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Music of the Night

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by The Count, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    It was the summer of 2008, temperatures rising over the excitement in town as Sesame and Muppets and Fraggles converged in the streets of their home town. True, the opening to the Rock in a tinkerer's northeastern workshop had been sealed away by a protective princessly undean, but even she couldn't stop up the magic manifested in this city of all things Hensonian. Heck, that spitfire of a Fraggle had made it to what the silly creatures call "ComicCon" with a friend of hers. The Muppets hustled and bustled at the theater, preparing for their upcoming performance. Studio DC would have the place packed with those Disney Channel stars (prompting some watchers to wonder if it will be hypocritically hailed for the same reasons MWoO was panned—Disney over-influenced production pushing). Sesame Streeters were busy as well, another summer, another season. They had to make sure their own brand of special guests were tended to and the segments shot perfectly. Besides all that the moviehouse enjoyed a renewed popularity. Rainbow Connections sheltered silver screen dreams for the eager gofer, boomerang fish throwers chucking bats instead of fish borrowed from counted acquaintances, and the occasional townperson or two singing along with the movie music.

    Warm days led to cooler nights... The boarding house was deserted as its occupants were comfortably resting in the theater. Or rather, it was almost deserted. "Meowmma mia!" exclaimed Wanda, a calico of moderate height and wonderful warbling abilities. "My, my, why did we ever leave the AC get busted?" She emerged out onto the outer patio, reaching a low-lying brick wall (not unlike that from where Kermit used to deliver his lectures at). Too bad there were two others already claiming perching places atop the keystones. One clad in blackest fur, the other of orange adorned by her eyepatch and gauzed tail. "So, it's just us girls tonight? Was hoping he'd be here. After all, he should be building up the fence. Building me a home here, thinking we'd be strong..." A sigh escaped her longing lips as her gaze focused distractedly on the stars above. "I believe in angels, especially when the time is right for me." She hummed a little tune, never noticing the figure standing in the brick wall's opening, beckoning her to follow like a good little girl.

    Treacherous tunnels lay beneath their fair hamlet twisting so as to create an incredibly intricate maze. One could get lost wandering the corridors in eternal gloom. These catacombs would drive you batty, so it was a good thing the figure knew his way (thanks to a bargain struck up long ago). The pair of travelers, leader and singer reached an ancient oaken piano. He sat on the bench where his piece was to be resumed. She stood next to him in a stupor yet ascenting to his instructions. The bulky bodied monster was menacing in form, yet refrained in demeanor. His hands maneuvered the ivories expertly, doleing out the melancholy melody. Finally, he removed his hood, revealing... "Happy anniversary honey honey." "Wha?" replied the fetching feline (well, okay, cats don't really fetch). Black nose nipped at brown furred cheek. She reacted with deliberate delay, as if emerging from a half-awaken catatonic mesmerized dream. His hands shifted into a snatch of the song that played the first time at Jazzmine's, their song, the one they shared. "Ooh, Rowlf!" cried Wanda realizing where she was now positively purring near him. Normally, the laid-back canine left this sort of thing to the theater's resident phantom. But the opportunity was too good to pass up. By now the calico was mewing, melted into her husband's embrace (how one could melt in the coolth of the underground tombs is beyond me). Moonbeams shone outside... Lunar light filtered through... But they didn't care, they were smiling, feeling like a #1 because they had found their #2.

    (Thank you Beth).
  2. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member


    Ed, this was just fantastic! Thank you so much, I love it! I think you write for Wanda better than I do! I have no words, seriously no words, wow. Just wow.

    Thank you, many, many hugs, you are the best.

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