a heart felt bald of same and different -
    "I have hair and you have hair, la dee dum, we are the same," croons the red Muppet. "I have AIDS and you don't, tra la la, we are different," hums his mustard-colored friend. The two burst into a song and dance routine: "Oooo, we love one another. Same and different, yeah"

    This Concept of introducing diversity and acceptance is Brilliant without a doubt. I feel like they are getting back to what Jim Himself would have wanted. His vision of equality was always one I admired!

    Sadly the article also says in this instant the children of S-Africa are not brought up to think this way hence the serrations; yet Education is the only socially acceptable vaccine available to these People! So slowly showing that different is OK- will go very far slowly but surely.

    Many Nations are doing there part as well to educate children on diversity-
    On "Sesame Park," the Canadian version, a character zooms along in a wheelchair to encourage positive attitudes towards the physically disabled.
    On "Rehov Sumsum," the show that airs in Israel, Jewish and Arab Muppets are best friends who like to harmonize about tolerance.
    And in Egypt, where girls' school attendance lags far behind boys', the most popular character on "Alam Simsim" is she-monster Khocka, a know-it-all book-reader (and book-eater)

    Exposing children to the cruel realities of this world in such a positive and warm way will build a bridge mending some of the stereotypes parent may preach. Children don't have all those negative preconceptions that there parents might have so in turn it will only make for a world where-
    :)"Being Green is EASY":)


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